Sunday, May 29, 2016

Places That No Longer Are

As I've been forced to lay around the house Healing at a snail's pace from the surgical complication, I've had a lot of time to just Think random thoughts. Contemplating the reality that I am definitely going to have a very large knarly concave scar from the ordeal, even after it finally starts to Heal, will be a forever reminder of something that didn't go so well.  I've had plenty of time to distract myself thinking about other things that clearly didn't go so well because they no longer exist.  I'm talking about places that no longer are.  Forever reminders of many of those places are tucked away in my photo archives and bring them fondly to remembrance.

I do Miss so many of those places because it isn't always because something wasn't Wonderful or Ideal that it just ceases to be one day.   I can't begin to tell you the number of Favorite and Awesome Businesses that no longer are and yet were some of the best places around and Beloved by many.   And so it got me to thinking about why some things can be mediocre or even marginal yet seem to abide and go on, even have wild success... while others that were completely Awesome no longer are?   It's one of those Mysteries... like why you can find a McDonalds almost anywhere thriving with what passes as food... while restaurants with the most Amazing real cuisine and ambiance have to close down even if they had great prices as well as great food!?


I've come to the conclusion that perhaps it has more to do with the familiar and mass exposure than anything else.   If everyone knows and is familiar with something, even if it's not that Special really, or even that good actually, it can still thrive by the sheer numbers on their side.  Pretty much everyone has walked into the well known chains of just about anything at one point in time... few might have ever stopped to even go inside a place they don't know... or perhaps even notice it?   And even those that do develop a large enough following to last will typically be owned by a small business owner that cannot really be easily replaced by any anonymous person like at the chains.

But what about the anomaly I see so often in Malls with individual Vendors renting space.   Where some of the most Awesome Vendors with the most Amazing Inventory aren't always the ones that thrive, sometimes the crap hawkers fare best and will seem to be the ones with less turnover!   Yes, it is a complete Mystery to me, but then again, we're back to mass marketing and what appeals to the masses most.  Or what is more readily available to the majority and at the lowest cost.   Simple supply and demand dictates any market.

 Crap Sells... Quality merchandise on the other hand has to be Appreciated for what it is... and can the average consumer even recognize the difference, afford it or care?  Knock-Offs and unlicensed product is a prime example of what often beats out the Real Deal, simply because of price point.   I'd rather have the Real Deal... but I have been guilty at times of accepting less than that out of convenience or budget constraints.   Do I usually Keep what I've Settled with as second best?  No, hardly ever, I eventually Trade Up to replace it with Real Deal first choice pieces.

And that's not even to say that everything Awesome has to cost a lot... it doesn't... there are Deals to be had if you're willing or able to Hunt for them.  I personally get the greatest Thrill from the Hunt, but many people do not... they want it and they'd prefer it now and most conveniently please.  They may not even know about the most Awesome places that would have it, if it's not familiar or doesn't come with a personal recommendation.   This is part of why I Blog about the most Awesome places I know of, so that they don't become even more of those places that no longer are!  Heaven Forbid!   The List is too long already of those we've Lost over Time!!!

And I understand that some Torches just cannot be passed... and so that place will simply cease to be when the Owner calls it a day for whatever the reason or they feel the Season is over for it.   It doesn't lessen the sting of the void of it ceasing to Be though to all of those who Loved it, became regulars and hoped the reign would never end.   I kinda feel that way about our Old Homestead in fact, if after we are no longer the owners it ceases to be, there are many who have conveyed they will Miss it terribly because it is one of a kind and there will never be another like it.   So many Small Businesses are like that... one of a kind... not mass produced... unique... and thus irreplaceable once they no longer are.

I would imagine a whole lotta tears are shed when something has to be let go of that will no longer be, even if it's Time for it to cease to exist.   I recently reminisced with a long time Valley Resident, who joined me on a trip down Memory Lane, of the Nostalgic Local places and things that no longer are and we both Remembered.   Wow... some of them I hadn't thought of in years... some he hadn't either... and others we think about more often and Wish they still were.   One day there might no longer be anyone who recalls them... when the Memory becomes too many Generations removed to be given any thought or hold any Nostalgia.

