Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 29th Birthday Son!

So... Twenty-Nine Years ago Today I gave birth to my bouncing Baby Boy, all ten and a half pounds of him... ouch, yeah, that hurt!  *LOL*   Yes, Believe it or not he's a Newborn in this Photo and couldn't even hold his head steady... came out lookin' like a 3 Month Old!  *Smiles*

This was him on his first day on Earth... all Crazy Black Hair that stood up like a Rooster's Comb, swarthy Natural complexion that everyone always mistook for a great year-round Suntan *Smiles*... he was a handful right away and your Textbook High Maintenance Kiddo... but turned into an Outstanding Young Man.

One of his Cousins, my Brother's Oldest Son, was three Months older but they were the same size and everyone thought them to be Twins...  he always looked much Older than he was as a Child and now as an Adult people always mistake him as being much Younger than he is, how ironic!!!

Here he was with Proud Grand-Dad, my Dad... who always Championed him... even when every Teacher was throwing their hands up in Despair, Grand-Dad was his most staunch Advocate... well, along with me... after all, he's my Youngest... my 'Baby' {he hates when I still call him that} and he's somewhat of a Mama's Boy so in spite of a turbulent Youth I'm so Proud he turned out so Well!

In Tribute to 'Rawhide' Closing after all these Years, here's a blast from the Rawhide Archives Past of my Little Outlaw... his equally Wild Child Sister, our Youngest Daughter, and my Uncle visiting from North Wales... my Mom's Big Brother... and when I say Big I mean it... retired from the Welsh Guards and Special Forces, he's quite a Presence and a huge towering strong Man, even well into his Eighties now!   The Son always looked up to Welsh Uncle Syd... yeah, we sure look like a Motley Crew of Outlaws don't we?  *Winks*

I couldn't be Happier that he now has a Family and is doing so well...

And even being outnumbered by all the Estrogen in the household and raising two Teenage Girls and the Younger one he spoils rotten he's holding up pretty well and I don't get too many calls of, "What should I do Mom!?!" .  *Ha ha ha*   I still recall when he was a Pre-Teen and he once asked me, "Mom, if you were a Girl, what would you..."   um, IF I was a Girl?!   Yeah, guess our Sons see us as Androgynous Beings, I dunno?  *Smiles*   And I'm totally Okay with that... because being the Mother of a Son is such a Huge Blessing like none other...

Mwah... Happy 29th Birthday My Son!   Love you more than Life itself... may this be the most Memorable Celebration yet!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, June 26, 2015

Junque Infusion... And New Beginnings

Going without a Junque Infusion is not easy for me... I freely admit I'm a Junquing Junkie... the Thrill Of The Hunt being my drug of choice.  It doesn't even matter if I actually Discover and find anything... it's the Process that keeps me driven... not knowing what I COULD find... Rescue... get an Adrenalin Rush from Discovering!?   That Unknown Factor is a Thrill... like the Discovery of Buried Treasure or coming around a bend in the road and Beholding something of Magnificence that was totally unexpected.   I can totally relate to those who continue to Seek even if they've never actually found the Mother Lode yet... because it could exist... out there somewhere.  Searching for it is most of the Fun for those of us who dig that kinda thing... even tho' the Appeal can be a complete Mystery to others as to why we'd be willing to wade thru tons of worthlessness to come up with those things we Value?!?  Things we don't even know we're looking for... we want or need until they turn up by pure Serendipity on our Junquing Adventures!


I've been going without regular Junque Infusions lately on account of the Move and all.  It's been a Withdrawal that wasn't entirely comfortable at times, but not as excruciating as I had Imagined it might be, given my level of Junquing Addiction.  *Smiles*   Mostly I've been Seeking Inspiration rather than actual Treasures... and that has satiated my Lust for the Thrill Of The Hunt.  The Images Shared Today are among some of the Imagery that most Inspired me for how I'd prefer to begin Decorating and Styling the New Home.   Sage and Sepia Styling and Simplicity that I found to be Divine in the most Basic Organic way.

We did Close on time and receive our keys Today to the New House... so now we can begin the Transition of New Beginnings there and emptying out this Old House to ready it for Sale.  It was too late in the day to move anything over before I did my Evening Shift at our Antique Mall, so we just spent time Imagining where things might go and what we'd like to do with our New Spaces.   Prince R has decided he'd like to paint a portion of his room with Black Chalkboard Paint and I like the Idea.  He's very Creative and loves to Sculpt and Draw Plans for his Creations, so that would be a great Blank Canvas for him.   I've seen Chalkboard Walls on Pinterest and liked them and how they were incorporated into the Styling of the rooms they were in.   I've seen Booths in our Antique Mall that utilized the Chalkboard Walls too... it expands the use of Temporary Creativity in a Space.


I've always had an affinity for dried florals around the house, especially dried Hydrangea, Lavender, Baby's Breath, Eucalyptus Branches and Roses.  Envisioning some of the Vignettes I'd like to Create around the New House is Exciting and I can't wait to Transform the Spaces and Personalize them with our Style and Beloved Objects.  The New House is Beautiful Empty, so I can only Imagine how Lovely it will look fully Decorated!!!

We had just arrived to meet our Agent and receive the keys when one of our new next door Neighbors came up and Invited us to a Community Pool Party and Bar-B-Que being Hosted at her house Tomorrow Afternoon!   Now... this is the kind of Community I had been missing... since we had once lived in a Neighborhood like that many years ago and had years of Happy Memories of Gatherings just like that with Neighbors that fast became Lifelong Friends.   Right now in our Old Home the Community around us has become quite Transient in recent years with Investors buying up all the properties around us and turning them into Rentals, with people moving in and out constantly, so there is not the sense of ties to the Community we prefer.   Prior to that there were many Older Neighbors, but not really too many Children for the G-Kid Force to become Friends with, and over time the Older folks died off.  The New Home's Demographic is a more balanced mixture of Young Families and Retirees living together in the Community with everyone owning their own Homes.

So along with the Excitement of moving into a New Home and Decorating it is the Anticipation of meeting New Neighbors and making New Friends that live around us.  To have such a Gracious Invitation extended to us immediately was Delightful... we'll now get to meet many of the Neighbors in a Community Celebration Gathering!!!   The G-Kid Force are eager to see how many Children come that they can meet and who live close by?   I'm eager for them to make New Friends quickly so that they'll have an easier Transition, since the Nerves are setting in for them and for The Man about going to an area where they presently know no-one.  As for me, I've never met a Stranger *Smiles*... I make Friends quickly and easily so it's not so Nerve wracking for me to go somewhere I know absolutely no-one and leave with the foundation for building New Friendships of those I've met. 

I'm comfortable striking up random conversations with folks I've just met, I do it all the time... "The Gift Of The Gab" my Dad used to call it and my Mom and I definitely have it and are abundantly Gifted with it... or Afflicted with it, whichever way you might look at it?!  *LOL*    My Kids used to Tease me all the time that they were going to get me one of those T-Shirts that says, "Help, I'm Talking and I can't Shut Up!"  *Winks*   Yeah, I've never been accused of being Shy or a Wallflower, that's for Sure!  *Smiles*   Since this Old House is in complete Chaos though and we haven't even had a chance to move into the New Home yet, I will have to cheat on the Dish I'm bringing to the Bar-B-Que Pot Luck and just go with a Seasonal Fruit Salad and some Apple Slice Varieties with Caramel Dipping Sauce as my Offering.  But since our Temps are now hovering around 116 degrees, eating those kinds of Party Foods is appropriate enough that maybe I won't just seem Lazy?  *Ha ha ha*  Of coarse YOU ALL KNOW I AM Lazy, but Shhhhhh, it will just be our little Secret right now!   Well, unless any of the New Neighbors are Bloggers and maybe know me Virtually already and will say, "Hey... wait a minute, aren't you...??!"  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Seriously, that has actually happened before in first Meetings in Person by Pure Serendipity!

Who knows... maybe I'll even see one of YOU there... it's a smaller World than we Think sometimes...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Luvin' ~ The Finale'

Yes, I know the Event was a Wrap on Sunday... and I'm way behind in finishing up my Series of taking you along Virtually with us.   But with various Appointments and packing for the Move I've been way behind in everything and anything else lately it seems.   I'm still plodding along in boxing up mostly Smalls we'll be taking with us... I think this is going to take more time than I anticipated. And though the keys were Promised to us this Friday, it might not happen until after the Weekend... so that we can begin moving things over and emptying out this Old House.  But, at least we were able to Cancel the Adoptions Home Study at this Old House, which seemed absolutely pointless since we are moving so soon.  And re-scheduled it to only doing a Home Study on the New Home once we get moved in... which they would have had to do anyway... so this Saved Time, Resources, added Anxiety and Do-Overs... which I'm so Grateful for!  *Whew!*   This Old House is in such Chaos right now anyway, it would have been the worst possible time to try to do an Adoption Home Study EVER!  *LOL*

And I Believe that the G-Kid Force will be more Receptive and at Ease in their New Home showing it off to the Adoptions Caseworker and doing whatever it is she needs from them... or from us... to complete their Requirements?   The Anxiety of the Move is finally setting in for us all I think... it's getting so close... so to have to Deal with anything else right now is difficult for any of us.   Princess T has been a diligent Packer of her possessions... I've been very Scattered since I'm juggling too many things that cannot be avoided at once so I've got way too many balls in the air... and the Guys, well, they're Guys, what else can I say about that?  *Winks*  But remembering to be In The Moment has helped me tremendously to Cope with each thing each day that has to be done.

With the 4th of July coming up so soon I was very glad to see some Patriotic Displays at the Event... since we'll be in the midst of a Move I doubt I'll be Decorating for this Holiday very much, if at all... so it's nice to Behold it somewhere!  *Smiles*   My Showrooms are bulging, but not with very much Red or Blue... though there is a fair amount of White going out the door and into Inventory.  Yes, I'm going much Darker at the New Home, which is my Personal Preference anyway.  But this Old House was Ideal for Romantic Prairie Style Decorating and I couldn't help adding those Elements in several rooms because it just Fit so well with the Turn of the Century Rural Architecture and Styling of this Historic Homestead.  After all... in it's Era, this Property was part of a Large Working Ranch out in the middle of nowhere once upon a time. 

I'm having a bit of non-buyer remorse about having to pass on some items from this Show, due to the Move and strained Budget.   I would have Loved to have picked up several other Carnival Kitsch Smalls from my Friends Lesley and Mike's Space.   Especially the Tin Carnival Midway Game Pieces like this Lone Ranger Style Cowboy... an Organ Grinder Monkey... and a Freaky looking Clown.

Princess T whoeheartedly was in Agreement with me that having one of our rooms at the New House Styled like a Vintage Carnival and Cabinet of Curiosities combined would be beyond Awesome for a Den to Retreat to with a Fun Vibe that would just make everyone Feel Good to be around.  I did overhear many Shopper comments saying how much Fun being in this Vignette Space was for them and I think it was unanimous that it's Playful and Interesting to Showcase such a Collection as this.

As you looked at everyone entering the Space you just noticed how they Lit Up and how it brought Smiles to their faces.   Who wouldn't want a room at the house that brought that kind of Enchantment and Joy?   So, I'm very Seriously considering it and I Thank my Talented Friends Lesley and Mike for the abundant Inspiration.   Now... if only I could talk them into coming over and Styling THAT room for us!??!?    Yeah, whatever didn't Sell at the Show from this Space... just back up the truck and drop it off... and Walla... Instant Carnival Styled Room!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But Seriously, when I get some coin that I can indulge that Style with... I Hope they have some of those Treasures left because I think I NEED them!   Hopefully not too many other Quirky Souls felt like they Needed Organ Grinder Monkey Head, Freaky Clown Head and Lone Ranger Cowboy Head Signage in the Den of their Homes too???!??!??!  I mean, what are the odds, right?  *Smiles*

Yeah, what are the odds?  I think some Souls would have Nightmares if this was gazing at them with that toothless Grin!??!   Clowns being particularly the Scariest and all for many folks.  Yes, our Demented Circus Style would definitely not Appeal to everyone's Aesthetic, that's for sure!!!   *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

The Young Prince spent most of his time at the Event attempting to avoid the rest of us and particularly stay out of Frame of Gramma's Pathological Picture Taking, since he's in that Phase of not wanting to be around Family very much, if at all.  You'd think the Images would take his Soul away or something the way he avoids and dodges the Camera now.   He used to be such a Hambone as a little Kid, now he barely Tolerates being Photographed.  Ohhh, the Angst that gives Gramma Dawn... so I have to resort to Sniper Shots of him when I think he's not aware I'm there honing in on him like some Wild Animal Photographer sneaking up on the elusive skittish subjects they want to Photograph on the Serengeti!   Or the Paparazzi trying to Photograph a Celebrity!  *Winks*

I STILL want and think I Need those Carnival Game Wheels as well... all three of them if I could manage it later on sometime... for that Carnival Game Room Project I now have an Obsession about!  *Ha ha ha*

There were loads of Exterior Elements in the Courtyard for Styling your Outdoor Spaces Beautifully.

The Man and I are also Eyeballing a lot of Vintage Industrial Style Pieces for Ideas and Inspiration... don't know yet if we'll Buy some later or have them Fabricated by our Talented Friends that do Fabrication, so that we can get exactly the dimensions we want and need... we'll have to wait and see.
Anything with a Galvanized Tabletop and Recycled Vintage or Antique Lumber is very Appealing to us right now.

And I REALLY J'Adored this Old Truck Door... just the right Color... Black... and with a Local Vibe... this would have been Ideal... will have to see if my Friend Nancy flipped it or not?

The Man had pointed out these Enormous Old Arched Wooden Doors with the Equestrian Knockers... way too Grandoise in Size... but way Cool!

You can see the Grandoise Scale of those Doors to the Right of Princess T in this Image... Massive!

But even though I wasn't on a Buyer's Mission this Event, I sure did Enjoy Photographing all of the Wonderful Inventory and how it was so Beautifully Styled for Summer Luvin'!!!

And some very Cute Ideas... like hanging Canning Jars with Battery Operated Fairy Lights in them for Outdoor Evening Entertaining would be Magical and really set a Mood during a Summer Celebration wouldn't it?

And there were plenty of Summery Wardrobe and Accessories in the Boutique...

The Man and I particularly liked a Vintage Industrial hanging Chandie in this Vignette...

So we came in for a closer look... yes, this would be a Style for the New Home we'd like to have as Ambient Lighting over a Table... perhaps over my Creation Station Vintage Industrial Table for the Art Studio to further Illuminate whatever it is we're busy Creating?

I know that once I've Sold Off a bunch of what isn't moving with us... I'll use it to Fund a Buying Spree for the New Home's Decor.   So I'm Searching in Earnest for Potential Treasure Styles I'll want to look for on the Thrill of the Hunt when that time comes.

I have a bunch of little Vintage Prairie Style Cabinets similar to this that I'm rather Conflicted on whether or not to Keep or Sell Off?   Haven't quite made up my Mind yet since Storage always comes in handy and some Chippy White {so long as it's not too much of it} does go with Black and Galvanized Industrial Tin Furnishings after all!   *Smiles*

Some Inspiration Pieces were just Awesomeness on a Grandoise Scale that you'd have to possess that Special Space it would Work... but if it did... well, it would definitely draw Attention and be a Focal Point of the Space, that's for sure!   This Bouy Raft and Industrial Light Fixture for example... yowsa!  I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before so it definitely caught my Attention!!!

Well, I do Hope you will have a Happy 4th of July Celebration my Friends?   I'll be Sharing more of the Images I took at the Event and will intersperse them in Future Post Topics now at a later date... inbetween the packing of Boxes and Boxes and even more Boxes... *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Luvin' ~ Part II

You've all been very patient waiting for the second installment of the "Summer Luvin'" Event still going on at SWEET SALVAGE this Month.   I know you'll Forgive me when you learn that we have been wrapping up the Purchase of our New Home.  We did the final Walk-Thru Saturday Morning and will have the keys by next Friday!  *Whoop Whoop!*   So, distractions aside, now I'll Wow you with some more Summer Fantasyscapes from the Sweet Team...

Another one of the 'Summer Luvin' ' Themes that I was particular drawn to was Beach Style, because who can't think about a day at the Beach or Renting a Beach Cottage when Summer rolls around?!?  I also Fantasized about owning a Vacation Beach Cottage right by the Ocean... I don't know that I could live with Beach Cottage Style 365 but I definitely know I'd Feel very Relaxed and on Vacay with that Style and Palette at least a couple weeks out of the year.   Aqua and Teal is perhaps my Fav Beachy Color Palette Combo.   Not so Cold or Nautical as Blue to me... but still Evoking that Seaside Vibe... and with some Conch Shell Pink and White Accents, the Perfect Beach Cottage Ambiance.

Few do Aqua and Teal as well as my Friend Myko when it comes to Styling with those Tones... so her Spaces this Month really Rocked the 'Summer Luvin' Beach Style' Ambiance.  It was Soothing... it was Inviting... Relaxing... and like being on Vacay at that Idyllic Beach Cottage by the Ocean I Envision on the Canvas of my Imagination and have Owned in a million Dreams... if the elusive Lottery Win afforded us that second Home for Vacationing.  *LOL*


But even a Vacay Rental would suffice if it were Decorated like this... I could still Feel very much entrenched in a Home Away From Home... even tho' this isn't my usual Style of Decorating a Primary Residence.   In the Desert we have plenty of Beach but no Ocean... so you don't see a whole lotta Primary Residences Decorated like this, which is a Shame because it is a Great Look even if you aren't Lucky enough to live right on the Beach with an Ocean View.

And Summertime always has me thinking of a Road Trip to the Ocean... so when I cannot make bringing myself to the Beach a Reality, well, bringing a little bit of the Beach to me is almost as good.   I do have quite a massive Conch Shell Collection and an array of other Impressive Large Shells, Corals, Starfish, Old Iridescent Pearly Aqua Bottles and Beach Glass that I release from Storage every Summer to scatter about the house.  Natural Elements that Evoke a Sense of the Season scattered about always Appeals to me and is a Simple way to bring the Outside In Seasonally.

And I don't know why, but Silver and Silverplate just Scream Summertime to me too... so the Collections I have of them always make a Summer Appearance as well.   Lately I've been Scoring some Great Loving Cups... not always easy to find, but when I do, it's usually in waves that they tend to show up in an abundance all of a sudden!  Like Treasures washed up on the Shore to be gathered up!   I really liked this one... and it was a contender... but then...

This Ornately Hand-Engraved one from 1895 beat it out of the running and ended up coming Home with me instead!   My self-imposed limit on items I could procure this Month made it so that I had to use extremely Conservative Choices of the Select Few items that would come Home.  After all... I'm Packing... and Purging like crazy... so I didn't want to drag hardly anything newly procured Home with me to have to then pack up and move over to the New Home too!  *Smiles*

But this was an Exception... and one of the few items that made the Grade for busting my Buying Hiatus.    All in all I came Home with less than usual... but more than I'd Intended to... of coarse... because MY Restraints probably doesn't look at all like YOUR Restraint might... and anyway, doesn't that always seem to happen when you're trying to maximize Restraint... all the Best Stuff shows up to Tempt you?   *Le Sigh*

And I don't know about you, but every Change of the Seasons I'm Attracted to a Seasonal Style that I'd like to Decorate with because it just Epitomizes that particular time of the year!   These Beach Style Altered Bottle Art with Starfish, Corals, Shells and the like as Toppers were so Amazing I really did want to add some to my existing Collection... but I Resisted dammit!   *Smiles*

And Seriously... if I'd already Sold this Old House I could have done some Serious Shopping for the New Home because certainly there were various pieces of Furniture and Decor we were Eyeballing as Possibilities.   But, even though this wasn't the Month to do it... at least it gave us some Ideas... some Options... of what direction we might want to go when Feathering our New Nest this Summer once we get moved in and dispose of a lot of what we already have.

We're still mulling over a lot of things... Styles... Color Palette... Elements... etc... but that doesn't mean we cannot still Admire other Styles, Colors and Elements that just wouldn't Go... but we Enjoyed Beholding nonetheless!

We have been Unanimously Decisive about going with more Vintage Industrial Pieces and Loft Style Accents or Furnishings in the New Home... so we are more Seriously Eyeballing Pieces that have the Look.   The Man is particularly Pleased that the more Masculine Vibe of those Styles will Appeal to him even more to be surrounded by in his Forever Home.   He's Rolled with some more Feminine Touches over the Years so I'm perfectly Okay to go Vintage Industrial and Loft Style now... since I happen to like that Look as well and it is a more Masculine Environment for the Guys in the Family to Feel more Comfortable living with.

But I did pick up one tiny Foo-Foo Accent Piece to add to my Blinged Out Show Ribbon Collection... this Lovely Number... hadda have it!  *Smiles*

But mostly this Month I just soaked in Inspiration and Ideas... I wasn't really on a Mission to procure anything in particular until we can get Moved over and be more Decisive about what we want to bring into the New Spaces and how much will be Enough?   Hard to gauge that when you're looking at a totally empty Home that is a Blank Canvas to build upon.   So I have Plans to slowly formulate and layer each room... taking my time and allowing it to Evolve using only what I absolutely Loved or would Use often... like I did when I began the Transformation of the Art Studio Cottage a while ago and had it turn out Just Right because I used that Method.

We're at that Season of Life now where we're no longer really building our Collections, we already have built them and are now Refining, Editing and Curating them... only Keeping the Creme de la Creme.   And Profiting off of the rest that will depart now, because it's Time has come and I'm detaching from it as I let it go.

