Saturday, March 4, 2017

1912 House Of Joy In Jerome For Sale

So just Imagine how Excited I was to see that the Iconic House Of Joy in Jerome is up for Sale for the first time in over 50 years!   I don't know if I've ever told you, but in the Seventies I wanted to buy Property in The Disneyland Of Funky Places and my Parents talked me out of Investing there.  It's a Ghost Town sliding off the side of a Mountain and filled with extreme Hippie Types they said... Yeah, exactly, that's why I wanted to live there... duh!  *LOL*

The House Of Joy 1912 Historic Brothel and the Street it is on was always my absolute Fav Location in the whole Town... because I'm totally a Weirdo like that.  Everything about the building was Dreamy to me in my Quirky preferred Aesthetic, I Fantasized about living in and Owning such a Property actually and that has never much changed over the last forty plus years.

There are a lot of Cool things such as this Gypsy Statue that I'd gladly ask the Owner if they could throw it in with the Sale of the Property.   Whoever the Owner is has Hoarded up some pretty Eclectically Cool Bohemian and Gypsy Style shit over the past 50 plus years of Owning this place lemme tell ya!  And yeah, a Curated Collection of it could stay, no problem and we could work something out to throw it in with the Deal I suspect.   Mostly coz this Individual has a lot of Hoarded up possessions to get outta there if they plan to Sell this joint!

The views from every Balcony and Window are to Die for and exceptional.  Tho' this Community only has about 400 full time Residents they get over a Million Visitors every year, so the best of both Worlds of Small Town Feel and frequent Visitors.   That's a healthy compromise for the reclusive Man and me who Loves People and being around Action!  *Smiles*

Probably my Favorite View in all of Arizona... I could sit out on this Balcony sipping Tea, listening to 1920's Era Music and Living the Dream!   Yes, The Man saw me looking at the Listing, which all of these Images are cribbed from.  No, he wasn't the least bit Surprised his Wife is drooling over it and not so Secretly Wishing she could flip Villa Boheme' and buy a 105 year old Whorehouse in a renown Ghost Town in an Old Hippie and Artist Community to move to and live in instead!  *LMAO*

It even comes with the Sign and the Rights to it's Name I says... as a Selling Point... since it is apt, I'd have Joy to move there... to me it would be Blissful and an improvement over Subdivision Hell.   I'm fairly certain My People also Live in Jerome, we've taken Vacays there often enough to know the Community over the many years and actually he digs this Old Town too and it's Rich History.  I doubt it would be a stretch... well, beyond the Crazy Listing Price since it's a Commercial Listing as well as being Residential... to talk him into it and have him on board to buy into the Dream.  *Smiles*

Okay, Yes, we'll be going inside in a minute... thru the Whorish Old Red Door, which I absolutely Love the Red and Black dont'cha know... my preferred Color Palette in fact!   I must have been a turn of the Century Hooker in another Life or something?  *Bwahahahahahahaha!*    And to all my Hippie peep Kindred Spirit Friends, don't worry, I'll remove that offensive Sign when I buy the place Okay.  Tho' I do recall those Signs for Reals in the Sixties and early Seventies!   Wonder if they'll be putting up such Signs again given the current Climate after that Crazy Election?   But I digress, we're SO NOT talking the shitshow Politics here and F***ing up the Fantasy!  *Ha ha ha*

Sexy Red and Black and Exposed Brick everywhere in a significant Historic Structure with ample Balconies and Killer Views on all sides of a large lot... pinch me somebody, so I know this is Real and actually could be a possibility if I Won the Lottery!   Yeah, it would take that, all the scheming in the World could never get us past the Listing price, I couldn't even offer them half, so we're just in Fantasyland here folks, but it's Fun... so lets Dream On...

I happen to J'Adore ALL sides of the exterior of this Quirky three story Building, it's Amazing to me.  Nothing I would change about it except ensuring structural integrity remained so it didn't slide down the Hill or something.  *Smiles*  I even Love the overgrown Gardens around it cluttered with over half a Century of Funky Found Treasures.  Because it's all of the ilk that The Man and I Love to Find on our Road Trip Adventures anyway.