Some places will have to relocate, so they still exist, but somewhere else.  Some will evolve in such a way that you don't recognize them anymore, but the evolution was necessary to stay relevant and prosperous I suppose.  And some will simply change Ownership and therefore Evolve with the new Vision the new Owners have for it.  I was saddened to see that our Favorite Tea Room is now a place that no longer exists as it once was and it was so unexpected!   New Ownership, and though Nice, just not the same... we mutually grieved over losing that Special Spot we'd frequented for so long and gotten our Tea Samples for our Mad Tea Parties from.    Not that we'll cease to have Mad Tea Parties mind you!  *Smiles*

Some things will never change in our World simply because we Control it and can maintain the Tradition or Ritual of it for however long we want or need to.   Often the places that no longer are close down or change hands so suddenly and unexpectedly that it catches you completely off guard!   One such Favorite Chinese Restaurant we've frequented for about forty years met such a fate!  Had I known it was changing Owners I might have bought an extra order of that Special Item on the Menu that I'll now no longer be able to get... not like that anyway, since everyone has their own Special recipes for similar dishes.  I would have savored it all the more... you know, like that Family Recipe Gramma used to make and now Gramma is gone and nobody can make it quite like her!


No... I shall never be able to have Tea at Chakra 4 again... or Mongolian Beef at Bo Bo China... my Tiramasu at Tucchettis... get my Incense from Jutenhoops... my Architectural Salvage and Specialty Candles from Sage... buy my Fav Designer Wardrobe from Frilly Frocks... take my Grandchildren to an Amusement Park called Legend City... buy them a little inexpensive somethin'-somethin' from Woolworths... or listen to my Favorite Music on a host of now defunct Radio Stations. They are just a tiny sampling of those that no longer are... and I'm sure you have a laundry list of some that no longer are in your area too?   Celebrating a Nostalgic fond Remembrance of what was and alas, is no more.  But we're Glad for the Time we had with them.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sharing Bandages

***NOTE: Some Lovely Images via Pinterest***

Married People often Share a lot of things... when you're growing Old together you find yourselves Sharing the most unusual of things, it just comes with the territory of aging.  *Smiles*  I'd completely forgotten that just before my Surgery that The Man had one too, with the Heart thing he was recently Hospitalized for and an Angioplasty.   So he had gauze bandages he hadn't completely used the entire box of and presented to me!  *Yay*  So, I could abort the dreaded pilgrimage to the store and he was willing to Share bandages!  That's about the only good thing I can think of about us both having back to back Surgeries!  *LOL*

And tho' still feeling rather drained and extremely tired, so I sleep a lot lately, I was able to discontinue those strong pain meds after just a day.  So the floating Spaghetti thing now behind me, I'm back on Planet Earth and virtually pain free, which is a good thing.   It means we're moving in the right direction towards finally Healing properly and being able to take care of business here at Home Caring for my Family.  With feet planted firmly on the ground and not floating around in a drug induced haze.  Purple haze, all in my brain... Lately things they don't seem the same... Actin' funny, but I don't know why... Excuse me while I kiss the sky.   Yeah, on those good drugs the Doc prescribed I was having The Jimi Hendrix Experience for sure and it was freakin' the Family out a bit!  *LOL*

Sure, at first they thought it hilarious and amusing for me to be Trippin' and relieved I was no longer down for the count succumbing to intense pain... but after a day they were glad I was back on Planet Earth and making sense again.  *Ha ha ha*  The new Alice In Wonderland Movie is coming out "Through The Looking Glass" and Princess T and I will be going together to see it... she likened me on those meds to the Movie Trailers.  “He said he would come in,' the White Queen went on, `because he was looking for a hippopotamus. Now, as it happened, there wasn't such a thing in the house, that morning.'  Is there generally?' Alice asked in an astonished tone.  Well, only on Thursdays,' said the Queen.”  ― Lewis CarrollThrough the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There   Yeah, according to her I was having a lot of White Queen type quotes apparently that nobody could fathom!  *Smiles*

