Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Gramma Can't Park That Truck!

Today's Imagery in the Post has absolutely nothing to do with the random musing of the Story Line. *LOL*   Tho' there are a lot of things that change or are affected as you Age I didn't realize that my ability to Park would be one of them!

   I own a big ole' Truck, a King Cab Nissan Titan, I absolutely Love it, but I can't park it worth a damn!  Or even fit it into most spaces without doing lots of Math calculations in my Head first!  And I Hate Math and Calculating shit on the spur of a Moment and accurately!   *Smiles*

Tho' it's not the first big ole' Truck I've ever owned, I now realize that at this Season of Life, I can't Park that big ole' thing so well anymore as I used to be able to park a big ole' vehicle effortlessly in the Past!  So what the Hell happened?  What changed this time as I Aged!?!

These Age related changes are so subtle you see, that you don't even realize they even happened!  Until you try to do something you always USED to be able to do... and now you can't, or it's mighty damned hard all of a sudden!  Yep, it creeps up on you insidiously and you can't even always explain it or even know just WHEN you Lost it??!??!

Now, it happens to The Man first, since he's almost six years older than moi, and when it was him, sometimes it could be Funny... or even Irritating.  *Smiles*  Like when he backed into this Fancy Mailbox at Old Villa Boheme' with his big ole' Truck he owned at the time and took it right out!  Snapped it like a twig, hadda scrap it at the Recycle Center for a mere Nine Bucks... I was SO Mad at him!

But now it's me, NOT so Funny anymore and I want some Grace extended... you know how it is, 'til it's you there isn't the right perspective.  *LOL*   Now it's the G-Kid Force thinking it's Funny or Irritating when I do it... you just wait Guys, your Day is coming!  *Winks*  Hey, we all get Older, I mean damn, ALL of our Adult Children are Middle Aged now... how and when did that happen?!?  *Smiles*

 But it is Humbling and True... you should see how crazy the angles are that I've pulled into parking spaces!  That's even IF I can get it into a regular parking space, or easily pull it back out of one!?   And if I can get it in at all without hitting anything I don't Care anymore how straightly I'm parked, I'm just relieved... I'm IN, good enuf!!  *Smiles*

 The logistics are rather intimidating sometimes and I Pray I can do it... get parked?!  Did parking spaces get smaller, narrower?  Did the isles to get into them get closer together!?  So that you can hardly back a big vehicle out of them without risking backing into something parked on the other side of the isle behind you?! 

  Apparently the previous Owner of my big ole' Truck had the same Issues, probably even worse than my own Issues.   Since they put dents in both the front bumper and the rear bumper and traded it in with hardly any miles on it and gently used otherwise!  I Wonder now, were they Advanced Season of Life peeps that had also Lost their ability to park worth a shit?!  *Bwahahaha!*

 Thankfully I have had no incidents, just close calls and can't take credit for any of the bumper damage!  But, that took the edge off kinda, bumpers already dented so I won't absolutely Freak Out whenever I do put my very own ding in one some day!  *LOL* Yes, it has a backup Camera and one of those alarms that alerts you when you're getting too close.  Which just heightens my anxiety lemme tell ya when that damned thing starts beeping in Panic Mode and faster like it's gonna 'Code' and Flatline! *LOL* 

  But I really like big ole' Trucks, I always have, so even tho' this Gramma can't park that Truck worth a damn, I'm working on it my Friends.  Yes, even tho' I am embarrassing the Hell outta the G-Kid Force when we get out of the vehicle and I'm parked all cattywampus!  And they don't wanna be seen getting out or getting into it as any party of the offensive parking violator!  *Smiles*

You see, I remember... back when my Dad used to drive around for what seemed like forever in a parking lot bypassing numerous empty spaces.  I had no Understanding... now I totally 'Get It'... and I Wish I hadn't given him such a hard time about it!  He was such a Proud Man he'd never admit he couldn't do something anymore you see.

And Yes, it IS Humiliating, that first time you have to admit it... even to yourself, that changes have taken place... and especially out loud to others.  That first time you Need help getting up... getting out of something... getting into something... Needing some Assistance with something you could always do for yourself before.

It is however, a part of the Natural Aging Process... Generations before me went thru it and Generations after me will as well.   It can be a daunting thing to consider... one's eventual limitations increasing over Time.   The possible Need for more Assistance as Time marches on and what that might Look like in the Future?

As someone who is a Full Time Caregiver for three Loved Ones that depend upon me it is all the more daunting and disconcerting actually.  Because whatever I Lose the Ability to perform Independently they could lose the Ability to depend on me for and we all become more dependent.

