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Sweet Salvage ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ Part I

This Morning I'll be attending the SWEET SALVAGE Event with the Spring Theme of 'Backroads And Blooms', which is always a Favorite, because who doesn't anxiously await Spring visuals!?!

Spring, with Wildflowers and Cactus Blooms in profusion due to our unseasonable rains this year is going to be a Showstopper!  And so Decorating our Home to reflect the elements of Springtime is on my Mind.  

I don't know if it's because we bought a Tuscan Villa architecturally inspired Home, but Rustic and Simplistic elements of Decor are appealing to The Man and I more and more lately.  

Nice Rural, Rustic or Vintage Industrial Designs are being blended in to our usual Style of Decorating now. So I am excited to see what is being offered that I might not be able to live without?  *Smiles*

  Today we're also having our Solar installed so that is exciting too, it should be completed by Tomorrow, it goes up quite fast.  This Spring and Summer our utility bills should plummet... so more funds freed up for Decor and Home Improvement Projects!  *Yay!* 

With the Young Prince not being siphoned off to a Charter School it also means I can still make my Monthly pilgrimages to the Event and have my 'Me Day' for a true respite for a while longer.  *Whew!* 

 I also qualified, thru his Mental Health Services, for a Family Counseling Advocate.   He will be coordinating what additional Educational Services for those with profound disabilities we are entitled to receive for our Grandson thru the Public School System.

We've worked with this Counselor as part of our Team in the past to ensure that our Grandson's Educational Rights are not being violated and he's being met at his point of need Educationally to accommodate his extent of disability.

 So already having a rapport with Clark is a definite benefit, he knows our Case and our Grandson well.   He has helped us deal with other Schools in the past that were trying to ignore the Laws put in place to protect the disabled for receiving their Right to an Education.

He was instrumental in supporting me through a very rough patch in Elementary School where my Grandson suffered abuse by a School Principal!!!  Needless to say she was dismissed and my Hope is she is never again working with or around Children she might victimize.   Abusive Adults should not be working with Children nor vulnerable Adults at all.  

 Clark was one of my Calm Voices of Reason, when Emotionally I was so Angry about my Grandson being victimized by an abusive Adult we had previously Trusted, that I could have gone on an epic rampage and definitely wanted to lay hands on that Woman!   

The Team tempered my judgment back then and things worked out satisfactorily with their assistance and expert guidance.   I completely Trust they will do their Job admirably once again in assisting us to navigate The System that is not stacked in our Favor.

Qualifying for that additional Help is always a crap shoot with budget cuts always eroding benefits and services.  So I am truly Thankful we were once again Approved for a Professional Advocate without even having to Appeal.  

 Our Goal is to Hopefully work alongside the Administration of his High School to continue the accommodation he's now receiving, without feeling like adversaries with them.  Without pressure put upon us to unceremoniously try to dump him somewhere else that isn't suitable, but is convenient and cheap for them.

Spring always gives me renewed Hope for the Future, even during complex times.  There is just something about Springtime and the New Birth going on all around you that instills a sense of Hope and New Beginnings!  

 Though without the aide of medication managing his condition, we've had quite the roller coaster ride of abysmal lows and euphoric highs to deal with, overall he's Coping amazingly Well.   When he's euphoric he's been cooking our Meals for the Family and experimenting with his Culinary interests. 

 I'm pleasantly Surprised that tho' Self-Taught, by watching the Food Network's various Culinary Shows and Competitions, he's learned so much and absorbed it like a thirsty sponge!   This is a Child that can Self-Teach himself some pretty complex stuff when he's interested in the subject matter. 

 So I find it ironic that so many Teachers have failed to be able to teach him or reach him and thus claim that he's unteachable, so that the blame falls squarely upon him and deflects from them.

He's taught himself to play just about every musical instrument he's ever put his hands upon... and now he's immersing himself into Cuisine as his next fascination since he's not in School all day anymore.  I'm beyond Delighted to have delicious meals prepared for me and Served like I'm in a Resort on Vacay!

 It makes me Feel very Pampered, alleviates a lot of additional work for me preparing meals, and makes him Feel quite Accomplished... so a Win-Win situation for everyone!  I could mos def get used to this!  *Winks* 

The funny part being he's already getting great at delegating duties and getting his little Sister and Grandpa on board to be his Sou Chefs.  His Sister is Excited to be part of the Process of preparing home-cooked meals and learning how to cook.  So long as he doesn't get too bossy, since she always Imagines herself to be In Charge of Everything! *Winks*  

Grandpa is a reluctant Volunteer and tries to shirk Kitchen duties, but it does get him out of that New Media Chair and parked in front of the TV endlessly.  *Smiles*  The Man is actually a very accomplished Chef and remembers how to, he just doesn't always WANT to cook anymore and requires Supervision for following Safety prompts.  *Smiles* 

  He also gets rather Grumpy Old Man anal and pissy about the Kids making a mess while cooking.   A small price to pay I say for having a meal cooked for us and Served as if we're eating out!  *LOL*

Besides, who do you suppose cleans up messes around here anyway... HELLO!!!  And if it doesn't bother me, and I'm doing the clean-up detail, then... I'll gladly allow them to assume the responsibility of prepping a meal when they feel so inclined to!  *Winks* 

 I have a theory anyway that Old Men just spoil for things they can become cranky and bitch about!   And brain injury just magnifies that inherent trait in Old Geezers!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Solar Guys are here while I'm hammering out my Story Line before taking Princess T to School this Morning.  We've already now reconfigured the Panel layout for more optimum energy capture. 

 In the Mornings they can better see how Shade is thrown up there than it was the Afternoon the original configuration was Approved.  I like that Panels won't be visible from the Street or even the back Yard.  Since they're going up on the Interior Courtyard facing roof and the West Side of the Roof which faces a neighbor's house. 

I like our Terra Cotta Red Tile Roofing so didn't want it obliterated with Solar Panels.  I've seen some Solar installations where it was just too much and the whole roof is plastered with Panels!   Ours is just enough to generate a good amount of Electricity without overkill where we could power the entire City. *LOL*

My Camera was acting up at the Event and eventually shut down, so I have cribbed some Images from the Sweet's Facebook Page for enough coverage.  I think I forgot to fully charge the Camera last Night.  Prepping for the Block Yard Sale, which is Tomorrow and Saturday, has consumed me!

So, with all that going on this Weekend I doubt I'll make it back out to the Event again like we usually do.   But I have enough Images for at least one more Post so ya'll be sure to come back now ya here?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. The young prince is unschooling! This is what my kids do all day, and it is surprising (although it shouldn't be) what they pick up. Also when they are not feeling traumatised and spending all their energy and brain power dealing with that, or being bored out of their brain and day dreaming...ask me how I know...they have more brain focus to enjoy learning.
    Jumps off soap box!
    I'm so glad you are having some good times with him at home, and so glad you have an advocate!
    Xo Jazzy Jack


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