We also want to begin a New Chapter of our Lives with this Move.   Trying different things... Focusing upon different things... Living differently on Purpose to see what it Feels like... Looks like... which is quite Exciting to Move to New Levels of Living and switch things up a lot.

The G-Kid Force are really on board for that... I think most Youth are totally Down for Change... they Embrace it so much more Effortlessly than us older folks do without being the least bit timid.    So they were picking out some Possibilities for Decor and Styling that might Work in the New Home.   This Piece was one of Princess T's Choices and I must say I really liked the Hue, the Patina, the Storage Options and most importantly that Galvanized Table Top... yes, that one would have been an Ideal Choice, she's right on Point to what Direction we'd like to take and what would Work well!

And of coarse we Socialized with all our Friends as well... that's always part of the Fun of making our Monthly Pilgrimages and we cannot wait to Invite everyone over to both Homes.  To offer up some of the departing Treasures at this Old House and clear it out as quickly as possible... and to Christen the New Home with Gatherings of Friends and Family since it's a Home built Perfectly to Entertain in!!!

So with Entertaining more in Mind... we've also been Eyeballing which Accent Pieces would make Entertaining more Fun... more Inviting... and be Useful for Gatherings... Dinner Parties... Celebrations and the like?   I've Purged an awful lot of Household Items because it's been years since I've thought about replacing any or most of it with something else and building a different every day use Collection of items we'd use often.   A lot of what we had were built up over decades and so we were rather tired of some of it and other things were worn out or not as Appealing as they used to be to us.

Sales have been brisk of what I've had the Showrooms bulging with and given up in the way of Household Treasures... I've set those proceeds aside to Fund the Replacement Household Pieces we will select.   I've also streamlined Household items to only what we'll use all the time and disregarding excess or seldom used Pieces as things we don't Need anymore.

Princess T has wanted me to get this Lovely Brocade Bella Notte Fabric Pillow because it Perfectly matches a pair of Bloomers I own and wear fairly often!  *LOL*   But I Resisted, even though she was right and it was a Lovely Pillow... and the identical Fabric made us all laugh.   I do however have every Intention of Indulging in some Bella Notte Linens for the Boudoir in due time... they are so decadent and Beautiful!   Right now I only have some Bella Notte Pillows in a fledgling Collection.

Now... though I'm not buying White Furnishings, I have to Admit that this Piece's Details were Sublime... and had it been in Black, I might not have been able to Resist it!   Sure... I could paint it... but do I want another Project right in the midst of Moving... Nope, I definitely don't... but I could still Admire it!  *Smiles*

Easy to Resist the Colorless Palette or Pastels for me since they definitely would not Go with the New Home nor are they my Preferred Aesthetic or Palette... but I still Admired quite a bit of it since it is very Summertime Fresh and Clean isn't it?

And there were some Killer Pieces that just happened to be Light... like that Ahhhmazing Cabinet chock full of Storage Drawers and looked exactly like one on the Cover of the "Vintage By Nina" Book, which is an Ahhhmazing Book by the way too!

But... I did NOT Resist this enormous and Divine deconstructed Victorian Lampshade that my Friend Giesel had... it was SO me that even she thought of me when she found it!  *LOL*   I will be Creating a Chandie out of it with a Simple Edison Bulb for Ambient Lighting effects.  The tattered Silk remnants has been faded to the most luscious Hue of Dusty Rose and the Metallic Trim and Fringe are mostly intact.   I Love these Antique Shades reminiscent of Old Victorian Bordello Style... the more decrepit the better!  *Smiles*

I hadn't expected to find a Lampshade like that, so it was a Rare Find since I hardly ever see them and when I do I don't hesitate.   Some things aren't Expected... but are Just Right and shouldn't be passed on because they are JUST RIGHT!

But there were other Cool Lampshades in other Styles that were definitely Pretty if your Aesthetic is different than mine.   This one reminded Princess T of a Vintage Barbie Party Dress!   Yeah, I could definitely see that on a Vintage Barbie Lamp in a little Girl's Bedroom... just not THAT little Girl since her Wednesday Addams Aesthetic would be far different for her own New Room's Decor!  She's a Princess... but a Dark Princess to be sure!!!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But she does like decadent items and she's been Eyeballing a lot of things that she's Daydreaming about festooning her New Room with now that she's actually seen the interior of the New Home this weekend and been Introduced to her New Space.   In fact, we're ALL doing that... and it's such Fun!

Be sure to come back for Part III... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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