Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tidal Wave Purge In Process

So, as we move further along in the Process of buying a New Home, a virtual Tidal Wave Purge is in Process at this Old House!   The G-Kid Force and I have ramped up Letting Go to a whole new level... and massive amounts of Treasures becoming Showroom bound.  We're asking ourselves if we absolutely Love it... or Need it... or Use it... or Can't Live without it... if NOT, do we really want to have the work of moving it to a New Home?

As a Lifelong Incurable Collector I have amassed a multitude of Collections over the years and the Thrill of Hunting them was actually my biggest Rush and Joy.  The Ownership of the majority of it isn't as Important to me anymore actually... especially at this Season of desperately Wanting and Needing to Simplify Life.   So Culling it all in a Tidal Wave Purge born of Necessity is much easier than Contemplating moving it all... or even most of it... to a New Location.

I'm actually Delighted to see how much of it I'm so easily able to build momentum to Let Go of in haste now that I have a potential Deadline to Consider.  To know that Storage for any that won't be Kept will be at a Premium compared to what we've Enjoyed all these years on this much larger Acreage with ample Storage.   As each step of the New Home Purchase moves forward I do Feel an Urgency to go through as much of our Possessions as possible so as to come to a decision about what actually will move with us... and what won't!?!

I remember going through certain Phases of Collecting over the Years as I was Inspired by different Things, different Styles, and different People whose Aesthetic I Admired and wanted to Emulate in my own way.   For example, I began my Collections of mismatched Romantic China after being duly Inspired by Rachel Ashwell's Books, of which I have them all in our Library and still receive Inspiration from them.

It was an Enjoyable Challenge to seek out those Orphaned pieces at a Bargain each Year that had Designs and Hues that Appealed to me.   It took a very long time to build up an actual Collection... and that was Okay... I was never in a Rush to build an Instant Collection or have Instant Gratification anyway.   To me, it's much more about the Thrill Of The Hunt and having it not be Easy to find those Special Pieces I'd Procure and add to the Collection of Found Treasures building up at Home.

During those Years I must Confess I wasn't about the Re-Selling of any of it at all.  In fact, most of these pieces have been out of Circulation now for well over Twenty Years or more in some cases. Since I had Enjoyed serving Meals on the Prettiest China I could Find well before I became Enamored with Rachel's Romantic spin on Collecting mismatched pieces on Purpose.   I hadn't initially Intended my Collection of it to be mismatched actually, I just couldn't afford entire sets before it was On-Trend to Purposefully Collect mismatched Dinnerware!   *LOL*   So by the late 1980's I already had a fledgling unintentional Collection of it! 

Along with my Quirky Urge to be the Savior of Beautiful Repaired Pieces to utilize as Wall Displays in their Perfectly Imperfect Condition.   Sometimes for me, knowing that the Piece was Beloved enough to be Repaired and Lovingly Unprofessionally Restored by it's Original Owner was enough to make it retain Value in my Eyes.   I Imagined the Sentimental Value it must have held for it to have been Repaired rather than merely Discarded after becoming Damaged.   What was it about the Piece and it's History that caused such great pains to Salvage it?   I liked to make up Stories in my own Head about it's likely Provenance. 

Over the many Years of Use many of my Collections of Orphaned Pieces suffered their own mishaps and Damages.   Some I decided to Keep anyway... and others were either Discarded or ended up in Artistic Projects when using China Shards was at it's height of Popularity for the use in Mosaics and Jewelry Making.   I still have some particularly Favorite Shards for similar Future Projects, just too Pretty to not be Upcycled some kind of way.   But, I rarely serve up cuisine on my mismatched China Collections now... and Displaying it has come to an end for most of it, except the select few Cherished pieces... so much of it will Go.

Not to mention my Preferred Aesthetic of Designs and Hues for mismatched China has definitely taken a different turn from Romantic to Sultrier Hues and Designs much more My Style.   I am just drawn to different pieces now that go with the Metamorphosis of my current Preferred Style of Decorating, which is Darker and more True to Self rather than heavily Influenced by any particular Person or Popular Aesthetic.   I still like to LOOK at Styles I Admire but don't Feel compelled to Decorate with in my own Home... I'm just not in Experimental Mode anymore when it comes to Styling.   I've come Full Circle and back to Myself and what I KNOW I Love to Live with Full Time.

