Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween my Friends!   I can actually say that it IS a Happy one after all... because after having gone on the Warpath and a Righteous Rampage I finally got a brief Hospital stay Approved for the Young Prince... along with At-Home After-Care Resources!  *Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!*   You see, me on the Warpath in Righteous Rampage Mode is a very Scary Scenario indeed, I go straight up Old School Apache on anyone standing in my way of getting what my Loved Ones NEED!  *Winks*   "Can I still be 'Death' for Halloween Gramma?", he asks when he got out last Night... "Why, sure, so long as we're just Pretending Death and not trying to get Dead anymore... I'll be Okay with that." I says.   Yes, we have a very Twisted Dark Humor in this Addams Family of ours, we've had to develop one... it will see you thru a lot and in the Right Spirit... namely a relatively Sane one!  *Smiles*

The Hospital suggested I keep him Home from School and under my Observation Today, so he agreed to get made-up as 'Death' and help me and an Old Friend at the Antique Mall to keep busy and keep his Head and Focus in a Good Place and Space until the After-Care Team shows up at our Home Sunday Afternoon for his Follow-Up Services.   It's Halloween after all... one of our Favorite Holidays to Celebrate and we'd already pre-planned an Amazing Halloween and Holiday Weekend prior to the Crisis unfolding.   So we decided to just go ahead with our Original Plans and bring some Levity to a Serious Situation.

We're having a Big Halloween Sale at the Mall and I knew I'd Sold some larger items and the Showrooms were in a Shambles with all the Smalls on the floor, so I needed to get in there and do some Re-Stocking and Clean-Up to boost revenue throughout the other days of the Sale so Sales would stay strong.   Keeping him busy, Encouraged and Engaged would be Key to a Healthy Recovery from the Dark Place he'd been Residing lately on the Battlefield of the Mind.

And I told him we could Pace the Morning and see how he felt and Rest when we needed to... having a Balance of Rest and Positive Pre-Occupation.   My Old Friend would also be paying him to Help him in his Spaces, so the Young Prince was quite Jazzed about a Paying Job, usually he's a Willing Volunteer when he is Helping out folks because he has a Huge Servant's Heart this Kid and has been doing Volunteer Work for years already.

And what was I gonna be, accompanied by 'Death' and a 'Belly-Dancer' Today you might ask?  Why I'm gonna be 'Rasta-Gram' that's who!  *LOL*   In my Zombie Tee, Jamaican Tam and Dreadlocks... I look quite Striking, No?  *Winks*

I actually LIKE Dreads and if I had thicker more cooperative hair for them I'd have that Style for Real... so it is rather Fun having my Dreads for a Day, though I must say they're thick and they're HOT to wear and since our Temps will be staying above Eighty Degrees well into the Evening, I'm Sweating bullets.   So I don't know that thick hair with Dreads would be the most Comfortable Style to carry off Daily?

Each of the G-Kid Force wanted to Photograph 'Rasta-Gram'... though Princess T wanted me to drop her off at School with as little Fanfare as possible so I wouldn't Embarrass her... WHAT???!?!   And Spoil all my Fun... not a Chance Sista... Trust and Believe I'm making a Huge Production out of dropping you off this Morning... and I DID!   With my Reggae Music blaring we pulls up... she was Mortified and shot out of the Passenger Side like Greased Lightening!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Hey, since I Lost the Battle over her wearing the Lovely Halloween Costume I'd bought for her to wear this year Trick-Or-Treating Tonight... and she'd be wearing as Hoochie an Ensemble as she could get away with, since showing her Midriff has suddenly become a staple requirement apparently, now that she's moving towards a less little Girl shapeliness... I had to get EVEN, now didn't I?  *Winks*
Because Aw Hell No we WON'T be lookin' all Lovely, Coy and Demure as this for Halloween Night apparently... too Restrictive she says.  You're in the Third Grade, whaddya mean it's too Restrictive... and where do you come up with these references anyway 'Miss Too Old and Smart' for your little britches?!?  *LOL*

"I'll be wearing one of my Vintage Halloween Costumes.", she says tritely.   And she drags her Costume from 2009 out of the Closet... thinking that by using the Word VINTAGE will certainly sway and Sell it to Gramma, right?  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   Well, I gotta hand it to her for Creativity in utilizing Enticing Vocabulary Effectively anyway!!!   *Smiles*   I mean, slap the Word Vintage on ANYTHING nowadays and you can Sell it, right?  *LMAO*   And tho' she DID look mighty Cute in it FIVE YEARS AGO... I'm trying to Convince her it won't fit anymore now, right?   WRONG...
Though this Kid has certainly sprouted up considerably in the last five years vertically, she isn't any bigger around than she was back in da day and year 2009 apparently.  Just like her Mother... she's a Living Stringbean that just goes Vertically higher year after year but no bigger around!   So, yes, you WILL be seeing her squeezed into this 'Vintage' Emsemble for Trick-Or-Treating Tonight and I shall be Sharing it here in the Land of Blog, since she will want a Project Runway Worthy Photo Shoot to go along with her Hoochie Diva Sassy Moment!  *LOL*

