Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Make-Over ~ Phase III ~ It's Her Room Now

Yes... it was Time... for me to relinquish The Make-Over and my part of the Project and turn it over to Princess T for completion...  I looked back at what I'd done and felt quite Accomplished.

I'd put a few final touches in place... and tho' bittersweet to relinquish such a Zen Room where I could easily Hang-Out myself, I knew how Excited she was to Take Over the Space and make it her own...

We added her Love Note Chalkboard above where the Dollhouse would be installed in Hopefully it's final destination... so that it would no longer be a Nomad Pad being toted around every room of the house Gypsy Style?!?

I took one last look around before Phase III would begin... and turned it over...

There was the 'Void' to fill after all in the Play Areas.

And she wasted no time in filling it up with her possessions... so that Play could begin immediately!

I'm always Amazed at how fast this Kid can Style and finish her part... since my part had taken so long!   Maybe I shouldda had her helping me more in the beginning and we couldda gotten it done in half the time?!   *LOL*

She had Dollhouse Styled and Boutiques Set Up within the Hour!!!

And even Time for Humor as she said, "Gramma look... she's a Hoarder... Ha ha ha!!!"   That Kid is a Riot... LPS Kitty Hoarder!  LMAO every time I think about it now!!!  Especially since some of my rooms during the Make-Over kinda resembled this scene for a while as they became Staging Areas and 'til I could start getting it cleared out after the Make-Over was finally done!   *Whew*
Of coarse in HER Home everything was Orderly and Perfectly Staged... just how she likes it... if this Kid doesn't become a Professional Organizer and Stylist I'll be Surprised... she has a Gift for Enjoying doing that kinda thing and to her it's Play to Clean and Organize!  Yeah, she definitely didn't get that from Moi, huh?!  *Winks* 

She'd even had time to go thru her massive Collection of Dollhouse contents and give some away to various Friends... guess she's in Edit and Purge Mode too... and that's Okay... it's a Good Habit to have to Curate your possessions as you go and often.

It was Enjoyable seeing her all moved in and the culmination of all my Hard Work to make the Purpose of this Room what it needed to be during this Season of our Lives.

And it Tickles me to see all of her little Touches in 'Her' version of what makes a Home... notice the strategically placed Snacks and Treats all over the Home?!  *Smiles*   And there's Rich Fabrics draped everywhere... well, at least she got something from my Genetic Code and Influence!  *LOL*

Now after she's spent an enormous amount of Time Carefully Staged and Decorated her Dollhouse in Creative Play, it won't have to be disturbed or picked up and put away anymore.   And I can Relate to how Priceless that is since that's why I Enjoy my Art Studio Cottage so much too!

Mission Accomplished... now... it's on to the Next Project...  Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Make-Over ~ Phase II ~ Princess Move-In Ready

Phase II of the Room Make-Over involved a hasty Furniture Make-Over of an Old Dresser given to me by my Paternal Aunt.  It was in pretty rough shape after having been used by several Generations and being mostly in a Kid's Room for most of it's Life, so it was scarred and had remnants of stickers all over it.

But I've always liked the size because it fits perfectly between two of the doors of this room... and though refinishing the original Wood didn't make it look like I wanted it to, I wanted to keep it but not spend a lot of time making it over.  So I bought a can of Black Chalkboard Paint and hastily sprayed it and then banged some Persian Rug Remnants to the top and both sides...

It was still about 113 degrees today and humid, so I didn't want to be outside long doing a paint job and it shows.  *Blushing*   But though there are some runs and missed spots, especially on the side you don't see from most angles of the room, I was quite Happy with the results of the quickie Make-Over of a functional piece of Heirloom furniture I wanted to keep for the room, but give a Fresh look to.  Nothing has to be Perfect in my World anyway. 

Which is a good thing since the Rug Remnant banged onto the top quite well with Upholstery Nails... but those sides kept bending the Nails so the Rug pieces there aren't banged on quite as well as I'd Envisioned they would be... oh well, so long as they were secure and didn't fall off I was Happy enough, it looks better than it did before and we can write on it with chalk if we want to now.  *Smiles*

I wanted to work on it most of the day while the Kiddos were in School and The Man was napping so that I didn't have any distractions.   As Luck would have it, Prince R was at his First Football Game of the Season after School, twirling his Flag in Band at an Away Game, so he'll be gone the entire day and they won't get back 'til after 10:00 pm.   And Princess T spent most of the day after School at a Friend's House... so no interruptions all day and Phase II was kicked into High Gear!

It is amazing how much time you can spend doing even a Small Room Make-Over when you decide to start with a blank canvas and pay attention to every single detail.   I Edited and Purged the entire room's contents during this Process, only keeping what would Work in the Vision I had for the Make-Over... I Painted Walls and Furniture, I laid Carpets.

I dusted, I vacuumed, I cleaned every Tchochke that would be going back into the room.   And I made Goodwill runs with the donated items and Showroom runs with the items I'd decided to Sell off.  To be sure there are still piles of what I haven't sorted thru completely yet in the other rooms that are still in a shambles on account of this Small Room Make-Over... so there will still be much collateral damage to Work on later.  *Le Sigh*

I added some items not previously in this Room... I particularly Connect to the Scripture Verse in this Chalkboard Art piece I've hung over the Dresser.   Love bears all things... Believes all things... Hopes all things... Endures all things. ~  1 Corinthians 13:7
Those are Words we Truly Walk and Live by daily at Bohemian Valhalla so it is particularly meaningful and a Special Addition to the Room which will be turned over to Princess T as a Playroom to hold her favorite toys.

