Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stalling During The Purge

The Great Edit and Purge continues, I am still relentlessly Culling possessions, mostly those presently still boxed up and stored in the Garage Spaces.  I had thought that would be easiest since they've now been out of sight and basically out of Mind for a year and a half now.  So I never expect to Stall during the Purge, but it still happens.   Even tho' I've Lived without it just Fine for almost two freakin' years my Friends, some days I start getting all Sentimental or indecisive about the Stuff I'm wading thru and can't make decisive decisions quickly, if at all!!!  *Big Groan!*

And I get so upset with myself on those days I want to do some Purging and realize it's going to be one of THOSE days, where I'm Stalling during the Purge Process!  *Le Sigh*   And I have these practical arguments with myself in my Head... Good God Woman, some days making decisions quickly and often, well, is painless and so unsentimental you can blast thru numerous boxes, so whatssup, do you have dual personalities or somethin'?!?!?!?!  Coz on THOSE days you Stall Out, it's so Emotionally draining it's Mentally exhausting... which is even worse than Physical exhaustion IMO... and I just have to stop and give up for the day because what is going Out is ridiculously less than what piles up and you're suddenly agonizing over!!! 

 Eggcups gone... Green Vaseline Depression Glass that glows under Black Light... I just couldn't... and I don't really know why coz I haven't actually used them in years!  Okay, so I've NEVER used them actually... but I really Like them!  And if we ever have that Imaginary Black Light Party that is NEVER actually happening, they'd come in so handy and be so Super Cool glowing at the table in their Vintage radiation splendor, right?! *LMAO*  It's debatable whether or not they're actually Safe to eat off of, can't say for Sure, I mean back in da day we did all kinds of apparently Unsafe Life threatening things like slapping Lead Paint on everything and letting Kiddos sleep in Deathtrap Cribs and play with big ole' Lawn Darts etcetera!   I mean those were the days, when Surviving was an Art Form and Thrilling if you got thru it without incident!  *Winks*

And nobody litigated or Sued for product safety issues if their Kid did something Stupid and got hurt.  Your Parents just sternly looked you straight in the eye and said without any pity or fawning and fussing over you, "Serves you right... now you won't do that again, will you?!"  And we didn't... because we weren't THAT Stupid *Winks*... so perhaps it's all that Wonderful Nostalgia that grips me about the Good Ole' Days?!  *Bwahahaha!*   At any rate, some of the storage boxes held Memories and Objects that I just kept out of the Get Rid Of Pile and yet I knew I don't really NEED them or even LOVE them Madly.  Nor do I have a place inside for them actually or Want them in there!  And I sure as Hell didn't really wanna have to put boxes back to go thru again and again!  So WTF?!

  So for now, while I was Waffling, I just put them back into Boxes that now have big Lime Green Marker "X"s on them to show those need tackling when I'm in brutal unsentimental mode!  To go thru again and Purge when I'm in the right Head Space to make Progress dammit!  *LOL*  When I can either slap a price tag on that crap... ummm... I mean Wonderful Found Objects Collected over a Lifetime of Hoarding them up... and flip 'em in the Showroom... or head on over to a Charity Shop to make a generous Donation.

Because the main Goal is of coarse to only Keep what I absolutely Love or Need.  And that's easy enough to discern, in an instant I know what I Love enough there is no damned way it's leaving until perhaps I'm dead.  And even then the Fam says they'd be reluctant to Profit from it lest I come back to Haunt them so they may just hand it down thru Future Generations as Gramma's Keeper shit, to avoid a Haunting or Old Gypsy Curses befalling them, I dunno?  Perhaps they'll just bury it with me and line my coffin with my ultimate Favs?!  *LMAO*  No, seriously, I would want them to Sell it and make some Bank... I just don't have it in me to part with those most Beloved of Objects in my Lifetime that I know would be moneymakers.  


And as for Needs, well, The Man and I have discerned that we Need very little and the older we get the less we really Need or even Want around to have to take Care of.   Our actual Need items would probably still fit in one load in the back of the Pickup Truck in all actuality, Truth be told.   Besides, Need items I've never attached any Sentiment to really, I have often Purged entire households of Need items and just replaced them with newer and improved Need items... or less Need items. 

 I actually had to go out and buy a used small enamel Polish Vintage Saucepan for example, because I only had one Saucepan and sometimes when cooking we Needed more than one damned Saucepan!  *Smiles*  I had given away just about all Needed Kitchenware during the Big Move over here.  I could have probably borrowed some back from The Son and Fam... but my necessary Cooking items are kept to a bare minimum and I Like it that way, easier to find shit in the Kitchen and not have to sift thru cupboards and drawers full!!!  *LOL*

But, those freakin' Stored up items, WHY... WHY... WHY... is it so damned hard sometimes to wade thru them and dispose of them efficiently and without it making me feel Crazy frustrated with my hesitancy when I hit a Stall?!?   All Logic dictates that I don't Need them... Hell, I don't even Want them since there is Too Much... and remember, I'm Wanting a Curated and severely Edited Just Enough now!   I know what Just Enough Looks like too, it's easy for me to know when I have Too Much and another Edit or Purge has become necessary.  I think I will also know when it's Enough and I can Stop... tho' I suspect that may never happen, it's likely to be ongoing as a Process for me since I Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt and like to Sell many of my Found Treasures and Rescued Salvage from Wonderful bygone Eras!