Not that I always make perfect sense to the Family on any given day since the easiest way to get compliance or mediate Drama is often to just say something totally unexpected and completely random.  *Winks*  But I wasn't even having to do that at the time, since seeing me not being myself had suspended all Drama and non-compliance around here... maybe I should not be myself more often I contemplated?  *Ha ha ha*   In actuality tho' I like being me and so it was good to be feeling more like myself again and not falling down some other Rabbit Hole that wasn't at all familiar.

The calendar is full of things I don't want to have to cancel and re-schedule so it will be good if I don't have to?   But I do plan to take it easy, don't really have much choice actually, since this whole fiasco surrounding the botched biopsy has made it mandatory and not optional to.   I couldn't NOT take it easy right now, I am still way too drained and tired to rebel and go back to my usual routine and pace.  One would think all the sleeping would have made me feel rested, but it really hasn't, it's an act of Will to remain up and awake for any short length of time right now.  So I do everything in between long Naps for now.  Which means a lot isn't getting done... and I've just got to Roll with that for the time being.

And Yes, it bothers me to let things slide or delegate them, since they won't be done right and I'll just have to re-do them later.   But for now that's just how housekeeping will have to play out in my nice New Home that was in Order and I'd of liked for it to have remained that way.   Running damage control behind when it snowballs to out of Order is something I had to do far too long at the Old Homestead, so we certainly don't want to get to that level of chaos again.  So I'm riding herd somewhat on it not doing a free fall off the cliff and into disorderly chaos.   The good thing being The Force has been spending more time at their Friends Homes... or here with new Friends that tend to be as OCD as me about being tidy and Orderly!  *Yay!*   Maybe I should Adopt a couple of them too... temporarily of coarse.  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Itchy Munchies At Two A.M.

The new meds are doing their job swell... but it also means itchy munchies at two a.m.!   *Smiles*   Crawling out of my skin with itchiness and hungry as a ravenous pack of Wolves!   Good thing I won't be on them too long, I forgot how my body reacts to antibiotics or pain meds and why I'm usually in bad shape before I agree to take them.  I'm such a lightweight when it comes to any kind of meds since I'm the one reluctant to even take aspirin for a headache!  *LOL*

So since I'm up anyway... itching and eating... well, I perused my Photo Archives to see what loveliness never got a Post?  And still chuckling to myself... since I'm High right now and feeling like floating spaghetti... about the Doc forgetting I'm still raising Kiddos and suggested if I didn't have a problem with it, perhaps I should just go topless around the house for a few days since wearing clothing is painful right now.   Ummm Doc, I still got Teen Boys and Prepubescent Girls running around my house most of the time, I'm pretty sure that would put the kabosh on The Force's Friends being allowed to come over anymore ever!?   *Bwahahahahaha!*

Of coarse The Force had mixed reviews about that piece of hilarity and it's imagined visuals.  The Young Prince grinned broadly and said, "Yeah... NO... definitely don't do that Gramma... "   After all, you cannot unsee what you already saw, right?  *Bwahahahaha*   And Princess T was like, "We don't care..." and she really doesn't... care... in fact she probably wouldn't even notice or bat an eyelash as she breezes in and out of the room!  Her Shock and Trauma Factor is not easily triggered, Wednesday Addams Child that she is.  And Gramma is already Weird enough, so nothing I could do, wear or not wear would probably embarrass or Surprise her anymore anyway.  *Smiles*

So, the consensus is unanimous that I should keep my top on.  *Winks*  And after two bowls of shredded wheat I'm finally satiated since that sits like cement in the stomach.  But what to do about the itching?  Scratch I guess.  I don't wanna hafta put any more salves on than I've already got plastered on me for wound dressing, I already feel pretty much like a greased Pig!  *Smiles*  Which is an apt description since I'm eating like one during the duration of this med regimen!!!