And The Young Prince will have yet another Interpretation of The Grim Reaper for Tonight... well, if he can stand the full Body Suit and Muertos Mask all Night that is?   I'm on the Fence about this Ensemble as well being the best choice for Trick-Or-Treating, but what do I know?  *Smiles*

When a Kiddo is Adamant and Obsessed about wearing a Fav or Particular Costume you're not gonna be talking Sense or Logic into that equation so I don't even bother.   When she's too Cold since she's wearing practically nothing... and he's too Hot since he's wearing too much... well, maybe then Gramma will be deemed Smarter at the end of the Day, we'll see?  I choose my Battles wisely and if it's not Permanent I don't Sweat the Small Stuff.  *Winks*
I try not to get so Old I Forget what it was like to be Young... and the Importance placed on Trifles that a Kid can become Fixated upon at all costs and willing to go to Battle over!  Anyway, I don't wanna Spar with 'Death' at my Age.  *Smiles*

And of coarse I'll be bombarding you with Post-Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Celebration Images in coming weeks... but for now I'll take you along to the Showroom Re-Foofs since everything was in Shambles when I came in... but in a Good Way since it meant a considerable amount of Inventory had Sold during my absence whilst Dealing with Family Crisis.

I don't know about the rest of you who Sell in Antique Malls and such... but when I Neglect my Spaces they tend to do better when everything is, in my Eyes anyway, a Hot Mess!   *LOL*   Too Stylized a Space and I guess folks don't wanna risk messing it up or something, I dunno?  Or perhaps they will Assume everything is too Expensive if it looks Nice?   Or maybe they just like digging thru a Hot Mess becoz it's more like a True Treasure Hunt?  Customers don't seem to mind a Messy Space... and whatever the Reason... if I can Refrain from wanting to Tidy Up and Style my Spaces, they actually do better even tho' them being in a Shambles bothers ME tremendously... as much as my Home being a Hot Mess actually!   And likewise the Family don't seem nearly as bothered by it as I!!!   *Smiles*

My Capacity for Living in a Mess is increasing exponentially tho'... since I've still got piles of Inventory EVERYWHERE it seems.  Since I've fallen way behind in not only Housekeeping, but in Pricing and Moving Out the Inventory that should be Showroom bound and not shoved anywhere I can find an empty space to dump it til I can get it GONE!!!   *Le Sigh*   And NO, I'm NOT Sharing THOSE Images... too Depressing and Humiliating... tho' those of you with Retail Spaces in Antique Malls probably suffer from a similar affliction and dilemma so we can commisserate about it?!

Yes, another Neckid' Mannequin Form made it's way into the back seat for a drive... and me with my Rasta Locks in the front with 'Death' riding Shotgun certainly got some Startled Looks our way as we sped down the road.  *LOL*   I would think it being Halloween and all it wouldn't seem quite as Odd as the other days I'm riding around like that... but apparently it does because we solicited more than a little bit of Attention and Jaw Dropping Stares!  *Smiles*

Now, we're used to getting Second-Looks even on an Average Day *Winks*... so we barely notice until someone gasps and says something in a loud Stage Whisper... and WHY do folks do a LOUD Stage Whisper I often Wonder?   Elderly White Ladies are the worst at doing that I've observed!  *Ha ha ha*

'Scored' some more of those Killer Band Hats at such a deep discount they were practically Free... kept some for Self and have the rest up for grabs in Showroom One-Fourteen, even cheaper than before since I got a better Deal this time around.   And they're one of those things that if I don't Sell them right away I don't even Care, I like them that much I'd Gladly keep them for my Vintage Mannequins to Model like a Parade is about to happen!  *Winks*

Princess T Sourced this Adorable Vintage Kitten Suitcase in Hot Pink with a Fuzzy Kitten on front... I had Assumed she'd want to keep it and not let Gramma flip it, but she Offered it up surprisingly enough.   Not that she doesn't have Vintage Cases galore chock full of LPS, Monster High and Polly Pocket Paraphernalia!  *LOL*

And it was Fun to see what Costumes my Friends at the Mall were sporting Today... this is my Friend Randall in his 'Downtown Phoenix Chic' Emsemble!  *LOL... if you ever happen into the Downtown Metro Phoenix Area and see the Living Sideshow you'll 'Get It'  Winks*

I had so many Old Suitcases I was bringing into Inventory that it looked like I might be Moving In!  They Sell well so what can I say, there will be an abundance of them until they don't anymore!