So, that said, a lot of the Collections amassed over the Years in my Thrill of Hunting aren't really Keepers at all because they just won't go with the Direction I'll be Decorating our Home now.  They won't Fit... and though still Pretty in my Eyes, I have no Real Attachment to any of it... so to Cull it has been absolutely Painless... and that my Friends is quite the Relief!  Perhaps I'm NOT even a full blown Hoarder after all?!?  *Winks*   Well... perhaps maybe just the lower Classifications of ones anyway and there's still Hope for me yet?!?  *Bwahahahaha*

And like some Hunter Gatherer Types, after I've reached the Pinnacle of Collecting something in Particular, the Appeal of it diminishes for me anyway and I move on to something else.  Sometimes more Challenging Hunts just to Test my Skills at forraging for the more Elusive of Treasures I'm Seeking!   Making it even more Thrilling to actually Find it and Bag it!  *Winks*   Sometimes after something becomes too Popular I become Bored with it because it seems to be everywhere.  Even if in many cases The Real Deal has been replaced by Re-Pops to make it more Available to the masses.

When that happens a very Peculiar thing actually happens... the majority of folks would rather Purchase the Reproductions because they're Cheaper and Easier to acquire than The Real Deal.   And so if you have the Real Thing it can actually lose Value on the Re-Sale Market because of the Saturation of similar items, even if most aren't the Originals that Inspired the Trend.  So, it's probably a Good Thing that the Re-Sale Market was never that Important to me since I wasn't Interested in Selling my Found Treasures and just Hoarded them up.  *Ha ha ha*

And because I'm not so Serious about Antiques and Collectibles Dealing as something to make an actual Living at {Thank God and a Hallelujah 'cause I am not entirely sure one can anyway in this depressed Economy!?!}... I just didn't Care really what Re-Sale might Net me if I chose to Let Go one day of any of it... or all of it.   That Time has now come and I decided to just Price it all at a Bargain so that the next Thrill Of The Hunt Seeker will have a similar Rush that I first had when I acquired it all.  To me that's my way of Paying it Forward for this Generation of Treasure Hunters that are Kindred Spirits and probably do it for all the same reasons I always have.

Because don't we Love a Bargain?  Don't we Love to tell the Stories of those items we Procured at a Great Price and Feel we didn't overpay for?   The Memory of the Acquisition is the Special Part anyway for us Hunter Gatherer Types.   That is what becomes Sentimental to us, because we can Fondly Recall where, when and how we Discovered the Piece and what a Bargain it was.

I don't Recall too many peeps bragging about those items they Easily Found or paid a Fortune to acquire... there's no Real Trophy Story in any of that!  *Smiles*    And even Humble Collections, such as my Milk Glass Collectibles which have always been a Bargain and not so Difficult to 'Score' had their Heirarchy of Coveted Pieces I was always on the Lookout to Upgrade the Collection with.  I still like Milk Glass because it's so sturdy, unpretentious, Utilitarian and goes with anything and everything, so I will Keep some of the Collection for everyday Use.

And even some unintentional Collections grew up over the Years.  I do not Collect certain Collectible Items per se, but when I find them for a pittance and know they had Value, well, I'd Keep them for a time.   Knowing that someone probably DOES Collect them Seriously and will be Delighted to Find them while on their own Hunt for what they Collect in earnest.
Because the Knowledge that something is worth far more than I'm paying for it is also somewhat of a Thrill... even if it doesn't mean anything Special to me to Buy it because I don't Collect it and wasn't Seeking it in particular.   And it adds to a nice variety in my Showrooms to have those Eclectic Mixes of items for Sale now as the Tidal Wave Purge comes in like a Flood to the Marketplace.

Making Pretty little Vignettes with it all has been a lot of Fun too... I can Experiment with Styling things differently than I would have in our own Home.   That is why I Enjoy having Showrooms actually, that's where I prefer to Experiment now, not in my own Personal Spaces.   Discovering what my Client Base really digs has been a Discovery almost as Thrilling as Shopping for myself!  Now I Feel like I am able to Shop for someone else who perhaps doesn't have the Time or Inclination to go on the Epic Hunts that I happen to Enjoy so much!

