Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oh, I Thought You Said You Needed Compression Pants I Says...

As I take you with me to my Friend Wendy's Beautiful Shop MELROSE VINTAGE in Today's Post to behold some Amazing Romantic and Spiritual Eye Candy, let's talk about Family.   Our Family, as you know if you've been following my Blog any length of time, has unusual dynamics since we're raising a couple of our Grandchildren.   This also means that the Generation Gap is even wider between the Kiddos we're raising than the average Parent experiences with their own Offspring.   Sometimes that Generation Gap seems as wide as the Grand Canyon in fact and trying to breach or traverse it can be as difficult for the G-Kid Force as it is for us.

You see we don't just come from different Generations... because since apparently Grandpa and I are such Dinosaurs now, it's almost like we're coming from two completely different Worlds or a Parallel Universe!   They just don't live in the Jurassic Era where we reside and are completely Comfortable staying at our Season of Life... they're two Generations removed from our Time and the Filter by which we view our World and what's going on in it!  *LOL*   So the Communication can get skewed in such a way we're speaking completely different languages in the same household and they need an Interpreter to mediate the situation... that Mediator is usually someone from the Generation of their Parents.

I've come to the place where I no longer Personalize it when The Young Prince or Princess T opts to have a Younger Adult from the Generation of their Parents do something for or with them rather than asking me to.  And Lord knows they almost never ask Grandpa to, because he's even quite a bit older than me, which makes him the Grand-Daddy of Dinosaurs and totally Clueless in their Eyes!  *Winks*   Fortunately there are some of their Friend's Parents willing to step in to take my place when the G-Kid Force feels that they'd rather have someone with a Generation Gap that isn't quite so wide along, rather than dealing with me in the same situation or scenario. 

Okay, so SOMETIMES I do Personalize it a wee bit when it was something I was quite capable and willing of doing for or with them and they asked a Friend's Parent to do instead... who am I kidding!?  *LOL*   But I do have an Understanding that having your Grandparent doing the things a Parent normally would or should be doing for or with you is sometimes just not the same, no matter how much Love is put into it by the Surrogate Generation Parenting you.

   We can never be or take the place of Mom or Dad, I'm Gramma and Grandpa is Grandpa, it's our Natural Role even tho' we're Un-Naturally standing in the gap of them not being able to be raised by their Parents, nor do we try to be anything different than who and what we are.  We Established that very early on once the Children became old enough to chose what they wanted to call us and how they wanted to View us in the role we have in their lives.  They've been with us since Birth but I Believe that they very often just need the Validation and Companionship of someone of their Parent's Era.    There is no Mom or Dad in our Home and so they often 'adopt' a Mom or Dad Role Model for certain things because it's handy and more Comfortable for them at times.

They each know they have a Mom and a Dad of their own, but since Mom and the Dads are not available to fulfill that Need in daily living, they usually are Okay with asking someone they like and Trust from that Generation to fill in on certain things... we're Okay with that too.    After all, a little Respite for Gramma is greatly Appreciated as well, so if someone's Mommy or Daddy is willing to take on one or both of The G-Force to do something with or for them that they Need or Want, I'm totally down with that!  *Smiles*   Yesterday was one such day for The Young Prince R.

It's a brand New Semester at High School and so he's Transitioned to Winter Guard now in his Extra-Curricular Activities.   Each new Transition apparently Needs completely New Gear and Fees, which I am required to Bankroll and try to stay up on the Purchases of by the Deadlines.  But I must say, it's often very Confusing to me and there is almost always a Communication Barrier since the Younger Generations of our Adult Children's Era and our Grand-Children's Era Communicate in TOTALLY different ways than Dinosaurs of our Era did or still chose to do. 

  I KNOW it's hard for me to move on and catch up and sometimes I can't or don't want to for a variety of valid reasons.  We cannot afford nor do we have every new Gadget that comes out and the incessant upgrades and enhancements that are never ending... it's Challenging enough to be raising another Generation on a Fixed Income that often isn't enough no matter how much you stretch it.  We don't own a Smart Phone yet, I can't even figure out how to turn one on when given some of the newer Gadgets that don't have buttons... so if the G-Kids don't Assist I'm dead in the water and the Technology is useless to me!  I am Officially Technologically Handicapped and Challenged, I freely Admit it and am not Ashamed to say it out loud!  *Smiles*  I'm not Opposed to some of it, but it's all just moving too fast for us and we don't want or feel a Need to possess it all or take Classes to be Schooled in it.  We've lived this long without most of it and we've Survived just Fine. 