And somehow I've got to get the motivation to go to the Store when the Sun comes up to buy more gauze bandages, since now I'm completely out and that's a problem unless I want umteen wardrobe ruined.  Several will have to be tossed already and I'm scoping out which pieces I don't mind risking as I peruse the wardrobe for something else to wear and then probably hafta Sacrifice until I'm Healed?   I've tried to solicit a few of The Man's old Tees to be donated to The Cause, but he's not willing to take one for the Team, he likes all his present wardrobe.   Besides, his only takes up a quarter of the big new closet so his Man Thinking cannot understand why I can't Sacrifice mine instead?!   *Ha ha ha*

So, more ample gauze bandages would be way cheaper than new Wardrobe and a trip to the Store is a pilgrimage I therefore have to muster.   Have to be off the pain management meds to drive tho', not looking forward to dealing with the pain again... so would much rather stay Home instead with it managed.  It sucks being the only one in the household who can drive... I can't delegate a run to the store to anyone else!   Dammit!   So I'm just waiting on the effects of the last dose to wear off so I won't be DUI and careening down the road feeling like floating spaghetti!   *Smiles*

What does that even mean Gramma, the Young Prince inquired about feeling like floating spaghetti?   *Ha ha ha*   I dunno, I'm not even making sense to myself right now... which is why I don't like to feel High... it's too Weird.  He thinks that's hilarious... since right now he's on a Bipolar No-Sleep bender and his own meds clearly aren't working to alleviate that sleep depravity Issue.  At least now they're out of School for the Summer so if he stays up it's a non-issue, he'll eventually crash...  but he's extremely animated until he does and that's way too much energy for me at past three a.m. now!

Can you go do some Yoga or something I inquire?  You know, to unwind and land your balloon Kiddo.... Ohhhhmmmmmm!   He gets the hint that I don't want to have this deep conversation at three a.m. about why I am still up too, eating my second bowl of shredded wheat, itching like a Dog with fleas and feeling like floating spaghetti!   He's Amused by it all... I am clearly not.  I'm also not looking forward to changing my dressing again since everyone else is too squeamish to, it's painful, gross and not at all pleasant, not to mention totally inappropriate for some given the location. *Ha ha*  Note to Self: Nursing wouldn't be my forte either!  Bravo to all Medical Professionals out there for your fortitude doing stuff that grosses the rest of us out!

And I am grossed out... things looking gnarly bother me... especially if it's mine!  *Ha ha ha*  I'd much rather it be Rainbows and Unicorn Farts right now, that's easier.   And for some strange reason now my thoughts have switched completely and gone to Fairie Gardens... and how I should make one... Yes, I'm mos def Feeling High!   And that trip to the store will have to be delayed for quite a while me thinks and I'll just have to improvise on the bandages and cut something up.  *Bwahahahaha* 

Soooo... as I'm looking around... I Wonder if The Man just happened to leave any of his Shirts laying around???  *He he he*   What!??!???!?   I thought you didn't Care about THAT one anymore Honey... you know, being you left it laying around where it shouldn't be... and now it's Ta-ta dressing... now I don't care who you are, THAT'S Funny!   *Winks*


Floating like Spaghetti here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Botched... My Personal Episode

***Some Beautiful Imagery via Pinterest***

I never liked how it looked when the bandages came off... but then again, I didn't know what it was SUPPOSED to look like since I've never had this kind of a Procedure before???   And since I felt so much better than expected the first three days after Surgery I didn't worry so much that anything might have been Botched or ready to go very wrong.

But it didn't look anything like I'd expected and had been hidden by the bandages the first three days, I'd expected a closed incision site and not a gaping hole the size of a dime!   Still, the handout I'd been given was followed to a tee and so I just felt Healing would take place Normally and maybe this was how it was supposed to be?  Well, almost Normally since being a Diabetic compromises ability to Heal as quickly as most folks.  But each day I thought I should feel better and better... not worse and worse!   Uh Oh!