And small Round Vintage Cases {or large Round Vintage Cases for that matter} are always a Best Seller when you can Source them around these parts.

And Coffee Table Decorating Books... and I must Brag that my Selection rivals any Mega Chain Bookstore in the Metro Phoenix Area... for Real!   I am actually Sad that most Major Bookstores now have such a paltry selection of good Decorating and Style Books in Inventory!   And of coarse mine won't cost you an arm and a leg.  *Smiles*

And I'm Blushing to have to Confess this... but yes, even tho' it's Halloween... I had to Cave and get a jumpstart on the upcoming Holidays because Vintage Christmas has already been Selling well for over a Month now.

And the Hoard of Vintage Elves On a Shelf I had are down to the last two already...  I'll Share some Images of a few of the Stash prior to hitting the Showrooms... I was so Jazzed to find a Box Lot of them on a recent 'Pick'...

And the Jolly Ole' Elf himself from the same Era of Vintage Christmas!!!

And some Yo-Yo Clowns... kept one for Self and the rest are up for grabs in Showroom One-Thirty-Three...

This Pillow Sold immediately to a Dealer Friend who told me she had the Mister Right one that goes with it so she was Delighted to find the Partner Pillow in my Showroom!   I always like hearing Happy Treasure Hunting Stories like that!

And I Love Vintage Japanese ANYTHING... Sells well...

And I even found some Christmas Wardrobe for some of the Vintage Dolls I'm Selling... so they wouldn't be Buck Neckid', which is usually how I find them whilst Junquing!  *Winks*

She Showcases much better dressed up ready for the Holidays...

So... Happy Halloween my Friends... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Waiting... For A Ride That Never Comes

I didn't WANT to do this Post... but I NEED to, it's a Personal Story that is far too often never made Public... until usually it's gone way Left and beyond Redemption.  And so after Waffling and Wrestling about it for a day I finally decided it was time to put thoughts to Post and Share the Experience.  Maybe it will even Help someone else who has a point of reference to the Topic and that would make it worthwhile to have been so Transparent about something so Delicate and Deeply Personal.  And hey, it's still Cheaper than Therapy, which requires Approval and all that Bureaucratic Bullshit and Red Tape!  You see, Dealing with the Mental Health System for your Loved Ones in Crisis is like waiting for a ride that never comes.  It's like THIS Bus Stop... and I've been to THIS Bus Stop numerous times throughout the years... too many times in fact... so I know all the Players and I've seen many of the Casualties of this War.

Because if you have a Mentally Ill Loved One in Extreme Crisis {or maybe it's even you, depending upon your particular Story}... it has to be Rated Epic Enough for Inpatient Treatment and a Proper Intervention that could actually be Successful.   Intervention being the key word here, because in my mind, if someone has reached the point of Torment that the Depression and Despair is enough that the Dark Thoughts are taking over and they are now Calling Out for Help and to be Saved... THAT is the Appropriate Time to Intervene and have them Receive Treatment.   NOT when it has already been Acted Upon and now you're Dealing with either a Failed or a Successful Suicide Attempt.  Because then you're just running Damage Control behind a Full Blown Tragedy, Damage that could be Permanent... and that might have been prevented... or Arranging a Funeral... and that's TOO LATE my Friends!

That is why so many are Lost... and until a Beloved Celebrity Succumbs and it makes National Headlines... often the Struggle is a Silent one Experienced only by the Closest of Family and Friends.  Those left to Attempt to Deal With It as they're sent off with a trite, "Good Luck with that and we Hope it all works out..."    As you Wonder just how  you're going to keep your Loved One Safe enough without the Support and Guidance they should be receiving in a Controlled Facility?  Rather than as an Outpatient ready to give up, give in and give out as they languish waiting for Appointments and brief Sessions in an Uncontrolled Environment, to try to get back on track while they're still Willing and Able to Voluntarily stay plugged in and engaged in their Process.  Rather than Involuntarily being Committed ONLY AFTER things have already gone totally Left and they simply don't Care anymore and will Exit Stage Left.  By then, since things got 'Approved' too late and a dollar short, it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN they will merely be a Grim Statistic to Society and a Page in the Obituaries.