If just showing up at my Showrooms to Net what they like to Style with is all they want to do then I'm Happy to Oblige by filling up those Spaces with what they Desire, rather than what I am more strongly drawn to.   Perhaps one day the Showrooms will just be filled with what I am more strongly drawn to... but that too will be an Evolution of sorts for a variety of reasons that are based more on Practicality and the Bottom Line than Personal Expression in a Retail Venue.

After all... the only reason you can keep a Showroom going is by actually SELLING what you have to Offer, so you do have to Consider that at the end of the day... or close up Shop!  *Ha ha ha*   If I'm not making money then I'm losing money and that is not an Option right now... since my Goal at the present time is to Sell as much as possible to Fund this Move and Decorate the New Home just the way I want it with no Compromises this time around!   *Winks*

So yes, that also meant I am Letting Go of some Coveted Collections as well... for The Cause and all!  *Smiles*   Yes, I'm entering Territory previously Off Limits by Selling Special Pieces as well that I am able to Let Go of without prying it out of my hands under Protest or waiting 'til I'm Dead to Dispose of and put back on the Market!   *LMAO*   The Fam can't Believe it actually... but when I'm on a Mission and with A Cause, well, I can fall out of Love with whatever I have to, you know... *Winks*

Sure it's Sacrificial... and Parting can be such Sweet Sorrow for a Minute anyway... but Sacrifices will have to be made to get the End Result I Want and probably Need even more than I Want.   So even the harder Stuff to part with has become easier during this Epic Tidal Wave Purge that is presently in Process.

Sure... some of this stuff I might never Find again at this Season of Life and with probably more Treasure Hunting Decades behind me now than in front of me... but I don't really Care... it's Okay... and passing it along now holds no Regrets.

In fact, when some of those Items have Quickly Sold it's been rather Exciting to me to know that the Timing was Right and Ripe for someone else's Pickin'!    And just so you know, I've Intentionally Priced many things as separates rather than sets since that makes it more Affordable to the average Buyer or those looking to complete a Set already in Progress.   I've never been one to only Appeal to the more Affluent Treasure Hunters and Instant Gratification Collectors... since I'm not one of those myself and know how disheartening it can be not to be able to Afford something you would Love to Own but have to 'Pass' on because of Price being out of range!  Or find it just more Thrilling to Procure a Collection one piece at a time.

And some things I really Loved and were hard to come by... such as these Antique Soda Fountain or Ice-Cream Parlour Condiment Cannisters.   But I only ever Found the two of them... and never really built up a Retro Soda Fountain or Ice-Cream Parlour Theme to Display adequately and Impressively... so they gotta Go now!

And yes, I had my fair share of Re-Pop items just becoz they were Handy and inexpensive... I'm not exactly a Purist when it comes to what I Procure... especially if I can't always find the Real Deal... and so those definitely are out the door now.

Some things would Go with the New Home and be a Good Fit... but upon Careful Consideration... I'm just not that Attached to and in Love with to Keep and bring over there.   Yeah they would be Great Tuscan Style Additions... but I'm not entirely going Tuscan... and the extra money is more Attractive to me right now than the Potential for them to look Good in a New Location.  *Smiles*

Some things I'm parting with just because I know that at our Antique Mall they Sell Well and therefore are Good for the Bottom Line during our slower Summer Season.  When Sales could be more sluggish as a great many leave the State for Cooler Climates this time of year.   Our Summer Season is much like the Winter Season in harsh Wintery Climates where their type of inclement weather keeps peeps from Shopping as much.  Of coarse, we've got air conditioned comfort, so sometimes the Off Season holds Surprises.  Last August my Sales were stronger than the Holiday Season... who knew?!??!?!?

So, just in case... and for those Die Hard Treasure Hunters who will brave the fierce Heat... I've loaded up Inventory perhaps at just the right time for them.   And yes, I have Considered how absolutely MENTAL it will be for us to be potentially Moving during the Hottest part of an Arizona Desert Summer... but that has always been how our Moves tended to Play Out... I dunno why?  We moved into this Old House in July as well... it was brutal... but when the Time is Right for a Purchase, well, ya gotta strike while the iron is hot regardless of external challenges.

This Antique German Radio was a bit hard to Let Go of out of my Antique Radio Collection... but it is large and heavy... easier to move to the Showroom than to the New House if we get it... so... Good-Bye... Auf Wiedersehen!