So, Yeah, all of the exterior clutter could stay and be thrown in with the purchase, no problemo there.  In fact, I'd prefer and Desire it, I rather like this Funky Eclectically Hoarded View looking down from the Street and have Photographed it often over the years.   Just rummaging thru that massive Collection gives me Goosebumps since it's a Honey Hole of a Picker's Paradise!  I could probably spend the first several years just taking Inventory of all my Wonderful New Junque I just Inherited with the Buy!   *LOL*

Would I Sell Off or re-arrange any of it, perhaps, I'm still Wrestling with whether or not I'd wanna open a Commercial Venture if I lived there.  Sure I could since it's Zoned for living there and Selling from there, but would I really wanna?   Since clearly I'd have to close down my Showroom in the City would I want an Occasional Sale kinda Venture to spring forth out of Owning a place such as this to supplement our Retirement?   Just not Sure, tho' it might be Fun and certainly would be Income generating to offset Cost of the place.

But remember, if I bought the place it would be due to a Lottery Win so I'd be so Flush I wouldn't really Need the Money... so it would be more a matter of Wanting to keep Working and what kinda Biz we'd wanna Create?  The Man joked that it's hard to find good Turn Of The Century Working Girls anymore, so we'd have to just Sell our Junque... so I wouldn't become a Madame or he Pimp Daddy.   God I Love my Man, his sense of Humor is as Twisted as mine is and he actually really digs the Idea of Owning this joint if we could afford it... we're Well Suited like that... and I mean, what are the Odds of that in this Life, right?! *Smiles*

Yes, actually we'd both flip our Lovely New Luxury Home in favor of this because we're two Old Weirdos who totally dig the Highly Unusual of Lifestyle Choices and Location... Location... Location.   Which for us the Ideal Location IS a Community like Jerome, The Disneyland Of Funky Places, we'd be Content here and in our Elements.   Do you know the Exploration that can be done around an Old Mining Ghost Town, this place still has some Cobblestone Streets and almost all of it has maintained the Integrity of keeping it's History and Historic Structures intact!

No matter how Popular it became they were Wise enough not to Sell Out and allow Greedy Developers and Investors to absolutely Destroy the Ambiance that clearly the Million Plus Visitors a year totally Dig.   That said, Property Values have soared since the Seventies when I couldda picked up a property Cheap here... tho' The House Of Joy has never been for Sale until now, so timing is still everything!   Clearly the Owner has Enjoyed living here or wouldn't have remained over 50 years, Cherishing the property and how Iconic it is.  It's not often you get the chance to Own a Historic Icon after all!

The views from the back of the building's Artist Loft Style Space, well, it just doesn't get any better than this for an Art Studio my Friends!   All that Natural Light... those breathtaking panoramic Views where you can literally see for miles!   Priceless... all of it is Priceless actually so I can see why the hefty Price tag has been slapped on this place, it's the whole Package for those of us who truly Appreciate such things.

And here's the back Balcony and View... tho' she definitely has some Cool Clutter I Like and is my Vibe, a great many of the interior clutter would have to go.   Even tho' I'm a self professed Maximalist, lets face it, I got plenty of my own shit to try to squeeze into the 2,115 sf building, which is about half of the size of New Villa Boheme'.   Yes, I'd likely have to flip a lot of my Stuff to make it possible, but for the back end Deal of Owning a piece of History like this, I'd Gladly make that Sacrifice!   But, it would take something like this Rare Opportunity to get me to part with half my shit, I ain't gonna lie.  *Winks*

But to Own things like this View... and the one off the Front Balcony ta boot... well, that beats the Hell out of any material Stuff now don't it?   I'd be dumping my shit like I was having a Fire Sale, you hear me!?  *Winks*   Only the most Cherished of Possessions would come along with us, only that which went with Creating a Joyful Home in The House Of Joy and complimented the property!  A lot of my Stuff would compliment the Aesthetic of this property tho', so we wouldn't have to start over, just de-stash enough to have Just Enough and not Too Much.   This current Owner clearly has accumulated Too Much, perhaps that's why she's moving?  I'm Assuming it's an Older She due to the overall Ambiance of the Decor.