Only they won't just be a Tragic Statistic to their Loved Ones and Friends... we'll be the ones building the Memorials and Ofrendas, the Altars in Bittersweet Remembrance.  Of the Dear Souls that were Neglected by The System so flawed that we couldn't get Help and Approvals when we were Pleading for it and it could have made a difference.   Yes, as I visited this Ofrenda at the Gardens of a Sweet yet Tortured Soul who was Lost to the Battle of the Darkness it hit a chord and I wept.  I wept because we have a Personal Point of Reference... in the Past, the Present and we will have in the Future... since it has been a Generational Curse of too many of our Loved Ones being so Afflicted with the Torment of Mental Illness.  We've watched the Valiant Struggle and the Battles... some Won... some Lost... some still very much in Progress.  Some too Young to be full time Warriors in this Epic Battle of Life and Death... hanging in the balance precariously and unsure of the outcome!?
And often they Fight Alone... or with far too few Troops deployed in their defense in this War.  Or the Reinforcements are there, we can even SEE them... just out of reach and NOT deployed because they need prior 'Approval' to become Engaged and not just be Spectators rather than Participants to ensure a Victory... or at least to Help hold one's ground and stay above it rather than be below it with the Survivors Mourning the Losses of those who left too early, Casualties of War in the Battlefield of the Mind.   And I just Wonder how much Society really has Lost in the way of what could have been... and should have been... had the Time not been cut short prematurely by The Enemy?   But I guess we'll never know.

And what is it like waiting for this ride that never comes?  Well, Imagine if you will that you called 911 for any other Life Threatening Medical Emergency {Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest or _____ you go ahead and fill in the blank}... and you got put on 'Hold' or turned away because it was determined that it didn't seem close enough to Death yet for them to bother showing up!  Or even getting Involved... or Approving you or your Loved One the appropriate Medical Treatment and Intercession at a Medical Facility that could provide it and Ensure a better chance of Survival than just leaving them at Home for YOU to Attempt to Deal With It without the necessary skills, resources or training!?!  Yeah, that's what it is like.

And HOW DO you Accurately Gauge when that person IS close enough to Death now for them to take it Seriously enough to extend Inpatient Treatment and SUFFICIENT HELP... and it's Escalated to the point where Approval would be Ensured?   I can't tell you my Friends... because I don't know that answer... and neither do THEY Truth be told... so it's like playing Russian Roulette with the Life of someone in my opinion... click... click... click... BANG... Oh, so THAT was the time when everyone SHOULDDA Reacted... misgauged that one... Sorry... better Luck next time!   But... will there BE a next time if Luck ran out?

And when it is a Child the Ante is upped considerably, because they are the most Vulnerable and require the Care, Decisions and Intercession of Responsible Adults to make FOR them and on their behalf.  Or Partnering WITH them if they're of an Age of Accountability and can be a part of their own Process but are not yet Emancipated so still Reliant upon the ultimate Decisions of the Adults in Charge of their Destiny.   RESPONSIBLE Adults being the key word here... and there can be many Responsible ones present in the Process of Dealing With their Crisis... but all it takes is the one Irresponsible one that drops the ball or interferes with the Process to have a Tragic Outcome!

And just how many should we Lose before enough is enough?  How many should be Turned Away when they're Begging for the Help they'll not be Ensured of receiving... waiting for a ride that never comes?   Being told that if they're Seeking Help then it must not be ENOUGH of a Crisis yet for a Full Blown Intervention to be Approved by the Powers that be!!!  Is it really more about the Funding... I sometimes Wonder... and have we, as a Society, Discounted the Value of these Precious Souls so much that they have become Second-Class Citizens when it comes to their Right to Medical Treatment during their Medical Crisis, simply because it involves Mental Health rather than Physical Health?   Because if one Succumbs to either you're just as Dead you know... aren't you?  It doesn't lessen the Tragedy or Sorrow.

And there is no Resurrecting the Dead and a Do-Over once it's Too Late... and the Wouldda, Shouldda, Couldda Debates that are sure to ensue AFTER THE FACT that enough wasn't done even when they stood at the door knocking... and made that Call for Help to come in time... waiting... for that ride that they and their Loved Ones can't be sure will ever come or not? 

And you can find us there at THAT Bus Stop right now in fact... because we're Dealing With this very Crisis involving our Precious Grandson... and have been Turned Away and told to Wait... to Wait until it's Close Enough to Death to Warrant an Approval.   And that makes me very Angry and Anxious indeed, because the stakes are simply too High and a Life hangs in the Balance of those Decisions.  And I don't want someone else dropping the ball on my Watch and have it just become another Grim Statistic or Sensational Story on the News that finally grabs Public Attention because it's so Poignant and so Tragic beyond words.   And until it's you and yours you never really know... and I Hope to God you never have to.
With Blessings and Sadness in the Arizona Desert this day... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl