Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In Quest Of Pedestal Tables

I had Need of Pedestal Tables, three to be exact, to hold my trio of spinning Organizers that hold all my Pricing Supplies for the Inventory that is Showroom bound.  So the Quest for said Pedestal Tables has spanned the past few Months.  Because I'm rather anal about how they should Look, they couldn't be just any Pedestal Tables.  Plus they had to be Bargain Antique Pedestal Tables... so the Plot thickens!  Why make any Thrill Of The Hunt easy... I have very specific Conditions attached to my Quests.  *LOL*   So this one, the 2nd one I actually found, is my Favorite because it resembles an Antique Ornate Column.

And BTW I found them ALL at our BRASS ARMADILLO WEST ANTIQUE MALL and each cost me barely over twenty bucks apiece, booyah!   And it's not because I only looked there or am shamelessly plugging the establishment I happen to have a Showroom at, I looked all over the Valley for said Pedestal Tables in actuality.   But, either I couldn't find any... or they were not a Deal... or they had the wrong Look... or were not Antique nor Vintage.   But at our Mall I eventually, with perseverance and Patience Scored the Motherlode of Pedestal Tables to finalize my Quest!

Okay, so NOW I'm doing the shameless plugging *Smiles*... and we'll be having our 5th Anniversary Sale this coming Weekend peeps, with 15% off everything,  Free T-Shirt giveaways every hour, Hot Dogs and Chips served on Saturday and Anniversary Cake and Punch on Sunday.   I Love the graphics on the new Anniversary Tee, it's got a Vintage Fan on it and says I'm a BAAM Fan... sorry, forgot to Photograph the Tee last Night on my Shift or I'd show ya.

So, here's the 3rd and last Pedestal Table I Scored just last Night at our Antique Mall to finalize my Quest.   I was totally Jazzed to see a Vendor had just brought it in and that it was a killer Deal.   It's very Ornate too at the Pedestal, which was a prerequisite for all three, though they didn't have to look anything alike and I didn't want them to be matchy-matchy anyway.   This had the very Victorian Era over the top Vibe in detailing.  The Victorians were certainly my kinda people when it came to excessive detailing... well, excess in everything really!  *Smiles*

As you can tell I'm not Sharing the Tables in any particular Order, just randomly, since the 2nd one was showcased first, the last one was showcased second and the 1st one will be showcased last.  *LOL*  In fact, this one proved to be difficult to Photograph and I don't know Why?  Because the lighting was just Fine since the informal Diningroom they're all in is always bathed in Natural Light, but the Images kept coming out so dark for this one... Mystery!  A temperamental Muse and Model perhaps?  *Smiles*

And this one, which is the first one I bought, kept having Spirit Orbs competing for the Attention of the lens and finally I just had to roll with it!  So No, that's not a big round mark on the Wood of the Base, it's a Photogenic Spirit wanting and insisting upon a Photo Op apparently!   Well, Okay then, if you insist... you can be in the picture, why not?  *LMAO*  As it was I had to do-over not just due to Spirit interference to Ham it up... but because Dark Wood floors are very unforgiving and I had to swiffer sweep first so you wouldn't think me a total slob who never dusts or cleans her floors.  *Winks*

I get carried away when I'm happily snapping Images sometimes and don't pay proper Attention to what is also in frame that I don't want in the pixs!  Haven't you done that before too my Friends, taken the Perfect Picture only to discover upon downloading, shit, there's a dirty sock in frame or something and ruined your Share being Editorial!?!  *Bwahahaha!*   This is a close-up of the Ornate Base of this clearly Folk Art Home-Made Old Pedestal Table.  It's Perfect in it's Amateur Woodworker's imperfections.

 Yes, we actually do Live here and thus there's no telling what shouldn't be there and just is... *Winks*  Not to mention I've never professed to be a Domestic Goddess which is also why you often don't get very many Panoramics.  I not only Suck at taking a good Panoramic, but it's just too discouraging to see what a Panoramic Hot Mess the Home is sometimes... Okay, almost ALL the time... so there!  *Winks*  And often it's easy to avoid photographic evidence of my Shame and the Crime Scene, becoz it's so Evident like a Toy Store or Child's dirty clothes Hamper exploded all over a Room!  Other times it's more discreet and covert and they just sneak in to where they clearly don't belong, like Googly Owl playing Hide N Seek in here and I have no Idea Why?!  One would think The Force having an entire Upstairs would be enough house for them and containment of their Mess, right?  I know, I'm delusional like that!  *Le Sigh*

 And just to prove my Point this is sitting right next to me here at the Computer, to my direct Left!   Since the phenomenon of Princess T's dirty little cheesy Socks can materialize just about anywhere and everywhere in the house!   Her Socks apparently fly off her feet almost anywhere quite randomly and we've not been able to break her of the Habit of a Hansel and Gretel Trail of dirty little Socks littering our Home like breadcrumbs!  *LOL*  It's just easier to pick them up than Rant every time I find a pair, I'd be on a perpetual Rant and it would totally disturb my Peace, of which I have little enough already! 

 Especially Today since both of The G-Kid Force are down Sick with the Flu and thus called in Sick and Home from School!  The Man and I are now just trying to stay Well whilst surrounded by Sick Kids!  Thus is the High Risk of Grandparents raising Young Children who drag every illness under the Sun back Home to try to Share with us frailer Old People who often don't bounce back from that shit!  So if they're gonna Risk killing us with their dreaded drambuzzi they've contracted, I'm going down and out Fat and Happy, so I bought a nice Fruit Mousse Cake... Nom Nom.   It's Okay, my Diabetic Numbers have been shit regardless of how staunchly Religious I've consistently adhered to Diet, Exercise and Med Regimen, so screw it, I'm having me some Cake!  *!*&^##$**!... various mutterings of profanity!*

Besides, I didn't get much, if any, Sleep last Night... not just on account of two very whiny, very cranky Kids coming down Sick with a Flu and incessantly complaining about sore throats, Misery and the like and thus wanting to Share their Misery.   Okay, so now you also know I'm no Florence Nightengale either!  *LOL*  But because we got the New Furniture Delivery.   The Man's replacement Recliner for the one he broke, a Lovely Media Chair with a shitload of gadgets for him, he better not break this one right away dammit!  And mediating when every Child wanted to sit in it and mess with his new gadgets almost sending him over the Edge into a TBI tirade... crap, he barely wants or tolerates any of their Eyes watching his New 60" TV in the Livingroom!!!  *Smiles, is my lack of Sleep showing yet?  Winks* 

But because the New Adjustable Bed for us that The Man picked out a firm mattress of apparently Needs to be broken in and isn't nearly as comfy as the Display Floor Model was.  It's because thousands of people had broken it in trying it out he logically explains to me!!!   Okay then, those thousands Need to come over and break this damned one in for us because this is killing my Hip, Back and I can't even feel my Left Arm anymore!  *LOL*   I folded it up like a pretzel, the Bed, not The Man, *Winks*... to try to break up the Memory Foam sufficiently that I can actually Sleep on it rather than in the Guest Room Bed!  The Young Men who delivered it said to jump up and down or walk on it... Seriously, do you Want me to fall off it and break a Hip, my Trampoline and Circus Act days are clearly over Dudes!  *Smiles*

And if you fully Appreciate Gallows Humor like we do you're gonna Love this True Story of the Delivery of said furniture Yesterday Afternoon.   Window of Delivery was between 2-4 pm and I have to be IN Work clear across Town by 5 pm... so of coarse the Guys show up at like a Minute to Four!  I'd been trying to get my early Dinner cooked before Work, since when you Work Nights you eat at Crazy hours and will otherwise be starving past Midnight!   The Man distracts me with like a million trifling Questions about said Delivery since he no longer has a concept of Time or any Memory at all so asks the same Questions numerous times... just AS I'm taking my Steak off the Cast Iron Skillet.

He also is badgering me about when he's supposed to walk up the Street and wait at the corner for Princess T... even tho' he does this every day and it's always the same answer... which he promptly Forgets so I have to remind him daily of.   So cue in me frazzled, waiting on last Minute Delivery before Work, juggling The Man and Young Prince's incessant 'Rain Men' double team interrogation about the Delivery and trying to get my meal on the table to slam down before leaving for Work!   So... I forget, due to all the distractions and interruption, to turn the burner off the skillet!  Yep, skillet then starts smoking and whole house fills with smoke looking like it's now on Fire as it billows out all Windows, Courtyard Doors and Doors I Open up to air it out before the Delivery Guys arrive and think the Home is on Fire?!  *LOL*

The Man has COPD so he starts coughing... Princess T has Asthma so she begins coughing as she gets Home from School... there is pandemonium reigning by the time the two Young Men arrive to drop off the Recliner and New Bed!  By now I'm laughing hysterically because that's what you do when you have Gallows Humor and the Absurdity of a situation spiraled all out of Control hits you with how hilarious it all actually is in Real Time playing out at the worst possible time!!!   I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt, as I envision Fire Dept. showing up next at any time and hauling everyone away on stretchers for smoke inhalation... Yes, my Imagination is just that Fertile about possible ridiculously Hilarious outcomes playing out!  

Well, nobody called 911 because it just wasn't that bad... the Young Men didn't walk up to the Front Door to greet The Man saying, "Dude, your house is on Fire... shouldn't we call 911!?"   We're all trying to act nonchalant as if this is somehow Normal... which come to think about it, for us it IS freakin' Normal, right?!  *LOL*   The Young Prince deadpans, it's Okay, the house always looks like this when my Gramma is Cooking... *Bwahahahaha!*   The two Young Men are now looking around at all my Pimped Out Taxidermy and Oddities Shit and saying, "Your Gramma has the Coolest Home EVER!"   They walk around while carrying heavy Furniture utterly fascinated and asking tons of Questions about everything Weird and Wonderful... the Twenty-somethin' Crowd, of Guys especially, apparently are my Tribe of peeps, who knew?  *Winks*

Since they had to walk thru over half the house downstairs to get the New Furniture where it should go they lingered and visited afterwards in every Room, looking around with jaws a-slack! Asking about everything Cool they laid Eyes upon that fascinated them and wanting to know the Story.  They didn't even notice the still thin veil of Smoke and lingering scent of burned Steak Fat mixed with the Aroma of Nag Champa!  *LOL*  

They would have probably shit their pants if they'd had the Upstairs Tour, most of my really demented shit is up there!  But we didn't Need any Furniture schlepped up there now dammit!  I'd already schlepped our Old Bed up there with The Man's help for The Young Prince that Morning while the Kiddos were in School.  Had I known two Young Stud Muffins were gonna dig our pad so much and think it so Groovy, Hell, I wouldda saved my Back and had them do it as Entrance Fee for the Grand Tour of New Villa Boheme'!  *Winks* 

As they're leaving the one tall, thin Guy tells me he's a Young Hippie and had just cut his Hair Yesterday, it had been down to his hips, but for Summer he's keeping it short.   He said it had been a real Pleasure to Experience our Home... and that it was one of the Coolest Homes he'd ever seen.   Okay, so that very Sincere Compliment made everything Right with the World as I then sped off to get to Work barely in the nick of time.   And our Comedy of Errors just expanded our Good Story line for the day... and you know how I Love me a Good Story to tell or to hear!  And finding that last Pedestal Table at a ridiculously Fantastic Bargain to round out the Trio was now the Icing on the proverbial Cake!  *Smiles*

And did I forget to tell you, my Eyelashes are finally growing back!  So now I don't look so much like this...  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like: "All's well that ends well!" to me! Thankful we have good mixed in with the bad! It's fun to have others admire our homes and handiwork for sure!

    1. Yes it is and indeed it was a nice balance of challenges mixed with some really good things happening, made it easier to move thru the stuff that didn't go so well. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi do truly amaze me with all you manage to get done. Raising the grands, moving and unpacking, working in the shop, blogging, etc. just to name a few. You wear me out dear friend. haha


    1. Hell GF I wear myself out! *winks* I guess it goes without saying I was a Hyper Child?! *Bwahahahaha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. You know, I visit you every day, (almost) and think the same thing===how cool, and if only I had married the squarest man on earth---think artist marries pocket-protector nerd. sigh, love it...
    grinning from here, Sandi

    1. I'm always Delighted with your visits Sandi, look forward to hearing from you. Yes, The Man and I are mos def Yin and Yang! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

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