Perhaps a Reincarnate of one of the Working Gals that originally made this The House Of Joy Brothel?   Apparently this is an Image of one of the Gals that Worked the Cribs on the Basement level of the Establishment, which still remains and has a lot of Original Architectural preserved.  

 This building has three stories:  Downstairs are the Cribs, Workshop and Storage on newer cement floors.  Middle story is Retail in the Living Room, Kitchen and Dining with two Bedrooms they currently Rent Out like Bed and Breakfast.  Upstairs is the Fantastic Deck with 100 mile Views, a Bedroom, Living Areas and Bathroom with original Clawfoot Tub.   Two additional Lots are included for Parking adjoining the back, which is Important since Space is limited in this Town usually.  The wrap around Balconies are a lot of Outdoor Living Space we'd Enjoy tremendously.

Now that we're Inside I'll show you around... steep stairways so we'd definitely get our Workout, but they're no steeper than the stairway here at New Villa Boheme' so I'm already building my leg muscles sufficiently.   Though we would probably have to accommodate The Man on Street Level for his main Living Spaces since he can't do stairs so well anymore.   I probably wouldn't change some of the Funky Color Scheme since I can Dig it's Bold choices, but the current Owner's clutter would have to GO!   Well, perhaps not that Cool Stained Glass Starburst and some of the best of those Old Bottles beneath it... but everything else... gotta take with ya!

Loving the Old Red Claw Foot Tub, don't exactly know why there is an Old Enamel Steamer Tamale Pot in there tho', Curious indeed?   And the Floor Tile is... in a word, Ugly... so I'd opt to replace it with Vintage Octagonal Honeycomb Style mini Tiles in White with some Black Accent.   I'm Guessing the Bathroom to be Cozy since they shot it at this angle... but I've lived with Cubby Bathrooms in turn of the Century Homes, Old Bohemian Valhalla had 'em.  Yes, I'd give up my Amazing Master Bathroom Suite in favor of this... but only becoz everything else about this property is beyond Awesome and compensates for the Sacrifice!

The Ceilings are all Awesome in this Home, Beadboard or Victorian Ceiling Tin in Copper, so nothing to change there.  But I'm not certain what the Floors look like?  If they are Cement I'd be Cool with leaving 'As Is', but some of the Home has Ugly Tile and that would be swapped out in favor of Real Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring.   I would have thought a Home of this Era would have had more Hardwood Original Flooring and you never know, it might have been covered over with something else during previous remodels?   Many Old Victorian Manse's had Linoleum slapped over Amazingly Intricate Wood Art Floors!  I'm just trying to view this Room sans the current Owners possessions and clutter.

But a lot of Original Architecture was Preserved here and I gotta say this Dutch Door I totally Love, you don't see those very often and especially not here in Arizona where they are very Uncommon as an Original Feature of Architecture.  I doubt I'd leave White Walls... would have to Warm those up and the Hue would depend upon the Vibe of the overall Home dictating what it should be?

The Kitchen has a lot of Original Features like the Turn Of The Century Commercial Bread Oven, which is that Black behemoth there on the Left, I'd keep that for sure... Fab for baking.   And I know you're not gonna Believe this... well, mebbe you will... but I kinda dig the Cobalt Blue that blinds ya... just put on your Sunglasses and Chill Man.   *Winks*


Wainscot Walls I totally dig too, authentic to the Period of this Home, tho' clearly someone has replaced some of the Hardware on those Doors, such a Shame.   But I got plenty of Antique Doorknobs galore so I'd swap them out with Century Old Knobs.   Funny to me actually that they replaced the Old Knob on the Door with something more Modern and yet have an Old Knob Jewelry Hangar mounted on said Door?  Curiouser indeed... but I do dig some of the Owner's Art, like that Heart shaped Altered Art thingy hanging there in the center.