But worse and worse came... The Man said it didn't look Right to him either and tho' not a Doc, at least he's been a Paramedic and Field Medic, so his Concern was something I took to Heart.  Pain escalated... and since there hadn't been any, even after the surgery, well, it was just weird to be a week out and have such intense pain, redness and sensation of being on fire now!   Unless that gaping hole had allowed an infection to get in?  I had wondered why they hadn't stitched such a large incision?  Especially on a bodacious body part where weight would be an Issue... but perhaps it was supposed to remain open, I just didn't know?

Ignorance isn't always Bliss... and my Instincts were telling me something was definitely not Right... in fact, it looked and Felt very Wrong!  I Cried all last Night... and I rarely cry.   So I went to see my regular Doctor on Base for a second opinion this Morning on Emergency Walk-In.  Since I felt the Civilian Surgeon's opinion might end up biased if things had actually gone Left and ass covering played out.   I've known people that had such outcomes, I wasn't gonna be one of them!!!  I Needed a more Objective Opinion than who might have jacked things up.

  My Instincts served me well once again... I was apparently having my Personal Episode of Botched!  She was duly alarmed at what was happening and what she saw... and agreed to run damage control and put things right.  But wanted me to let the Surgeon's Office know things were not going well and hadn't been done well.  So, Yes, I did go back to the Surgeon's Office to let them know things had gone South with this complication and look at the carnage.  Saw a different Surgeon there that concurred it had... and was a 'Rare Complication'... uh huh.   The putting things right entails leaving it open and exposed to drain what now is a Situation.  I don't like Situations... got enuf to Deal with regularly without a Situation.

I've always been gun-shy of Western Medicine and it's Practices... but some things I've had to seek Western Medical Intervention if I Hope to have Insurance pay for any of it and afford to Get and Be Well.   But I'm always Guarded... too often gone in Well and come out Not Well, especially for Preventative Medicine, which I'm told is allegedly going to Prevent Illness or something becoming worse or dire.   In Theory I suppose that would work well... but in Reality... sometimes it does not.   So now I'm on a slew of meds and rather High... which I'd rather NOT be either given I'm a full time Caregiver responsible for three people's Needs.   But I'm no longer in excruciating Pain... and that is a Relief... and I can finally get some Sleep.  And more importantly, finally begin to Heal!


Trying to Heal from my Personal Botched Episode... here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, May 23, 2016

Gramma Are You Supposed To Be Lifting That!?

"Gramma, are you supposed to be lifting that!?"   Lately that burning question has been the bane of my existence.  *Le Sigh* The G-Kid Force have become The Lifting Police, keeping me accountable to adhering to Doctor's Orders.  Fearful that perhaps my left boob will burst open and spill it's contents all over the place if I lift more than five pounds?!  *LOL*   Well, have you ever tried NOT to lift more than five pounds during the course of a normal day?  I think it's impossible, I really do, we'll have to risk a boob explosion and I know they mean well, but they're getting obsessive about Policing me! 

 It's like they've become my Wardens and I'm on Lifting Probation for a week... I probably shouldn't have told them of any restrictions... but it was unfortunately necessary.  Since the demands of The Force can get heavy otherwise and I'm not totally ignoring the Doc's Orders to take it Easy as I can.  So... Princess T and I went Pickin', mostly because The Son needed a rendezvous point to hand her off to me after her weekend with his Family.  And I can only hang out for hours waiting on him being perpetually late at few locales without losing my Mind!  *Smiles*   So we picked my Fav Junquing Haunt to meet up at.  I was going thru Junquing Withdrawal anyway and needed a 'Fix'.  This taking it Easy hasn't been so Easy on me, even into my Senior years the ADHD limits me from being Still or inactive too long. 

 I start getting sedentary Anxiety from trying too hard not to do anything... I'll just have to Heal semi-active I guess.  So, I'm at the Pickin' Place waiting on them and it's the Motherlode of Smalls and Vintage Luggage this day.  I suspect that an Antiques Dealer must have thrown in the towel because several Antique Scores still had Antique Store pricing and descriptions on them!?  *Booyah!*  I didn't know what most of it was, but I knew it was Old... my Antique Radar went off immediately, so the descriptions remaining was helpful.  The Red wood block thingies say they're Plate Presses and they have neat Metal Number Plates on the side, which is what I liked best about them.  Even tho' it is doubtful I'll ever be Pressing Plates, whatever that entails?  But you never know... so... *Winks*

  Vintage Games were some of the best Scores, Love me some Vintage Games and their Packaging, most seemed complete too... other Pickers hadn't ravaged them... Rare when anything is boxed and not easily recognizable.  The Curiosity Factor always prevails and then it typically gets jacked up at the Clearance Centers since some Pickers are like Bulls in a China Shop scouring for their Scores.  I'm not kidding, many act like they lose their Minds and all decorum!  So a lot of the Good Stuff doesn't Survive to be Picked because it gets too manhandled by the ignorant who don't recognize it's Value and those who lack all self-control or don't give a damn. 

  Many don't supervise the Children they drag along with them and so a lot of Kiddos are also running amok or Shadowing you as you try to Pick.  I feel like an unpaid Babysitter constantly asking Kids where their Mommy or Daddy is since they should be the one watching them but are conspicuous by their absence!  One unsupervised Toddler was holding this Vintage Ocelot Wrap... and you know how it is when you see something you really want and someone else has it?  I go into Stalker Mode Hoping they'll lay it back down if it's clear they probably aren't gonna buy it anyway.  Yeah, ashamed to Confess I was Stalking a Baby waiting for him to lay the Vintage Ocelot Wrap down!  *Bwahahaha!*  I Smiled at him, Kids like me, and since Mom wasn't paying him any attention my Charm worked and the subconscious vibe to lay the pretty Wrap down kicked in and he gave it up when he grew bored with it, tossing it to the side where I immediately pounced on it!  *Smiles*   And Yes, that's a mini Barrel I also Scored... and wasn't 'allowed' to lift per Princess T!  *Le Sigh*  But I wasn't NOT Scoring it, you hear me!  Luckily she could pick it up and we finally ditched all the other people's Kids trailing us around!  *Whew*

 Sorry, but I can't do what I am there to do if I'm trying to watch out for the Kiddos of negligent Strangers, it's enough to look after my own!   Sometimes the Kiddos find the Best Stuff tho', which is why I usually have The G-Kid Force in tow on a Good Pick, Eyes like a Rat kids have... and they're closer to the ground so they miss nothing!  That stray Kid's Mom wouldn't Appreciate or Value a Vintage Ocelot Wrap anyway, hell, she doesn't even Appreciate or Value her Precious Toddler enough to keep him safe and supervised!  Tragic... but what ya gonna do, some folks just aren't up to the job of Parenting.  Letting their Kiddos run amok, no matter how young, is easier than being Responsible and a Fit Parent I guess.  I try not to let it bother me, but it always does and it's not so uncommon a practice nowadays, which is even more disturbing to me.

  Unfortunately, in the Scavenging Circles, there are a lot of Parents with Kiddos in tow that are more focused upon their Agenda than upon keeping track of where their Kids are!  The Shop Owners do bilingual announcements all the time to keep Kiddos with you... to no avail, it mostly falls on deaf ears.   I know most of the Staff and it's the bane of their existence, to try to shame some of the Parents into doing their primary job Parenting as they seek out the stuff they intend to hawk.  I think that's also why the Staff like and indulge my Grandkids... and any Children that are Polite, well behaved, have manners and are not neglected or running amok!   Anyway... my pet peeve of bad Parenting aside, I Scored some pretty awesomeness as you can see.  And Princess T Scored some of her own as payment for being my Helper this day.

  And yes, all of the laden Vintage Suitcases were mos def over five pounds... and so I was constantly reminded, "Gramma, are you supposed to be lifting that?!"  *Winks*   And so she Volunteered to be my Pack Mule to transfer it from Cart to Vehicle... making her my Favorite right now... and Revealing she's stronger than she looks!  *LOL*

And we have even more Fun once Home wading thru our Haul and deciding what is a Keeper and what will be hawked?   That Old Slate mini Chalkboard really is a piece of authentic Stone Slate!   And I'm utilizing the Trophy Toppers as Bottle Stoppers which I see all the time on Pinterest and really like the Idea of since I can Find these things all day long and have a huge cache' of Old Wine Corks.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  *Winks*   And No, kidding aside I did NOT drink all the Wine the Corks might have sealed... anytime I find Wine Corks I pick them up to use for Projects.  I have not yet become an Old Wino... but it could happen... *smiles*

I bought one that somebody else at our Antique Mall made and then decided I needed to just make the rest of them myself for the Art Studio Loft Storage containers I wanted to utilize them for.  Otherwise it could get too spendy and I'm on that dreaded Budget thang still. *Le Sigh*  Cute tho', huh?  And finding Vintage Bottles is a snap too so I have an abundance of readily available Supplies to make as many as I Need.

Out of all the Vintage Luggage this one was my Fav and will mos def be a Keeper... along with the Anri Italian Nativity Set.  There were other Cool Finds that I'll probably end up Flipping tho', like the Buddha Copper Lighter, Antlers, Old Garden Tools and British Axe Pick Salvaged top.  I had to dismantle a trashed Old Chandie that had no Hope but had a wealth of miniature Lead Crystal Prisms to Salvage.  Will add them to my ongoing Hoard of Crystal Prisms in all shapes and sizes.   Some of the Vintage Luggage and a 1950's Globe will also be Showroom bound to re-stock Inventory.  

Sorry for the Poor Quality of Imagery, but this is one of those wee hours of the Morning low level Lighting Posts again.  *Ha ha ha*   I'm Conflicted on whether to Flip the Vintage Aunt Jemima Note Holder since who doesn't Love Aunt Jemima, her Pancakes and Syrup were a staple of our diet growing up!  Plus, I've never seen one of these so must have been a Promo Item and who knows if I'll ever see or find another?   So I'm thinking of attaching a Magnet and putting a new Note Pad on her near the Landline Phone in the Kitchen.

Anyway, everything cost me less than forty bucks and I can recoup that with just a couple of the items I'm definitely Flipping so the rest is Gravy, whether I Keep or Sell it... and that made for a very Good Day my Friends... well, except for constantly hearing that burning question that has been the bane of my existence since the Procedure and I practically hear in my Sleep now!  *LOL*  I'll be so Glad when Wednesday arrives and my Time Limit of No Lifting is up and I'm Paroled from being Policed and having live-in Probation Officers watching me like a couple of Hawks!  *Smiles*


Blessings and Happy Pickin' from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ Part III

Since I was pulling an extra Shift Saturday Night to cover for my Friend Wanita having a Surprise Birthday Celebration at Work, we decided to get together with Family and Friends earlier that day to have some Fun and meet down at The Sweet, before I had to go in to Work.

We didn't corral all of the Family to join us since the Teenagers were all doing their thing... but it was good to get together at the Event with as many as could come.   It was amusing to me that The Son's lifelong Friend David, coming for the first time to the Event, told The Son that the place looks like your Mom's House!  I take that as a sincere Compliment David, Thank You!  *LOL*

I have to admit there are many similarities to what you'd probably see at our house and definitely My Style of Decorating abounding in the various Vignettes Styled with these similar objects.  *Smiles*   I'd never really thought about it though... how very much of it actually DOES look like being in our house!  That's a good thing... and perhaps why I always Feel quite at Home at The Sweet and it's like a Home away from Home.