And some Collections I have are just too Eclectic, even for me... I have never Intentionally Collected Western Memorabilia... but sometimes I just like something of a specific Genre even if the actual Genre as a whole doesn't do it for me... and that's why they come Home to roost for a while anyway.  *Smiles*

And some things are just Way Cool and I actually Imagine I will USE them... like the Juice-O-Mat which was so Retro and Cool I was totally Jazzed to 'Score' it at a Bargain a long time ago and it has sat on my countertop forever-and-a-day... and never once squoze anything!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*
Nope, not an Orange... not a Lemon... not a Citrus of any kind has actually squeezed any Fresh Juice out of by the trusty Juice-O-Mat... though I suspect it would have done an awesome job of it... had I ever... but I never.  And so the G-Kid Force had to Challenge me on this one... WHEN WILL you EVER USE this Gramma?  Like NEVER... right?   Okay, I acquience and will put it up for Sale I guess... Good Thing I've got these ones keeping me Accountable during this Process, huh?  *Smiles*

And actually it's been Liberating and quite Empowering to Let Go of so much all at once... knowing that I actually CAN!!!  *Whew*   Yeah, I wasn't entirely certain I could you see!   But now that I know that I am able to... well, it's built quite a momentum to the Process and my Hope is that things will Clear Out quickly... so that by the time of the Move... there won't be a whole lot left behind to have to dispose of other kinds of ways I've had to think about the Stages of??!

Because in actuality I don't want there to have to be all kinds of Stages and long drawn out Process to finding a Good Home for my Found Treasure Hoard here on the Old Homestead to clear it out ready for Sale of this Beloved Old Property.   I don't want nor Need for it to take too long to empty it out completely and have too many waves of people coming... I'd much rather have a Tidal Wave Purge take care of the majority of it if I can.

I've already told those Precious Volunteers who have sworn to Help us Move that whatever I haven't managed to pack the Showrooms with and don't want to take with me will be their Gain since they will have first Pick of it all as Payment for their Generosity and Hard Work.   Since they never asked for anything as recompense I don't even Care if they take it all actually, they will have Deserved it for so Generously Donating their Time and Talents to Assist us during our Greatest Time of Need.

I've always Enjoyed Rewarding those who do Selfless Acts in the Right Spirit to Assist others... so few Acts like that still Exist in Modern Society.   I remember back in the day it was not the exception to the Rule, it was the Rule and everyone Helped everyone else and reciprocity abounded.  But it is a different World now and my Expectations thus are different.   So it was with Relief that Sincere offers have come forth quite unexpectedly and from unexpected Sources in fact!   The Lord tends to send His Angels with flesh on from places you least Expect I've found! 

And I'd much rather have those Divine Hook-Ups than to have to ask for Help anyway, don't you?
Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dream Home... Dare We Dream? Well... We Are!!!

Even considering giving up my Historic Home would have been unthinkable prior to The Man's Catastrophic Accident and several other unexpected Life Events that subsequently unfolded in the past year and a half.   So I knew once I decided to consider the unthinkable that I'd be beyond picky about what might replace what I would be letting go of.   I must have looked at hundreds of prospects... and for the most part was underwhelmed even with the overpriced options.   But then I found The One... yes, that which had the Wow factor enough to move forward and take the leap.  A for Real Dream Home through our eyes... and Dare we Dream?

You always have that 'Wish List' when you're considering Real Property Purchases and mine was quite lengthy.  Perhaps I made it so because I wasn't really certain anything would actually measure up... when you already Love the Home you're occupying so much, it's a tough act to follow.  Even when it's become too much and the Age of it becomes more of a burden than a Blessing.   I have that Issue with being more Attracted to the Historic Homes and their Details, Character and Style... and most Modern Homes just don't do it for me.  Regardless of their Conveniences and On-Trend Features.   But sometimes a Builder taps into Creating a New Home with Old Home Charm and Attention to the Details... this Home made you forget it didn't have History infused yet within its walls.

The Ceilings resembled the Detailed Ceilings in some of the rooms of this Old House!   The Archways, the Niches, the Hardwood Floors, Tuscan Tiled Floors, soft rounded corners, warm color Palette, Inner Courtyard, Juliette Balcony, Turrets and Cathedral Tuscan Style Architecture had an Old World Feel to it all.   It was like coming Home before you even moved in.   Even Empty it had an Inviting warmth that drew us in and made you want it for your own.