And in this Perfect World that doesn't actually Exist in my Reality I Imagine myself only having to touch any of this Stuff just the one time and thus making a LOT less Work of The Process.   In a Perfect World that would actually happen... or perhaps if someone else was making the decisions for me... but then I'd be a nervous wreck right, 'coz Lord Have Mercy what IF they Purged something I Love with a Passion... and it's a definite Keeper... and they wouldn't know of coarse... how could they?  *LOL*   And the Fact is, since it all Looks like pretty Cool Stuff overall now it's very difficult to discern what Gramma would flip the Hell out about Losing!?  *Winks* 

I suppose all of us Incurable Collector slash Hoarder of Stuff peeps are like that tho'... I watch the Show... and see how Maniacal and absolutely Crazy they get when peeps try to Assist and be of Help in their Process.   They go right off the Deep End and tho' my Hoard is minuscule by comparison, I'm pretty certain I'd turn into a Lunatic if I saw something go out that should have stayed and I can't replace!  *LOL*   I'd be throwing myself across the most Beloved of Objects as if I was Saving a Child!   And so this is why the Fam are reluctant to be codependent with me and make the decisions for me, it would be Risky as Hell!  *Smiles*  It's Agony for me sometimes to just make that decision and Let Go!

Besides, when I have The Others in there trying to Help then they start getting Insane Attachments suddenly to the one pile of shit I was absolutely READY to discard dammit!   Why is that?   Well, seriously I can answer that... becoz usually it's not MY Stuff. *Smiles*   And hey, I'm not very Sentimental about other people's Stuff and especially if they're not willing to Invest their Time to fret over it all and go thru it and do their own individual Purges!  If I have to do it all then they have to Trust me... even tho' I don't Trust them to do mine becoz they'd do it all Wrong!  *Ha ha ha*   Yes, I CAN delegate... and if someone can Help I can call the shots rather quickly when I have an Accountability Partner by my side Helping unstick me when I get stuck and Stall Out!  *Smiles*

I did have, at the Old Property during the Move, a Moment when I was just so overwhelmed I allowed a Friend of The Son to just go thru what was left in the very last Push and haul off anything he Wanted or could use and put the rest to the curb for bulk Garbage Day.   I had to restrain myself from going thru the pile afterwards and not even really look at it very intently lest I perhaps Risk a Mental Breakdown.  He did an Amazing job, I'd had several rounds of Pickers thru first so that nothing really Valuable had been overlooked, so I felt confident that Q could make the decisions for me.  We'd Donated a lot as well.  He had the brute strength to actually do the final Clean Up and was Golden to just take what I was giving as payment for his Work.  He thought I had a lot of Cool Stuff left that he could use and just knowing it was going to a Good Home was actually making it easier to detach myself from any and all of it.

I have, since the Big Move, Purged an enormous amount of Stuff and it has been quite Liberating and I Feel really Good about it, which is why I continue even tho' it's not always easy for me.   Some days I know I'm not in the right Head Space to do it and yet those Ruthless Purge Minded days are so Rare I can't wait on them always.   Otherwise it could take a very long time to actually finish what we've begun in earnest and finalize the Big Edit and purge here at Bohemian Valhalla.   Besides, another eventual Goal is to become so adept and unsentimental about getting rid of really Awesome Stuff that more of the Keeper Type Stuff ends up in my Showrooms.  Really Good Vendors can do that... I am halfway there... I can part with some really Good Stuff and put it into Inventory.   But those Fab Keeper things I get Goosebumps about, and are so me to my very Core, it's harder, I ain't gonna lie!  But one day... I'll Arrive... and I'll have the best damned shit for Sale you ever saw my Friends!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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    1. Some days indeed it is... others it is effortless... which is why it is so strange... Wish I could find the 'magic' of why the days I can do it easily happen because I NEED more days like that! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Keep at it, and put it in the shop----gives you a second chance to see if you really should keep or let providence carry it away. My problem, is I'd rather go to GoodWill then purge...but I will have to --as the excess cupboards will have to be gone from the garage when the weather breaks.

    There is no why, I'm convinced why one scrap of paper or treasure is so precious, and other things aren't. Keep at it, and let others enjoy---what you haven't time or energy for anymore. Grins, Sandi

    1. Yes, usually if it goes into my Showroom it never, ever comes Home again. So getting it there is Key. *LOL* Once something has left the house then I feel no real need to ever bring it back and can make a clean break from it. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It's truly amazing how much we collector types can squirrel away! I know from my own purges that the fountain of stuff coming out of boxes, from under the bed, from the closets, never seems to end! Good Luck :)


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