We couldn't stay long since The Son and Family were taking Princess T to their house for the weekend and I was taking The Man to a Romantic Luncheon, just the two of us, before I had to get ready for Work.  Nice to have that Alone Time Together, it's so Rare that we have the opportunity.

And Yes, I did pick up three Pages of the Butterfly and Moth Specimens since they were almost Sold Out!  *Whew*   The Man liked the largest Wall Poster Sized Sheets mounted to Wooden Dowels, but I opted for the Mid-Sized sans Dowels... since all of the Moth Specimen Sheets of the Smaller Sized pages had Sold Out already.  I'm Glad now I got the bigger pages than the original ones I'd wanted, I think they will Display better.

But that's all I picked up, just the three Specimen Sheets... two being different Species of Moths and one being Butterflies.   I'm using quite a bit of restraint lately when I'm out Shopping and holding firm to my self-imposed restrictions keeping Retail Therapy to a bare minimum.

I've definitely switched to Seller Mode dominating my Agenda rather than Buying Mode and so now possessions are being Culled quickly and effectively.  I'm moving closer and closer to the eventual Goal of Curating possessions severely.  I'm becoming more accustomed to owning less and liking it.

There have been times the Fam has said, "What, you don't wanna Buy anything?!??!" when we go out to the Shops or Events... and sometimes it's True, I don't want nor need to.   There's no sense of Urgency to acquire anything in particular nor the expansion of any particular Collection.

Though I have been looking at Paint and Refinishing Supplies a lot more lately since I do Intend to Make-Over some things and give them New Life.   The Color choices and Brands of Paints now are so Awesome and much more the Palette I prefer and ways of Finishing I like.

I dropped the ball this Season to get the Garden and Courtyards Transformed and plantings in before the fierce heat of Summer began to roll in... so I'm just not gonna bother this Year.   That actually gives me sufficient Time to go over my Plans and make adjustments to Fine Tune the Vision.

I've already scrapped and re-imagined so many Ideas that the delays are actually a Good Thing until I'm more decisive.  *Smiles*   That's the problem when you have a slew of Ideas, you have to narrow down the field of Creative Imaginings considerably!

The Man likes to Joke that I have so many Ideas I should be Selling Ideas along with Selling Inventory!  *Ha ha ha*   I just like to Dream stuff up, I think that for us Dreamy and Creative Souls it's the fuel that keeps us going.  I can never relate to someone saying they have no new Ideas they can think of off the top of their head.  I seem to have too many all vying for the brain space and limited Time that might bring them to manifestation!   Many have to just get killed off because otherwise it would be a messy avalanche.  *Smiles*

But it's Fun to Imagine... then re-imagine... and sorting thru the Ideas to decide which ones are the best... which need tweaking... tossing... or put into Action when the Timing is right or I Feel the most Ambitious?  Uh oh, yeah, there's the stumbling block Word... Ambitious... sometimes I'm just NOT!  *Ha ha ha*  So then the Ideas just get so tired of waiting for Action that they hibernate or get Forgotten in the labyrinth of Thoughts flooding in around them or crowding them out.

Having an overload of Ideas is also hard on those around us as we constantly change our Minds, our Vision and our Strategies at warp speed!  *Smiles*  I thought you were gonna do this, that or the third they might ask... well, that was Yesterday, Today is a brand new day and now I got a BETTER Idea!  *Winks*

There's always a Better Idea ready to take over and change the course and direction of a potential Project!   Which is exactly why I sometimes have to allow things to percolate and Mature on the Canvas of my Imagination a while first.  To see what Ideas abide and get altered to the point of being ready to Manifest now.

And why being Inspired is so very Important because Inspiration has a way of allowing the Fine Tuning of Ideas that Appeal to you most.   It might just be a Simple Nuance that you consider and changes something in a way that makes it even more extraordinary an outcome.

And so Ideas keep flowing and eventually I'll settle upon some for certain... and disregard the rest.   And the whole Process is just so Enjoyable because it keeps a Dreamer fueled in just the Imaginings of it all.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl