Saturday, March 11, 2017

Family Dynamics

For anyone whose read my Blog a minute knows, our Family Dynamics are quite complex.   It often means that we don't function like the Traditional Family because of our specific differences.   One being, the immediate Family for The G-Kid Force especially, is very split up between Families and Countries.  They have numerous Siblings they've never met or seen in person, or have seen infrequently, that do not live with us.

So it was with great Excitement that we received the Wonderful news that one of our Grown Grand-Daughters and her Family may be soon able to visit us from Mexico and meet us for the very first time in person!!!   Even more Exciting that they are purchasing property in the United States and may soon be moving to and living in America!!!  The Force was really excited to finally be meeting another Sister in person and getting to know her and their Niece and Nephew!  We could hardly contain our Joy, Anticipation and Excitement at the Wonderful news!!!

For Families who have never been divided by situations and circumstance, they might not understand the complexities of building Relationship with Loved Ones from afar.  They may never experience the void and longing it leaves when there is a knowing that Brothers and Sisters or other close Family exist, and yet you haven't had the Joy of meeting, of being able to touch and hold one another, get to know one another more intimately.  The loss of all that time missed between you as circumstance, dynamics and distance kept you apart.

One of my Favorite Reality Shows is 'Long Lost Family', I cry with every episode tears of Joy at the Family members finally being able to find one another and be reunited!   The Family Dynamics will be quite complex to build upon those Relationships that now have a chance to expand, but my personal opinion is that every adaptation and improvisation to make it happen and draw closer will be well worth it!

To me Family is EVERYTHING... and I do Believe that was imparted to me from my Parent's staunch Belief system.   My Dad also grew up in a very divided Family that were raised apart due to Family Dynamics.   I remember how Important it was for him to draw close to the Brothers and Sisters he never had the Joy of growing up with.  Once they all grew up and were able to become closer as Family, for those that eventually could find one another.  There was always that Void for the Missing Ones.  

Growing up with Family, the way most people take for Granted... and sometimes perhaps don't fully Appreciate the Blessing of... and thus might even become estranged from Loved Ones.   Relationships can be complicated, even for those who have had sufficient Time in Life to build upon them in Person.  For those of us who haven't had the privilege of that Time in Person, perhaps we extend a more determined Effort in order to have Relationship, I dunno, I just know it IS possible if you really want it and desire it.

It is True that we can sadly never recapture that Lost Time between any of us, but we can try to make up for it when things line up to Favor that one on one Time being possible.   Think of it as Quality Time versus Quantity Time if you will, making up for Lost Time.  Packing as much into the more brief encounters as you possibly can to squeeze every ounce of Love extended and development of closer Relationship in as you can all manage!

And of coarse there are the concerns and the anxieties... since those first Meetings and Encounters can be awkward, scary and uncertain.  Nobody knows how they will be received and what the expectations are of one another?  You are Family and yet Strangers, so for The G-Kid Force getting to finally meet a Sister they've never known is both Exciting and more than a bit Intimidating as well! 

  Will she Like us? {Well of coarse she will... how can anyone NOT Like you guys!?} Will we be able to communicate since our first languages are different? {Yes, she's been practicing English with fierce determination to be able to and has become so fluent I am exceedingly Proud and Touched!}  As our Online abilities to talk have greatly expanded it has become easier to communicate and I'm Overjoyed about that!  Yes, there are many Questions, but it can't damper the overall Excitement at finally having a chance to Meet in Person! 

Will one day ALL of the Brothers and Sisters be able to come together and get to know one another and develop a closer Relationship?  Well, I don't know, but the Possibilities are certainly there for it to be an eventual Goal to look forward to.   Family coming Together, there is nothing quite like it.  Families apart, there is nothing quite as agonizing to the Soul.

And we received even MORE Wonderful news that another Grown Grand-Daughter is getting Married this November to her Childhood Sweetheart!   Yes, a Winter Wedding in Pittsburgh... we are both Excited and a bit nervous of us Desert Dwellers layering sufficiently for that one!  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!* Yes, Pittsburgh + Winter = Freakin' Cold!!!!!!   *LOL and Yikes!!!*  

 Couldn't you Kids get Married in Florida we asks?   Florida + Winter = Not so Intimidating for Desert Dwelling Grandparents!  *Winks*   Old People Like places like Florida in Winter... especially if they be coming from places like Arizona!   Doesn't a Beach Wedding sound more Romantic?  *Ha ha ha*  Can we even Find sufficient Winter Gear around here??!   Well, we'll figure it out and bundle up!  *Smiles*

So Yes, the Good News has been rolling in fast and furious of late... and I couldn't be Happier about that... about all of the Positive Energy that Creates!  About the Excitement and the Possibilities of some really Awesome Family Time spent with Family that we never get to see and spend In-Person Time with!  Of the First Time Meetings in both scenarios, long overdue.

As Time marches on The Man and I realize that our abilities to Travel may be hindered even more and so we want to be able to while we still can make it to Special Family Events despite complications of Health, Disability and Aging.   To Host the Families Gatherings in our New Home for as long as we can manage that as well and extend the Invitations for Arizona Reunions, for those times and circumstance when Travel isn't possible for us.

And to Patiently await each and every Relationship Building Opportunity that presents itself.   Because Love typically Finds a Way to Connect in the most Special and Creative ways to make it all Possible.   Because absolutely Nothing can separate our Love from those we extend it to... and it is indeed Eternal.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I'm trying to sort this out (as a relatively new follower). How many children and grandchildren do you have? We only had one child and 2 grands with no more in sight. I'm green with envy.

    1. In our very large blended Family we have 3 Adult Children + their significant others, 23 Grandchildren and 5 Great-Grandchildren... yes, we are amply Blessed but very spread apart. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Dawn, I am so happy for you and your grandchildren, really for the whole family! Yes, FAMILY is important. I was blessed to have very loving, close relationships with my own parents, siblings and all the nieces and nephews. . .but my own two boys who are now in their early 30's have been strangers to their own father (my ex-husband) for over 20 years. He re-married a woman who wanted nothing to do with them, and he cut them out of his life. His loss, because they're wonderful men, and one has a beautiful little girl. Is it naive of me to think even after all these years, that one day he may want to see them? I still hope. And sometimes faith and prayers are answered, as they have been for you. What a wonderful thing to have your grands be together!

    1. Cynthia as a very large blended Family we can indeed relate to some of those unfortunate circumstances as well. We have some Children and Grands that are not biologically connected {either to The Man... or to myself} but are indeed connected by Love and our Hearts, they are Family in every sense of the Word. There are some of the bio Parents that have never had the privilege of really knowing their own Children as well, and it is indeed their tragic loss not to have. So we have a point of reference to the pain and void that can leave, but I am in complete Agreement with you... a Child, any Child, can never have too many people who Love them and Cherish them. If someone chooses not to have relationship with a biological Child, or it isn't possible, for whatever the reasons, then perhaps it is best they are absent... Life is complex enough without the Drama or potential for Negative experiences. Big Hugs to you and your Wonderful Family... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Very Happy For Your Good News!

    1. I know, two very Good back to back News from Adult Grandchildren made our Week!!! Dawn... The Bohemian


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