Sunday, June 18, 2017

Highland Yard Vintage And Merchant Square

The Weekend also found us at MERCHANT SQUARE Antique Mall and the HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Event "Sweet Tea And Porch Swings" Theme for Summer.

We met up with The Son, Daughter-In-Law and their Youngest there... their Teens, like The Young Prince, opted to not join us, it's a Teen Thing.  *LOL*  We're Okay with that, only Willing Volunteers need be in the entourage, right?! *Winks*  But even the Little Ones are getting so big and Tall, ready to Blossom into Young Women already!

Antique Malls and Events aren't really The Thing for The Son or for The Man, but they took one for the Team and joined the Family.  At least pretending to Enjoy being out with a bunch of Gals oohing and aahing over everything and threatening to lighten their Wallets!  *Smiles*  They're both Good Men, who will do anything for Family, what can I say.

Us Gals J'Adored these Altered Art Vintage Violins, how Clever!  The two MIA Teen Grand-Daughters are actually expert Musicians and specialize in playing the Violin, so it would have been incredible to have been able to afford to buy each of them one of these to Display in their Rooms!

In fact, everything that this Artist Created was Fabulous... the Violins, the Cherubs with their spectacular Crowns... and various Wall Art that I failed to Photograph.

I was already Fixating on these at the exclusion of Photographing a lot of other things so I had to tear myself away, lest the whole Post be about this!  *Smiles*

There was a Lovely Bedding Line in Hues that for Summer were really Appealing to me.   Clean, Crisp, Restful, Simple and The Man felt the Design wasn't overly Feminine, he could Live with something like this too.

This was Princess T's Favorite Vignette... I was Wishing that Lion Head Fountain was slightly larger for our Entry Courtyard because it's very much what I've been looking for in a Water Feature for that location and it was Cement, so would hold up.

The Man thought these Vintage Bicycle Seat faux Deer Head Antler Mounts were quite Clever too!   It really does look like a face and has that Vintage Industrial Altered Art Vibe we like very much.

This faux Pastry set looked good enough to eat!  *LOL*

And I Loved this Old Seed Display, the Graphics were still quite vibrant and Colorful.

Had they only been in his size we would have gotten The Man one of those Tees that said, "I never Dreamed that one day I'd become a Grumpy Old Man but here I am Killin' it!"   *LMAO*

We always stop to Admire the Old Trucks, this being my Favorite.  I could see myself toolin' around Town in one of these Sanford And Son Style and all piled up with Junquin' Hauls!  *Winks*

The Farmhouse Vibe is definitely catching my Eye lately, with loads of Galvanized Tin and Harvest Tables or Rustic Work Tables how can you NOT be Attracted to it?

Since the entire Antique Mall was having a big 20% Off Sale for Father's Day I should have picked up some of these Divine Millinery Bouquets, but it wasn't all about me this day so I Resisted.

Though I did Luck Out and manage to Score that top of the line GPS which The Man wanted for Father's Day 50% off at Cabela's big Father's Day Sale, which saved me a huge chunk of change!  *Whew!*

So, even tho' I'm sans some Lovely Millinery Bouquets on Sale this Weekend, he's Happily sitting in his Media Chair messing with his new Man Toy Father's Day Gift!  *LOL*

Since Princess T was still spending the Weekend with The Son and Family we were also able to go out for a Romantic Meal at Red Lobster, we rarely get that Alone time as a Couple so we thoroughly Enjoyed it.

I have to Confess that the Lobsterfest Meals with various Shrimp... and his coupled with Salmon... were Divine!  Nom-Nom!!!

Since I had to Work Sunday Night I wanted to do something Special for him before I left for my Night Shift.

Only having one Teen at Home was a nice respite too... you almost never see a Teenager, elusive creatures that they are holing up in their rooms, so it was almost like not having Kids at Home this Weekend!!!  *Smiles*

With his Little Sister not here to torment him... or us... it has been Serenity... Drama Free... Peace... and Quiet!   Can you hear the Silence my Friends?  {Insert the sounds of Crickets chirping...}

And we know she's having a Big Time playing with Cousins and Puppies... so... it's a Win-Win for us all!!!

I have to Confess that out here in the Rural Burbs of Subdivision Hell, most of the Yuppie Families go on Vacation during the Summer... and those who only live here Seasonally have also bailed by now... so it's rather like a Ghost Town.  So Princess T is aching for someone to Play with!

The Man Loved this Vintage Car... he actually once Owned one I think.

There are several Booths within the Antique Mall that are my absolute Favorite, I think they all belong to the same Vendor but each has a different distinctive Vibe and specific Inventory.

She is quite adept at Merchandising so it always looks Inviting and I could wander her Booths Admiring it all for longer than I did this day with impatient Men in tow.  *LOL*

Sure, some Booths you can take in at a glance and Admire hastily if you cannot linger...

But others you really do have to immerse yourself into and Wander in order to see it all!

But even tho' we didn't stay very long since everyone was Hot and we were on our way to a Family Dinner at a new Vietnamese Restaurant to Celebrate Father's Day, I Enjoyed myself.

It was really Nice to be able to spend some Quality Family Time with most of the Son's Family joining us.   Our extended Family is so spread out among various States and Countries that we'd never all get together for a reunion.

And I think I sufficiently wore out The Man this Weekend with all of his Father's Day Celebrations... and now he has his GPS Tracking Device securely in his Media Chair... well, I can't Lose him, right?  *Bwahahahaha!*

I think just being a Wander Risk and him being Aware he is does give him Anxiety and so perhaps this will bring him some sense of Peace and Security about not being or getting Lost, so it's all Good.

And can you only tell how Hot and Sticky it was this Weekend by Princess T's Bad Hair Day!?  *LOL*   She said I'm Lucky now that with my Dreads I no longer have to worry about ever having a Bad Hair Day again... she's right!!!

My hair didn't look any different after traipsing around in the Heat all day than it had when I left the house that Morning, and my Beads and Accessories don't budge... I LOVE IT!

So... it was a very Good Weekend for the Fam during our Father's Day Celebration.   I do however, as long as it's been, Miss my Dear Ole' Dad so much... and on Father's Day particularly so!   Happy Father's Day Dad, may it have been a Wonderful one again in Paradise!  Mwah!!!


Happy Father's Day and Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. These displays are always a pleasure to daydream about. I actually have a brown lion fountain on my back lania! Have a blessed week and stay cool in all ways.


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