I try not to Think upon it all too much actually and just Live in the Moment... well, that is until I try to get into that parking space with my big ole' Truck... and can't.  And I don't know Why... because I'm pretty sure it's NOT the parking space that is the problem at least some of the time... but, Why can't I manage it then?

And I want to sincerely apologize now on this side of Time and Eternity Dad, for all the times I gave you a hard time about driving around looking for that space you would finally pull into.  And you did it with only the sight in one eye in latter years!   I finally 'Get It'... you know, now that it's me!  And I know you must be laughing your ass off in Heaven looking down at the Comedy of it all as I try to park... and as the Circle of Life comes Full Circle!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. They have totally made the parking spaces smaller, Dawn! IT'S NOT US!!! lol I can't even park my little HHR in most lots now, let alone if I have to borrow the spouse's big truck with the eight foot box! I'm like your dad - I park away as far as possible where there's nobody else and claim I need the exercise.

    I thought of you the other day when the RCMP pulled me over - waaaay out in the middle of BF Nowhere - to give me a $388 ticket for rolling through a stop sign. ;)

    1. Well my Friend, Guess we both didn't 'Stop Long Enough'! *LOL* So sorry you have a similar experience, it's scary, depending upon the Officer of coarse, when you're out in the middle of BFE. If they are a decent human being they don't abuse their Authority and bully citizens but there are some on a huge Ego Power Trip and being they are carrying a loaded weapon, that type of Testosterone Surge with Weaponry scares the shit out of me... too many innocent people getting shot lately who did absolutely nothing to deserve lethal force! Or being manhandled, so I'm always very guarded because Police Brutality is not a thing of the past unfortunately and it does give a bad rep to all of the wonderful Officers who would never do such a thing... only problem is, us citizens can't tell them apart and so it's unsettling. Your tickets there for minor traffic violations sure are extreme, mine was about $255 as I recall for a similar violation. The Man is convinced parking spaces remained the same size even after vehicles became larger and wider/longer, he could be right? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Okay---i'm older than you are, but I sympathize...First it is eyesight---then it's wheel-base. How far the wheel's are apart---affects the ability to how far the front wheels are from the back...again---affects turning base. I have had an extended-Maxi-van, HUUUGE---two trucks-full size pickups--a toyota--pickup--(mickeymouse, I call it) and the grand caravan-which has been the easiest to drive.
    This doesn't count all the economy cars along the way---plus renting U-haul trucks(hard to reach the pedals) for BiG SHOWS. Groan---I do recall pulling a trailer with the Maxi-van--and having to throw the keys at an Arshhole at a show and telling him to back it up. PS, he had problems-again the wheel base, LOL.

    Take the truck out on Sunday morning early and practice in empty parking lots. Learn what your turning base is--and isn't Practice does make perfect---or safe anyway. As far as parallel parking---take an Uber ride, LOL.

    Fun post, and totally relatable...oh yea, the neck doesn't turn so well as you get older, and driving only with mirrors can be an issue too. Sandi

    1. Sandi all the info was valuable, it seems when I was Younger I just instinctively and subconsciously accommodated all those things and now it doesn't come so naturally anymore and I have no idea why? LOL The Jeep was an SUV and I could swing it in anywhere and it wasn't all that small, but this big ole' Truck even Guys have had trouble with so perhaps its not ALL ME that is the issue? I've had Male Friends park it for me and say it was nerve racking for them too... but I sure do like having such a big vehicle for not only hauling things {necessary} but it can fit 5 Adults comfortably on long trips as well. I will keep practicing and perhaps soon this will be a non-issue? winks Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I'd been thinking earlier today about the changes just a year or two has made in my weeding and walking ability. We just have to keep at it! That's the secret I guess!

    1. I agree Marlynne, there is that tipping point where you realize even tho' you don't emotionally Feel like a Senior Citizen, you ARE one and physically it's beginning to be evident. Oh well, it sure beats the alternative huh? *winks* Age is a privilege not afforded to many... I will continue to just be an active Senior and work on those physical things that are needing attention. I must say my stairs at home have been a Godsend to strengthening the Aging Leg Muscles, so every day now I try to go upstairs at least one or more times a day. Today I hauled, with The Man, our Old Queen sized Bed up there for the Young Prince since our new adjustable one is being delivered this Afternoon... yay! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I'm still struggling with the fact that I probably shouldn't try to jump on a trampoline.

    1. Colette you crack me up! Now I have this Mental picture of you doing Circus Stunts on that thing... I think my Gymnastics body contortion days are quite over too. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I must say as an older parent, I am hoping the kids gain their independence before we lose ours.
    I can't back at night. Driving forward no problem, parking not much of a problem, backing in the day no problem, but backing at night is where all the dents are from!
    But I can still jump on the trampoline! xo Jazzy Jack


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