 I also like direct Communication and insist upon it... if the Kiddos are Required to have something for School I want a Face To Face, a Phone Call or a Hand-Out Flyer on Paper.  Yes, I give them Options of Communicating with Dinosaurs in a way that we can Understand and can actually RECEIVE the Necessary Information, even if it's not Twenty-First Century Preferred Style of doing so!  *Winks*   I don't want a Tweet, a Twitter, a Text or an E-Mail sent instead... in fact I've never Tweeted, Twittered nor Text anything in my Life yet and I'm not going to start now, Forget about the T Words they're NOT in my Vocabulary.  And my E-Mail Folder is a disaster... currently I think it has about 800+ unread Messages backed up since I don't have the time nor inclination to wade thru them all, so typically I just delete the whole shebang whenever I even think about how long it's been since I was in the Account!  I never liked E-Mails anyway!  *Ha ha ha*

But I digress... yet again... Sorry... and I think I'm also about to go long and over Self-Imposed Designated Quota, but what the Hell, I'm on a Roll now aren't I and things are stacking up again?!  *Winks*  So, anyways, I've been Valiantly trying to keep up with and Communicate with all the Extra-Curricular Staff that the Socially Overloaded Grandson has in his Posse now this Semester and figure out what he actually Needs and When?   And how much it's gonna Cost me so's I can Save up for it all... since High School Required Anything is always consistently EXPENSIVE and very often so Specific it's harder to Source and Find than the Holy Grail I've discovered.   And like, as you know, I have all this Free Time I'm doing nothing with, Right... and the G-Son's Schedule is my Whole Universe, according to him anyways?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Yes, it's Exhausting to me, so I NEEDED Backup, plus a stiff drink and a Nap... really I did... and the Parents of some of his Friends in Band were Thankfully Helping all they could to Translate this Mess for me in 'Senior Speak' and using their Smart Phones to show me the way lest I lag and fall too far behind in my Old Age.  *Winks*

  So Traversing the Valley of the Sun looking for Compression Shirts that HAVE to be Sleeveless... and Band Dance Pants slash Tights that can only be had Online and they were down to the last four of in Stock before I could Bid on and Order them before four other people beat me to it... and Band Shoes that could only be Sourced at some Dance Studio on the Far Upper East Side and don't often come in Man-Boy foot Sizes like the Bigfoot Grandson has... well, it's been our Norm already!   So... when The Young Prince says he needs ANOTHER piece of probably Elusive Gear, because he's being so Guarded about asking for it at the LAST MINUTE before the Deadline to get it... I'm about ready to implode!   Maybe he sees this eruption surfacing, I dunno.... but he says it's Okay, no Sweat... because he doesn't need or want me to go with him to get them anyway, the Mom of his BFF is taking him to get them and all he needs is my Money.  *Ha ha ha*

I figure this Girl Friend he's in Band with probably needs the same thing anyway so that's likely why her Mom Volunteered to take him with them?   And The Mom is a Sweet Friend of mine too and had already told me she'd be taking some of the load off by making sure he got what he needed since she can Communicate in the Language being spoken because she's from our Daughter's Generation and her Kiddo is older and has been in High School Band Extra-Curriculars longer so they know the Drill.  *Smiles*    She picks him up and they aren't gone all that long, so maybe these Supplies aren't so difficult to Source after all, or she knew where the Motherlode Stash of them is!?? 

 So... Imagine my Surprise when he comes Home after their Shopping Spree with two pair of Athletic Supporters!  Yep, apparently they'd gone Shopping for Jock Straps!!!   "Oh, I thought you said you needed Compression Pants!?", I says!!!   I didn't even know what Compression Pants would be... but we'd finally found and bought Compression Sleeveless Shirts already, so Whatever...  "Yeah, that's why I DIDN'T ask or want YOU to go Gramma...", he says.   *Bwahahahaha!*   He's probably Right... it was best I didn't Embarrass the Hell out of him due to the Communication Barrier on this Trip, huh?  *Winks*   'Cause who wants your Clueless Gramma asking the Clerk where their Compression Shorts are AS IF she doesn't know what a Jock Strap is!?  Just becoz the Signals got crossed in the Translation of what exactly he Needed this time and he wasn't Comfortable to ask Gramma about in order to go Jock Strap buying with him?!?  *Tee Hee*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Annoyingly Virtuous

I was reading one of my fav Fashion Blogs by the hilarious and totally Delightful Helga Von Trollop and she was mentioning how when she tries to stick to anything drastic or generally annoyingly Virtuous she is compelled to do exactly what she is trying NOT to do and therefore fails and feels miserable...  I can certainly relate to that statement!   And every New Year I tend to get really delusional about becoming this annoyingly Virtuous version of myself by making all these attempts at lofty improvements that are a drastic change from my Normal way of Being!  *LOL*

Oh yes, all the bad habits I think or know I have, well... I'm going to break them in one fell swoop and instill new ones that are my perception of doing and being better at whatever it is I'm trying to Improve like some Cinderella Story!  At the stroke of Midnight on New Year's Day every year like Clockwork these lofty delusions go into full force and effect and I'm really Jazzed about it all.  Well... until the Application of it all and sticking to it turns out to be harder than I Imagined and I begin to slip and falter.   Here in the Land of Blog it would be keeping to the annoyingly Virtuous Resolution of shortening my Posts!


Oh yes, Editing Imagery Sharing to a dozen or less might seem like not such a big deal to any of you who don't have the proclivity to go long and Over Share Habitually... but for me it's certainly a stretch and a self-discipline I'm NOT adept at!  For most Bloggers a dozen isn't even a short Post, it's an Apology due their Readers for a long one that they are gonna slam you with.  *LOL*  I've read such Posts where the Apology comes that they're going long and about nine Images or less later and a short read it's a wrap!   For me that's short and sweet, my feeble and often failed attempt at my version of brevity!  *Smiles*

And a Short Story... forget about it!   The only time my Stories have been short is when I forget what I was saying halfway thru during a Senior Moment or get interrupted mid-stream and can't get back to it!  *Bwahahaha!*   And when I cover a Story, like visiting some of my Fav Shops like we are in Today's Post at my Friend Shelly's Sister Shops of RUST AND ROSES and SIRENS AND SAINTS... to keep the Sharing of the Experience to a minimum is almost excruciating to me I tell ya!   Because it will mean I have to Edit Images to my Quota of about a dozen... and then Hope that I remember which online Archived file folder I kept the rest of them in for a Future Post Sharing!?!  Of which you can only Imagine holds an Abyss of Imagery when you're a Hopeless Pathological Picture Taker too! *Ha ha ha*

And then Life Fast Forwards and I totally forget about all the Images I took more than forty-eight hours ago... and at this Season of Life that is about my retention span for the Past of whatever it is I did and can recall with any degree of accuracy!  *Smiles*   And since each Archived folder has Thumbnail sized Images stored for posterity, when I'm going thru Archived files and trying to discern what is in those minuscule shrunken down versions of the Picture, without stopping and enlarging each one to appropriate Senior eyeball scrutiny, its rather a pain in the arse really so I rarely bother!  Today I bothered though... completely by Accident I discovered these Archived Images of a relatively recent visit to Shelly's Shop and realized that because of my pesky Resolution I'd backlogged myself with Intended Posts that got shoved aside too long to remember them!  *Ooops!*

The Fun for me is in the Act of Photography and the Sharing while it's still Fresh in my Mind... before things get Cobwebs all over it about what I did, when I did it, what I Photographed for it... and, well, you get the gist of it.   But I'm bound and determined to TRY Heroically to keep most of my annoyingly Virtuous Resolutions that I am still fully Convinced are Improvements I'd like to make into new habits that come more easily to me and become my New Normal!?!  Shorter Blog Posts, well, that's one of them I'm reluctant to be a complete failure at... even if I fail miserably some of the time along the Journey to Self-Improvementville!  *Ha ha ha*


My Strategy is to just load Ten to a Dozen Images first and then insert my Storyline and call it a wrap when the last Image is reached... easy peasy right?   Wrong... but so far the results haven't been too horrible and most of you still show up for a visit and have even Encouraged me with compliments on how the changes have been a Good Thing.   I guess when you're Sharing anything at all that is the major Issue isn't it?   Especially if you know you're an Over Sharer and get completely carried away and excessive in whatever you do!  *Ha ha ha*  A little bit can go a very long way... but the Beauty of the Land of Blog is that during your Visit I never really know how long you stay or if you manage to get through it without nodding off, yawning or getting all eye glazed and exhausted.  *Smiles*

The Real Beauty about Blogasphere is that we can look at or read only what we want to or holds our Interest, but without having to be Socially Polite about it so as not to offend the Blogger and hurt anyone's Feelings like can happen in Real Life face to face interactions.   If someone is Sharing something we Zone Out on in Person or say the wrong thing in response to, well, it can be awkward and embarrassing for either or both parties.  Here that rarely has to happen, well, unless someone is wanting to be intentionally rude or prone to feel the Need to comment negatively... which I've never understood that Need.  But it can happen and I suppose the Sharing of Negativity or other Socially unacceptable Behavior could be someone else's habitual Challenge in Life so I try not to judge, we each have our Virtues and Issues.


I do like that here in the Land of Blog I can work on things and work out things in ways that are therapeutic to me in The Process of the Doing of it and it tracks my Progress since it is an Online Journal that I can look back on and see the Changes and Transformation of quite easily.  I can see a Metamorphosis in Progress and decide if I like it or not and then make alterations as needed or wanted.   I've even thought about whether or not to Create more than one Blog, with the other being entirely different and another facet of my Interests and Personality... but decided that for now anyway one is what I'm Comfortable Managing.   I also realize that spreading out Interests means that some or all could get Neglected and a Neglected Blog is rather Sad and Forlorn isn't it?  Especially if it was once Vibrant and well Cared for... just like anything else that suffers from Neglect, for whatever reason, it just seems pointless to extend something no longer holding one's Interest or being Invested in.

I've thought about how long a Run my Blog will have?   Since initially I was so 'Into' it and like anything else after a while you can lose the Passion or Desire to continue.  Especially since I got that way a bit with other Social Media sites and the luster can wear off for me.   But I've found that Blogging is something that I could stick with and continue to Enjoy and even Improve upon regularly, even more so than when I first began actually.  It's a Community that I've Bonded with over the years I've been doing it now and a part of my day that I do look forward to paying a Visit to, no matter how brief and whether I'm being an Active Participant or just a less interactive Lurker some days.  *Smiles*

I still seek out New Blogs and New Bloggers I haven't yet met... and lament when some of the Beloved Old Ones go away because their Run has apparently ended and the Time and Season for it was over for those Individuals Sharing them.   It's such a vast and Eclectic Community that I'm always Intrigued and Inspired when I come... sometimes I just need to behold the Imagery... sometimes I just want a Good Read... a Good Laugh... or to Connect on a level of Humanity that the Topic and Writer engages us in.    I don't think there is any area of Life actually that I haven't found some kind of Blog that Connects me to and that is Fantastic!   And the Relationships that can be Cultivated here are some of the best that Social Media sites can Connect us with in my opinion... Bloggers simply Rock!

And in Closing I will say that I suppose I shall continue on my Quest of annoyingly Virtuous and sometimes drastic Changes because I do like a Good Challenge actually.   So I'm not ever going to be one that doesn't make ridiculously lofty and often delusional Resolutions just because I shall probably fail miserably and do what I was trying so hard NOT to do most of the time.   Because who knows, I may actually Succeed at a few in spite of myself... and that would make it all worthwhile and be a pretty remarkable Testimony of being able to Teach even an Old Dog new tricks wouldn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Brass Armadillo... Let's Go Shopping!

I have to Confess that even though I'm a Vendor at our Antique Mall, I also Love to go Shopping at both of our Valley Locations or just pay regular Visits!   Even before our Goodyear Location existed and I signed up to become a Vendor there before the doors even opened, I had Shopped at the Downtown Phoenix Location for many, many years.   I always found Great Deals and such an Eclectic Mix of so many Fabulous Time Worn Treasures there.   Sometimes going into a tiny Shop is more Intimidating to me... it makes me feel like I can't just spend sufficient time Browsing, Relaxing and Window Shopping or being Inspired... especially if the Owner or Staff hover or are overly accommodating or anxious to Sell me something.  So I've always felt more Comfortable visiting the larger Venues with numerous Vendors, many of whom aren't Present, where I can be more Anonymous in my Shopping Experience and not feel any Pressure to Buy, or to frequent Shops that my Friends own that are like a second Home to us all.

 So I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when the second Location of our Antique Mall opened so close to Home and I could try my hand at Selling in an Antique Mall as well as become a regular Shopper and Browser there!!!  To become even more of a part of the Community of Like Minded Souls that I have so much in Common with and hang around.   It seemed like such a big leap of Faith at the time because I didn't really realize how little risk was actually involved when you're only renting Month to Month and don't have to commit to making it a Living at it if you don't want to, or don't have the time or resources to take it to that level yet, if at all.  For now I'm Content to keep it at the humble level I now have it.   I Enlarged the Vision considerably after my first year of Confidence building and seeing that it was Sustainable for me and I needed to grow it and expand, but what I have now is Manageable and Enjoyable, I'm still having Fun with it as my little Hobby and Happy Place.

I now realize that I had spent a long time Fantasizing about doing it after I had Retired from the Corporate World and as an Outlet to fill the Void of not being Employed at a paying Career.  Since it seemed like the most logical way of disposing of my overage of Found Treasures once I had reached Saturation Point, due to being an Incurable Collector who enjoys The Thrill Of The Hunt too much to just quit Cold Turkey, it was also somewhat of a necessity.  *Smiles*   I also suspected that many other Vendors began their Journey at this in much the same way as I did and I was correct about that Assumption.  It's always so nice to meet Kindred Spirits who thoroughly enjoy and have a Passion about what we do and what we Love... or are facing similar Life Experience dilemmas and how best to Solve them.  I also enjoy beholding the Spaces of all of the other Vendors whose Vibe I am drawn to and appreciate, getting to know them and having those Conversations you can't always have with just anyone else.  As the Seasons and Holidays change I Love to see what Adorable Vignettes they will Create and what New Inventory and New Vendors will hit the Mall!?!

This is one such Booth of a New Vendor at our Location and the Gals call themselves 'The November Store' and they have such a Cute Vibe and the type of Inventory I can relate to and sometimes want to purchase for myself.    I became one of their first Customers since their Creativity was just My Style and lately I haven't had the time to Create some of the things I want or need and being able to find it already Created and reasonably priced, well, that's just a Bonus isn't it?   We've had a lot going on at a Personal Level and so my own Creativity has had to be put on the back burner for now yet again.  *Le Sigh*  I don't feel quite so frustrated when I can find and just buy what I wanted or needed and didn't have time to make.  If you've got a crazy schedule and other more pressing Priorities you know exactly what I mean!!!


I always Envision that prior to every Holiday or Major Event coming up I'll have sufficient time to squeeze in some Creative Projects for these things I want or need to do.  But then before I know it, time seems to have hit Fast Forward to just prior to the Holiday or Major Event and now I don't have the luxury of catching up on too short a deadline.  My window of opportunity has expired to do what I had Planned and didn't get around to... curses, foiled again!!!   It's at times like these I Thank Goodness for other Creative Souls who did manage to Create what I can now just buy!  *Whew!*   Yes, yes, if you're the Creative Type like me it would have been far more Fun to have sequestered yourself away and gotten deep into the Creative Process of your own and Manifested your Vision... but I've come to realize that it isn't always possible or realistic for me to do so.   Reconciling yourself to your particular Reality can be a struggle when you want to be able to do many things that you just can't right now, but I'm getting better at it and having Acceptance.

Since I like Unique Creative Products that aren't mass produced I intentionally seek out those Vendors who offer what I want or need, just in case I don't get around to it.  Supporting Local Small Business Owners who either are prolific Artisans and do this for a Living, or buy their Inventory from Local Artists and keep enough Product in stock that I can always find exactly what I was looking for, makes going Shopping for it almost as Fun as making it... ALMOST!   I do also Love Shopping and so it comes in a close second to Creating.  I particularly Love making Cards and Tags now when I can find the time to do it and I have always had a weakness for Vintage Ephemera and Beautifully Created Cards and Tags that other Artisans have Hand Crafted.  One can never have enough Ephemera if you Love that kinda thing and I have Saved a lot of it over the years that I found particularly Lovely and wanted to Keep.  I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space so an Impressive Collection needn't overwhelm you or your Space.

I only bought one Ephemera Banner from the Gals of 'The November Store', but I sure did Enjoy the Lovely selection of Tags they had Created too.   They were so Inspiring... and though most of the Tags that I have recently Created ended up in my Inventory or on Gifts for other people, I do fully Intend to make some for myself to Identify what the contents are on my Vintage Suitcase Storage Towers in the Art Studio Cottage as soon as time eventually permits.   I'd also like to offer some more for Sale in my Showrooms since I Sold Out quickly the last time I did offer some that I'd Created, so I know that the demand is constant for that type of Inventory.    And I don't know about you, but I really do Enjoy offering my Customers a Selection of some of my own Creations as well as those Found Treasures I've Sourced.  It Personalizes my Spaces and interjects more of my Essence if I've sprinkled in some Creativity of my own that gives it a distinction from everything around it.

And speaking of Sourcing Product for Inventory... I'm behind the Eight Ball on that too lately and I'm really Missing not being able to go Junquing more frequently with my Junquing Partners.   Sure, I've stockpiled so much Fabulousness over the years that The Man jokes that I wouldn't really NEED to go Pickin' for Months and I'd still have plenty to fill the Showrooms just Editing and Purging my own Stashes and Cache's... but the Rush is in the Hunt isn't it?  *Winks*   Wading through what I already have and deciding what is going into Inventory isn't quite the Thrill for me, sometimes it's even more of a Chore... though it must be done and I have devoted quite a lot of time and energy into that Massive Project to cull the Hoard.  *Smiles*   The Letting Go has been very Liberating and Empowering... I'm almost getting a bit carried away at times when I'm on a roll with it so I've pumped the brakes a bit.


Not that I have much regret if I do happen to Let Go of something and later decided that maybe I shouldda hung onto it... because I can always go on the Hunt for another one and see what turns up?  *Ha ha ha*   But when I decide to clear out a room in Earnest... well, it can look practically like we've been robbed when I'm done if I'm not careful!  *Smiles*    I kid you not, most of my back Kitchen Cupboards right now are completely empty after the recent Epic Purge and I'm finding that I'm Okay with empty Storage that I might decide I don't want to fill again.   I have some Outbuildings now that are completely empty and look looted as well after previous Epic Purges of the contents.  I was seriously Amazed at how much I decided I didn't need or didn't want to hold onto anymore!   I can be prone to excess in either direction actually... because when I'm done with something... I'm completely done with it and am prone to want a blank slate.

That includes the contents of my Showrooms actually, I want Inventory to Turn fast and frequently because I get fed up with moving things around just to make it look Fresh, different and Interesting... I'd RATHER have completely Fresh Inventory and start with a brand new look as often as possible.  If it's not making Money then it could be losing Money by hanging around and taking up Space too long... I don't want my Retail Space to resemble a Museum or extended Storage for what I have in them.  So expect to see Mark Downs if something has been sitting around for more time than I am tolerable of.    And I'm finding that I'm not tolerant of anything languishing very long at all lately, no matter how much I liked it when I brought it into Inventory.   Does anyone else Vending do that too I Wonder? 

   I know that for some Vendors it doesn't seem to bother them if something doesn't Sell right away or even for a long time... but I know that I'm not that type of Personality and I don't possess that kind of Retail Patience!  *Ha ha ha*   So... I'm taking you along with me Today in this Post to visit our Antique Mall so you can see a small Sampling of what Fabulousness the other Vendors are offering too and happened to catch my Eye.  And perhaps you'll even relieve me of some of that pesky Inventory I've run out of Patience for and want to be Gone already?!   Come on, lets Play Monty Hall and make a Deal shall we???!??!!! *LOL* 

Impatiently Yours in the Arizona Desert and aching for a Blank Slate to build a New Vision upon  *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Big Games = Beaucoup Visitors

With BOTH the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Games being held here in the West Valley for the next two weekends back to back, we will have beaucoup Visitors descending upon our area for the two Big Games.  So I have been in hyperdrive adding to the Showroom Inventory at our Antique Mall in preparation for the increase of potential consumers who will probably want more to do along with coming for the Epic Games they arrived to Enjoy.

You see, we aren't very far from the Stadium... and the majority of Gas-Food-Lodgings are closer to our Sister Towns to the South of the location than going into the Metro Glendale or Phoenix areas, so it just makes sense that a lot of Shopping and Dining will happen around here.   Sure, the Metro Phoenix Downtown area is having a closure of Ten Inner City Blocks to hold the Big Block Party for Super Bowl Partying, but what to do in between all the Big Events is probably going to be more Localized.   And won't most of the Wives and Girlfriends WANT to go Shopping and bring back their own Trophies while their Guys are into the Sporting Revelries?  And I'm banking on them wanting to buy some of my Stuff as a Souvenir of having come to Arizona for the Big Games!  *Winks*

We're already seeing the influx since the Pro Bowl was Yesterday Evening and so many Visitors had arrived this past two weeks and gone Pre-Game Shopping.   We had a Big Sale Event and a Parking Lot Event at our Antique Mall these past two weekends and it was Shopping Pandemonium!   WOW, so much was going out of the Showrooms that I needed to ramp up the Big Edit and Purge Quest of 2015 and get it into hyperdrive pronto!

Fortunately The Son and Family came to the house over the weekend to Help me de-stash a few rooms of potential Inventory... and haul the rest that wouldn't be Showroom Bound away and over to their house or to be donated.   Yes, we made amazing progress with two more Adults aiding in the massive Project I'd undertaken.   Me, myself and I can get quite a lot done... and Princess T does her best to be my Assistant most of the time... but it was astounding how much quicker and how much more we plowed thru a couple of rooms with the added Adult Assistants and Teamwork!


And... The Son's Beloved also Loves to go 'Pickin' with me, so us Gals headed out to 'Score' even more Great Junque... Junquing Partners are invaluable since it adds another set of Eyes and Hands to the Mission.    Day No. 1 we moved stealthily without Kiddos in tow... Day No. 2 we took the G-Kid Force with us to Bird Dog since Time was of the Essence on a Sunday Afternoon when things close down earlier.

Loved this huge Old Plaid Metal Trunk originally from Hollywood... reminds me of those Old Picnic Baskets and Thermos from that same Era!  Can't say I've ever seen a Trunk like this before either so it was a Great 'Score' and Addition to Showroom One-Thirty-Three.   If I told  you how much I paid for it you wouldn't Believe me, I had to do a double-take that it was being Let Go of so low since for it's Age it was in remarkable shape and clearly had been well cared for!   Cha-Ching!

Of coarse, with so many things moving out of the Showrooms it also meant I had to do major foofing of both Spaces to get them back in order and Inventory moved in to replace what had gone out... and around crowds of eager Shoppers swarming in... no small feat!  It reminded me of those Comedic Challenges of just how many people can you cram into a Volkswagon... only it was just how many people will cram into a Showroom before Dawn has to Exit Stage Left because it got just too cozy for moi!  *LOL*

I would have liked to have spent more time playing with my Vignettes to get them Just So since I'm quite anal about Styling and having it look a certain kinda way.  But honestly, Customers didn't seem to care one way or the other so I was rather just throwing it in there for now and going Home to get more.   Though at Home I did play with unstuffing some mini styrofoam ball pillows to use the innards as faux Milk in the half dozen Vintage Style Milk Containers I was bringing in.  Must have worked because three of the larger ones Sold immediately!

And The Bohemian Cat Duo at Home had commandeered the two pillows I hadn't yet eviscerated as their Cat Beds by the time I got Home that Evening and gave me looks like "No you don't..." and had spilled out so much of the innards of the eviscerated pillow that it looks like freshly fallen Snow all over the Front Porch!   What can I say when they're all cuddled up together like this and looking so damned Content and Comfy... now I'll have to Source more styro ball pillows to utilize for Future Vintage Milk Container Projects I suppose!  *Smiles*

And yes, in case you're Counting... I know that I will go over my Designated Image Sharing Quota on Today's Post... *LOL*... Sorry, couldn't help myself, I was having so much Fun deciding what to bring into Inventory and how to Marathon Style it like an Olympic Race was in progress.  I was quite Proud of Self and patting Self on the back for pulling it off in such a hurry actually and glad the Home Team showed up to Assist me just in time!

Actually when under the gun and pressed for Product I found that I could Fall Out Of Love quicker with so many things that I might have been more reluctant to Let Go of out of my Stashes at Home or Freshly Picked.  So it was a very Enlightening Revelation that such Pressure and having to make spontaneous decisions is actually beneficial for My Process in this Editing and Purging Quest I've got going on.

And the fact that The Son and Fam actually Enjoyed Assisting me made it so that I didn't feel like I would be causing an Imposition to them in the Future if I asked for them to come over to Help Purge the Hoard every so often when they have the time and inclination to do so!  *LOL*   The Son merely said so long as not too much of it flows over to their house he's Okay with it.   His Beloved is totally diggin' doing a Freestyle Pick at our house and so she was in her Height of Glory loading up their SUV coz Free is always the right price, right!?!  *Ha ha ha* 

 But since they are setting up their Home as Young People do, they were Thankful for how many useful things were up for grabs and I was Happy to send them away with.   Because only certain things can be Showroom bound and be appropriate and suitable Inventory for Selling at an Antique Mall such as ours.  Though I am certainly not a Purist and neither is our Mall, and I think 'Antiques' in general are Deaded and no longer very high in demand, I do think certain things shouldn't be offered up.  It kinda bothers me when Vendors do 'cause it's tacky and more suitable for other Venues like Tag Sales or Yard Sales... I try hard to be more Discerning and Donate what I don't think is suitable, but would be a Great Find at a Thrift Shop for someone.

And I'm blasting thru as many Household items as I am Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles here at the Ole' Homestead as I clear out Room after Room in order to downsize and Simplify Life.   I'm finding that at this Season of Life we tend to use about 10% of what we have in the way of useful everyday Household items, so 90% of it could Go and we really wouldn't miss it one iota.   Since I always buy the best Quality I can afford, if Friends or Family can use it then I don't want to just Donate it without giving them first option of what I can't bring into my Showrooms. 

So most of what they hauled away was Modern Kitchenware, Big Fluffy Towels, Newer Linens and Pantry Items that I have an overabundance of and wasn't utilizing most of the time.  My Kitchen Cupboards look practically like Old Mother Hubbard's now and are bare, my Linen Closets as well.  *Smiles* But it will really Help me to better Organize what is left and is used most often so I'm Delighted with the Epic Purge that got done in one fell swoop this Weekend and so quickly that I was Amazed at how fast we got it done and outta here!  {Insert me Happy Dancing!}  Having empty Storage will be an added Bonus for what we Keep.

Since all but one of my Vintage Suitcases and Train Cases in the Showrooms got Sold I was also Happy to glean my Stash of extra ones and get some of them into Inventory.   I Hope to get the rest of them into Inventory this week because I just Love how a Mountain of stacked Vintage Suitcases looks, don't you?   I've Upgraded my Vintage Suitcase Collection constantly over the years I've been Collecting them and using them for Storage and Display... and now only hold onto my absolute Favorites that I consider the cream of the crop of the Styles and Colors I prefer.

The same goes with Vintage and Antique Lampshades.  I Confess I've had a complete Fetish and Infatuation about both Collections and so I amassed more than any Sane Person oughtta. So it was high time I Culled the Hoard of them and Let Go of  those that have been replaced by Upgraded ones I preferred.  *Smiles*   It isn't easy sometimes because when you really dig a certain kinda thing you might have a tendency to hold onto it longer than usual... or at least I do.   This Sweet Old Shade for example I was totally smitten with the Velvet Trim and Tulle Ruffle of.  Bt it's in a more Pastel Shade than I Decorate with and the Fabric was too Pristine and Pretty to Deconstruct the Shade to where I'd rip it off and consider it a Keeper for My Style... perhaps Tea Staining the Trims to Age them to my Idea of Time Worn Decrepit Perfection.  {I know, I know... those who Love Pastels and Shabby Chic or the Colorless Palette are Gasping and clutching their Chests at the mere Thought of doing such a thing right now aren't you?!  LOL}

In fact, I had actually Stashed several of these Sweet Girly Vintage Shades with the Intention of putting them in Princess T's Bedroom... but she's just not that much of a Girly-Girl and she really isn't a Fan of Pink, Colorless or Shabby Chic Style Little Girl Rooms.   Remember, she's our Wednesday Addams Child, a Girl after my own Heart, so if Gramma digs it, then she's diggin' it equally and is Content to follow in my footsteps when it comes to Style preferences.   And I'm perfectly Okay with that... perhaps she will WANT to Inherit the rest of whatever is left when I depart from this World?   And that my Friends will be a Good Thing and I can leave knowing I can Rest In Peace!   *Ha ha ha* 

Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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