In fact, the entire Street lined with Beautiful and Unique Custom Homes didn't have that Subdivision Hell aversion I typically have when entering Modern Subdivisions.   It didn't Feel like a Stepford Wives Environment to me... and the views of the Mountains was breathtaking.  Yes, I could envision raising a Family here and making something like this our Forever Home if everything lined up and worked out.  And so began The Process.   I had been aching to Share my Excitement and a Reveal... but held off until it seemed Possible enough to risk it.

Most of our Viewings of Properties had just not Impressed us all that much... something always seemed to be lacking... a compromise... settling... and that would not do.   This was different and therefore it just Felt Right.   Yes, if we could get This One... The One... I could Let Go of my Beloved Old Home much easier, since that seemed to be the necessary Timing to Move on and a decision had already been made to seek in earnest a New Forever Home.

This was the only one that the Images didn't even do it Justice... it was better being there.  Believe me, the Images of many had belied their Reality, which looked nothing like the pictures and were a letdown... or sometimes even a Horror in Reality!   I could see my possessions being Showcased here and Creating our Aesthetic easily within these walls, without much effort or Changes at all.  Which is Good when you no longer want any "Projects" and minimum alterations to put your Stamp upon a new location.

And all of the Modern Conveniences, I ain't gonna lie, they were a Welcome Change and a breath of Fresh Air after having lived with the Inconveniences a Century Old Home can Challenge you with. Learning to live with less than Ideal conditions when a complete Restoration has had to come to a halt due to Life Issues that took precedence had become our Normal.   I've learned to become Comfortable with Uncomfortable conditions... so NOT having to will be really Pleasurable!!!  I hadn't even fully realized what I'd learned to live without!  *Smiles*

But since we'd be giving up Acreage and so much Space and Outbuildings I knew downsizing would still have to be considerable.   Even with three car garage space and a very large Home there would still have to be a lot to Let Go of... but I was reconciling myself to be perfectly Okay with whatever wouldn't be coming along with us if a Move happened.   After all, the Editing and Purging of stuff has been an ongoing Process for the past two years now anyway, this would just put it into hyperdrive.

And having so much Lovely EMPTY Space that this New Home offers was actually very Serene and a lot less to take Care of.   Having a lot less land meant a lot less Yard Maintenance... and even though I'm Passionate about Gardening... in a Desert Environment, it takes a LOT of Effort to keep things Alive and Sustainable!

Having so much of the Exterior covered in Pavers and other Low Maintenance Xeriscape and automatic watering systems would mean more Time devoted to other things I wanted and needed to give my Attention to.   And even a large Home decluttered would mean less housekeeping Issues.

So yes, the boxes on the Checklist of "Dream Home" Features were being checked off in rapid succession!   A Lifelong Friend of mine is now calling it our prospective McMansion... with my Affinity for all the Arches!  *LMAO*   I have to tell you that the numerous Arches, arched Doors and entries from almost every room on the ground level opening to the Interior Courtyard were Selling Points for Yours Truly.   And everything The Man needing being on Ground Level were as well... he would never have to navigate the stairs to the upper level if he didn't want to!

Expansive Granite Countertops, Stainless Appliances, Counter Gas Stovetop and diverse textured Stone Backsplash were a Bonus as well.   And who doesn't want a walk-in Butler's Pantry for Storage?!?   I also really liked the built-in Ambiant Lighting in Ceilings and Walls which would Illuminate well, even at Night.   Sure, we'll add Vintage Light Fixtures... but even the Tuscan Light Fixtures it comes with were just My Preferred Style for that particular Aesthetic.


The Young Prince was particularly Enamored with how many different Types, Shades and Textures of Stone made up the Backsplash... for us it's always ALL in the Details.   There was nothing Generic looking about this Home and we Loved that about it... especially after having lived in such a Unique OOAK Quirky Old Home for so long.

But it will be nice to have Appliances that aren't older than I am to prepare meals with!  I might even begin Cooking... more??!??!  Well, maybe...  *Bwahahahaha!*

We really liked this Tuscan Styled Chandie designed to look like a ring of Wax Candles.  And the Hardwood Floors in several rooms are to die for!!!   The Real Deal, not laminate, which was a Dream come True since I've always J'Adored Authentic Hardwood flooring that usually only comes in Older Homes!   Or costs a Fortune to install in Newer Homes.   This Room will probably be chosen as our Diningroom.

I have an Aversion to fitted Carpeting so I was totally Jazzed the majority of rooms did NOT have it!  And even the Inner Courtyard had Tuscan Tiles covering the entire Space.

There are Gas Fireplaces as well in the Livingroom and one other room, which is this room and I haven't decided as yet what function this room will serve?

The Closets are all quite large... which every Family Member liked... A LOT.   

And Views from each Room were very good... and let in a lot of Natural Light... no gloomy Dungeon rooms... no crazy high wasted space Vaulted Ceilings that cost a Fortune to Cool or Staircases of Death looking down into lower level Rooms... HATE those Features and they abounded in Modern Homes.  We liked that though this is a very large Home, it still Felt Cozy and Intimate in each Room.  I don't want to see every Room in the Home from one vantage point so the Great Room concept has never Appealed to me personally.

I Claimed the Room upstairs with the Juliette Balcony as part of my Studio Space.   Since neither G-Kid was that Interested in potentially falling to their Death from a Juliette Balcony they were Good with that decision for it to be one of Gramma's Personal Spaces!  *Smiles*   With my Vertigo I shall never step foot out onto the Balcony, but it is a nice Feature to open the Doors and let in Fresh Air and a Lovely View on a Temperate Day, which can only Enhance the Creative Process.

Another thing that completely Spoiled us about this Old House is that the Main House has two Kitchens... and we never thought we'd find THAT Feature in a New Home.   This one has it!!!  *Whoop Whoop!*   Yes, upstairs has a second Master Suite with a Galley Kitchen... the Young Prince Claimed that Bedroom and will Share the Kitchen with Princess T and Gramma when I'm in the Studio... it's nice that it's up there.   It's nice that the Kiddos and their Friends never have to really come down into the lower level if they don't want to!?  *Ha ha ha*  Everything they'll ever need is already upstairs... including a Private Bathroom for each Bedroom!


Part of the View of some of The Young Prince's Claimed Space upstairs.

And Princess T's Bathroom which is en suite to her Bedroom.  Yes, she will like having a double sink since she and her Friends spend a lot of time foofing and Admiring themselves already... and I suspect will so even more as they enter the Teen Years!?!  *Winks*

Like having a Laundry Room too... no more Laundromats... gonna Love that!!!

Loved the Paver Driveway and the Tropical yet Desert Friendly Landscape with various varieties of Palms and whispy Graceful Desert Willow Trees.

This is a Garden I can easily Care for and I'm liking it, even tho' it is a lot smaller than I'm used to.

And with the exterior Lighting Features it looks stunning in the Evening as well.

I will leave most Rooms painted "As Is" since I really like the Hues.  But I simply MUST have at least one Black and Red Room... and this Studio Room will be the one I've chosen.

I may never actually leave the Master Bathroom tho' very much... Jetted Garden Tub and an Enormous oversized Shower that could hold about a half dozen... great Ceiling Features... what's not to J'Adore?   No... I won't be Showering with five other people and gettin' that much of my Freak On for those of you who are now Curious *Bwahahahaha*, but just sayin' how big it is.  *LOL*

Princess T was a bit Concerned about how LONG the Entranceway is going up to the Front Door... but the rest of us were really Diggin' it and it's a nice Space to Hang Out in... stays Shaded and is like several exterior Rooms.

Here's part of that Galley Kitchen upstairs, nice View from the Kitchen Sink too.

It was called The Mother-In-Law Suite... but we decided the Guest Bedroom would be downstairs since all of the rooms are very large and have full Bathrooms... and it's best that any Guests never have to go upstairs to where the Kiddos reside and my Creative Space might be messy while Creations are in Progress.  *Smiles*

Yes, here's the Shower Room... and it looks even bigger for Real, I was having a Spa Retreat Moment when I walked in there to Experience the Feel of it!  *Ha ha ha*   Now... if only there were a Sauna... *Winks*

So... whaddya Thinking so far my Friends?  Pretty Sweet, huh?

Usually I abhor Hallways, but the Hallways in this Home are Sublime and very Tuscan Villa, Visually Pleasing and large enough to put Furniture, including additional Sitting Areas for Reading or Playing Board Games... so totally Diggin' them.

Eventually we'll install a Lagoon Pool with Waterfall Feature for the Kiddos... it was the ONLY thing on our Dream Checklist that didn't already come with the house.  But so many Homes for Sale had allowed the Pools to go to Hell and look like a Swamp... I kept thinking the Creature from the Black Lagoon might leap out and it totally grossed me out to Consider Inheriting or Dealing with something like that in the way of Deferred Maintenance and Neglect! 

And I really liked how Tasteful and well Cared for the Landscaping was.   In many Homes that were up for Sale they'd let the Landscaping go to Hell too.  And like I said, I don't need more "Projects"! The Pride of Ownership showed in this Home and it didn't even look like it had ever been lived in... meticulously kept up and Maintained... I will definitely Thank the previous Owners for that Stewardship.

If all goes Well we should Close by July... so we're keeping our fingers crossed that the Appraisal and Inspection comes in Correct... which I don't really have any doubts that they will... but you never know and that would be the only Deal Breaker I foresee.

Here's the large Loft Space... which will also be part of my Studio Space... since I'm so used to having a very large Studio Space in the Art Studio Carriage House Cottage.   I'm so Thankful I don't have to give up having a separate and Private Studio Space to Create in.   That had been a huge Concern and a big Consideration when choosing a New Home to replace what we currently have. 

Here's a partial view of the Master Bedroom... we Love the Ceiling Details because it resembles our current Master Bedroom Ceiling Details.   And the Hardwood Floors in there were an added Bonus Feature... along with an entryway into the Master Suite that has a round Turret Style Space with another Great Ceiling Detail.

In fact, many of the rooms had those Turret Style Round Entryway Spaces leading into them and we really, really liked that Feature.

Can you only tell how Excited I'm becoming as The Process moves further along to this actually being OURS?!?!??!?!?!?!??!   I had been quite hesitant to Celebrate too early... I almost am still too hesitant to until it is a Done Deal.   Would I be disappointed if things fell thru, certainly, to some degree... but since I do Love my current Old Home... either Outcome is alright with me actually and I have a total Peace about whatever God's Will is going to be. 

This is entering the Master Bathroom from that Turret Entryway that also leads into the Master Bedroom.   Yeah, it IS a lot of doorways... but I like that and am totally used to it since it is an existing Feature in this Old Historic Home as well... so it Feels very Familiar and Idyllic to us.

Standing in the Turret Room looking into both the Master Bedroom and the Master Bathroom.

The other Bathrooms aren't too shabby either... this one will be Prince R's Bathroom.

And I'm thinking of asking my Future Daughter-In-Law to Assist me with Styling the Interior Outdoor Courtyard like a Cambodian Zen Spa Style Retreat.   She and The Son say they fully intend to utilize the Guest Suite often when they head out West for a visit from the Far East Side.  *LOL*  We'll be looking forward to that in fact, the Home is Perfect and Ideal for Entertaining Friends, Neighbors and Family or Hosting Overnight Guests.

And isn't that what makes a House a Home after all... the People that will be within it's walls and making the Memories there?

My Stairway to Heaven...

Now... The Man only has an additional request for a bigger screen TV and a new Recliner... then he'll be Golden he says... *Smiles*   When he has those two new things he'll likely never leave this Room... *Ha ha ha*

I like that the three car Garage is separate... so that this one will be mine for Inventory and Seasonal Storage... and the double car Garage side will be The Man's "Man Cave" and Workshop.  He's giving up a Workshop Cottage too so that was Important to him as well.

Part of the Double View from the Galley Kitchen Upstairs... both sides of the Kitchen have a Great View.

And you can see the Mountains not too far off since this Subdivision borders on State Trust Lands leading up to a huge Mountain Preserve and County Park... which has an Enormous County Library with Killer Panoramic Views and Hiking Trails around it.   And the numerous Common Areas and Playgrounds in the Community are Wonderful as well.

Yes... when I can finally Claim this Home as Ours I shall be quite Content and Exhilarated!  And I just couldn't hold off any longer on giving you a Reveal of what we've been working on this past week.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for after all... tho' the wait is a bit excruciating!  *Winks*

Dreaming of Living The Arizona Dream here in the Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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