In fact some stuff is Weird and Wonderfully Cool like the Giraffe Statuary on the wrap around Porch... I'd have to make him a Santos Crown and numerous Necklaces if he stayed.   *Winks*

I didn't crib all the Listing's Imagery since some of it showcased too much of the current Owner's Collections.  Though there are some Impressive pieces, it's just all too much for me and Visually a Sensory Overload, so my Eyes needed a Break. There's no place for the Eye to rest as it's Styled now... and some of the Workshop Images gave me a Panic Attack and way too much Anxiety... it would all have to be cleared out to the studs!  *LOL*

  I also noticed numerous Spirit Orbs in many frames, not Surprising given the Age and History of the joint and it's Purposes over the Century, I expected that Spirit might reside there still and you'd have to co-exist with it.  Done that before and so long as nothing is ominous, no problem with a Friendly Haunting for us.  I suspect if she's remained over 50 years it's not like a scene from The Shining living there with Spirit?  *LOL*

How Cool is this Funky Door?  LOVE it... and all that exposed Brick... I'm drooling over all the exposed Brick on the Middle Story, which I'd probably convert from Commercial Space into Residential Living Space for us actually since it would be more practical and give us plenty of Space to Live comfortably and Decorate with our Fav Possessions we'd bring with us.

Yeah, mos def this Place is a Dream come True to Own... Guess I better go out and buy that freakin' Lottery Ticket then, huh?  *Winks*   Ah well, if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big I always say!  I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along and Living the Eclectic Old Gypsy Hippie's Dream with me my Friends?  I know I'll be Sad when somebody for Reals buys MY House Of Joy!  *Pouting petulantly...* 

  It helped tho' that The Man told me this Morning, Honey, if I could buy it for us I mos def WOULD... and that's what I Love most about him, our Shared Funky Vision of what Our Dream actually LOOKS like.  A very Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Dream, but it's Uniquely OURS in complete Unity and Shared Vision is everything in Long Term Relationships!   And of coarse The G-Kid Force would pack up and move to a place like this in a New York Minute... they're not that Enchanted with Subdivision Hell either.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh My What a Vision to dream on! Oh yes I can see you and yours there!! A Chair Lift could be installed. Are you going to make a try for the dream come true?

    1. Alas we cannot... but the whole Fam was on board... we must be the only Fam I know who would be Jazzed to live in a 105 year old Whorehouse! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Dawn what are you waiting for? This place has been waiting for you and your tribe. I can't imagine anywhere more fitting for you. It is just PERFECT! It must be written in the stars. Don't fight Kismet. It's meant to be, and I'm thrilled to bits. Blessings

    1. Well, if it was affordable we'd gladly make the plunge... but VA funding doesn't go nearly that high and it's way out of a reasonable price point for our budget so it would have to belong to someone more Flush than us... boo hoo. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Replies
    1. Cool and absolutely Groovy Man! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Sigh, I know exactly where this is....from our visit to Jerome. Gosh, Golly, Gee-whiz---you could always reopen the 'crib' to pay for it, LOL.

    Interesting, see what might shake out---you just never know. Too---Far-OUT!
    grins, Sandi

    1. Well, as The Man said tho', hard to find good turn of the Century Hookers nowadays... winks... so alas, being a Madame of such an Establishment is out of the question. *Bwahahahah! Besides, that Crib section on the lowest floor is rather Dungeon-like and never received a full restoration... great to be able to take a peek inside every intimate space of that Grand Old place tho', I was always Curious. Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. OMG Dawn - it's so YOU! I like this quote I saw on Pinterest - "Don't call it a dream, call it a plan".

    1. Ok, I like that and fully Plan to keep my Dreams alive and well on the canvas of my very fertile Imagination! Who knows, if it never Sells perhaps the price will drop down to where it is attainable!? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Oh. My. God. You guys totally BELONG there! I've never heard of Jerome before, but I'd make a side trip now if I ever get down that way. I wish you could afford it, Dawn. It's absolute perfection.


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