Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ The Finale'

So, Yes, Saturday Morning we went back to the Event and I could spend more time in the Boutique this time around.   And I had my Camera... tho' still having trouble with the quality of most of the Images unless they're really Close-Up.

 Princess T was tagging along... wearing a Jacket, even tho' the temps were already at about 110 degrees outside!   Can you only tell that Kid is an Arizona Native, born and raised here, still complaining she was Cold!?!  *LOL*

The Man wanted to join us, but kinda got overwhelmed right away since it was still super busy and crowded.  So I parked him in the Warehouse where it was Calmer and he was surrounded by Treasures he totally digs.

And Princess T kept an Eye on him for me so I could whiz around taking pixs of what hadn't turned out so well using my Smart Phone on Opening Day.

I probably spent more time in the Warehouse this time around too since The Man was comfortable there and he was totally diggin' the Vintage Industrial Boutique area.

He liked the whole Vibe, as do I, and that it Appeals to the Male Shopper in it's more Masculine Aesthetic.

He particularly liked the Cap Display, he too Collects them and this Collection rivals his own.  He'd like a Wooden cubby Display like this one to Showcase his own Collection.

So I'll have to see what I can Source for him that would be similar since it does Showcase the Cap Collection really well and makes it look Cool.

I had taken them both out to Breakfast first, at our Friend Chai's Restaurant there in the Melrose District.  It was The Man's choice for an Early Father's Day Meal since he doesn't wanna go anywhere Sunday!

And they knew this wasn't so much a Shopping excursion as it was going to be just out having Fun and spending time together with Family.

I'd dragged Home my Haul on Thursday, but they knew I'd been sans my Camera due to spending the Night at The Son's helping with his Crisis before Opening Day.

We also met up with The Son and his Family later in the day in the Far East Valley and went out to a New Vietnamese Restaurant for Dinner to Celebrate Father's Day with them.

I Enjoyed my first Quail Eggs in a Fabulous Won Ton Vietnamese Soup!  We will definitely be going back to that Restaurant, everything was delish and inexpensive.

Princess T stayed behind at their house to spend the Night since... well, the New Grand-Pup and her Younger Cousin to play with!  *Smiles*

We tried to get the wiggling, squirming little ball of Energy to hold still for a Photo Op while awake... not gonna happen... he wouldn't even look at the Camera and thought we were Playing!  *LOL*

The closest you can get to holding him still is to carry him around like an Accessory... which The Son isn't all that comfortable with or crazy about... not very Macho carrying a Purse Puppy Paris Hilton Style!  Hurry up Mom, I Hate this!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*

So he was passed off to Princess T who had no better Luck!  NO, I refuse to look at Pathological Picture Taking Gramma Dawn's Camera, instead I'll gnaw your fingers off Princess T... Grrrrrrr!  *Smiles*

Oh Lord, will she never stop trying to Photograph me?!?  His ear all folded back, he's jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean on her lap all Wild Eyed and Playful... so I finally gave up... that Grand-Pup is as Hyper as the Grand-Kids and has just as much of an aversion of being Photographed as most of them do!  *LMAO*

But, I digress... back to the Event... where I was trying in vain to get some decent shots with a Camera that is clearly going on the fritz and so most frames, unless they are really Close-Ups, are blurry!  *Le Sigh*

It wasn't until I downloaded them at Home I realized that yet again many are out of focus and not of a quality I had Hoped for... mebbe I shouldda used the Smart Phone Camera again?

It's disappointing to take so many frames and have very few turn out the way you wanted them to and which will do Justice to what is being Photographed.

For those who Love Mid Century Mod these Lucite Shell Chairs were Groovy!  A full set of them in pristine condition, a Rare Find!

Things I could hardly Believe... that the Gorgeous Gypsy Art was still there!  I SO freakin' WANT her!

And this one... also still there... unbelievable, they are exquisite!!!

And even Merman, tho' the Mermaid had Sold!!!  Just hard to Believe all three pieces didn't Sell right away, I didn't expect to still see them there!  Merman was actually very reasonable, but still no Budget left to buy him... dammit!

Even tho' I already Own an Antique Carny Roulette Wheel I was totally diggin' this one!   The Old Carnivals were so Creative about using whatever they had to make Midway Games... this Wagon Wheel turned Roulette Midway Game is a prime example of the resourcefulness of Old Time Carnivals.

While I was Lusting after said Carny Roulette Wheel, The Man was Lusting after the Buffalo Mount!

And Princess T was all about anything Romantic and Feminine.

I Love Antique Apothecary Bottles, especially if they still have the original Labels like this.

And when Budget permits and if they have more of these Antique Industrial Metal Glove Forms, I have to get one.

The Patriotic looking Vignettes really have me ready to Celebrate The 4th Of July!   I don't own a lot of Red, White or Blue so I rarely Decorate for this Holiday but I Love beholding Vignettes that do.

In fact, I have fallen behind in Decorating for most Holidays, except for Halloween and Christmas.  *Gasp!!!*

And I'm rather falling short in the Photography Dept. too until I get that new Camera.  My Friend Katie has generously offered me one so I Hope to hook up with her soon because clearly this one is on it's last legs!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I loved looking at all the awesome things in your posts from Sweet Salvage! Wish there was anything like this here. . .but I haven't even been to a garage sale yet this season; trying to NOT BUY! We're wimping out here in Northern Ohio about having two days of 90 degree heat, but I don't know HOW you are still alive in AZ with those temps! WHEW! Stay cool, Dawn.


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