And though it is Princess Move-In Ready after Today, I did want to capture the second Phase thru the Eye of my Lens before we move her toys in.  I also wanted to linger there a while myself since the Positive Energy of a newly made over Room is always so Restorative to the Soul, Mind and Spirit.  My Body was wiped out after a full day of Working on it... but it was so worth putting so much time into because the end results are better than I Envisioned.

Sure, I kept moving things around here and there and everywhere until I got them just where they felt best placed... both Dress Forms switched locations... as did numerous other items... and others stayed put.   I could move things around for hours when I'm Styling a Room, it's part of the Enjoyment of Creating Vignettes and an Atmosphere.

And with this particular Project I was in no great hurry to complete it so I took my time over these past few days of Working on it, to get it just right and exactly the way I wanted it... with no compromises, settling or shortcuts.  I wanted what I wanted so I stayed True to the Vision down to the smallest of details.

In actuality I would like to move thru every single Room of the Main House, the Art Studio Cottage and the other two Cottages and various Outbuildings on our Property in much the same way so that is the Grandoise Plan.   I don't know how long it will take, but since I've already completed two Rooms now I'm on a roll and building momentum!  *Winks*

I don't mind putting in the Work if the Rooms I Make-Over stay fairly Made-Over.   So I've already warned the G-Kid Force and The Man that when I'm done with a Room Make-Over I expect them to Respect the Time and Effort I've put into it and keep it presentable after they leave said Room(s).
With starting with the Rooms not all of them use all the time I feel I'll gird myself with Progress that will stay Visible and Encourage me forward with the rest.   The Main Room of the Art Studio Cottage has remained in good shape even tho' we've been using it, so that was Positive Reinforcement to continue and start on this Room. 
 Princess T is better than the Guys at keeping things tidier because she Enjoys Cleaning, Styling and Organizing.   So a room she'd primarily use was a Plan to put in motion.   As a Trial Room of sorts to see if I spent the Time and Effort to make-over any Room that I'm not the Primary User of ... would it be worth all that Work or not?   And also be a Trial Room to switch Function of... since this Converted from Guest Room to Playroom and multi-tasked as Storage for my Artist Supplies and a few Vignettes of Special Pieces as well.   Unless you are still Hosting a lot of Guests, like we used to, a Guest Room soon becomes wasted space if it's Vacant and not used most of the year.

Princess T has always liked this Room because it holds the most Images of their Mommy... our Youngest Daughter {on the Left}.   In her Teens and early Twenties she would get these Black and White Portraits taken with her Childhood Friends at the State Fair in October and give them to me for Christmas, so I really Cherish them too.  I've known all these Best Friends of hers since they were small Children and still see and keep in touch with some of them and their Families that have remained Local.

Prince R likes this Room because it also holds the State Fair Images of his Mommy and Daddy when they were Childhood Sweethearts and still together.

I think that Favorite Images of Family and Friends should be Displayed and not tucked away in Storage or Photo Albums.   We've always kept Special Portraits on the walls of just about every Room of our Home, we're Sentimental that way.

This is one of Princess T's favorite Portraits of her Mommy, which was taken when she was only Eleven years old.   She liked to Play dress-up too so we thought it would be Fun to have some Portraits taken dressed-up in Fantasy clothing and Jewelry like a Big Girl... I remember she had so much Fun during the Session.

I've also always been fond of the inexpensive State Fair Black and White Portraits too... there's something about Black and White Photography that I particularly like.

Yep, that's Yours Truly getting in on a couple of the frames of that Dress-Up Photo Session when the Daughter was Eleven... she wanted some Mother and Daughter Shots so I had them Glam me up too!  Notice the Big Eighties Hair!!!   *LOL*   I NEVER wore the Big Eighties Hair in Real Life... only for this Fun Session. 

 I've tended to keep my hair long and straight most of my Life... but I did have a brief period of short permed hair... HATED IT!!!   *Smiles*  Too much work and my hair won't hold a Perm or any curl for that matter for more than just a few hours!!!   I got better things to do than fussing with hair anyway.  *Winks*   But it's Fun to look different than usual for a Photo Session and Glam it up with your Kid, I'm Glad we did it and the G-Kids Love the Nostalgia of seeing their Mom and I when we were younger.  
I decided to use some Tags my Friend Pamela gave me to identify what I had in some of the Suitcases I hadn't yet tagged with contents identifiers.  As a chronically disorganized person even small details like this will improve my ability to actually locate things in the Future!

I like how the Altered Art fronts look tied to the Suitcases too and decided to make the Labeling of Contents more discreet by putting it on the backs of the Tags.  On Filing Cabinets I don't mind Visible Content Identifiers Labeling everything... but that wasn't the look I was going for on my Suitcase Towers.

If things can be Pretty AND Functional it's a Bonus to me when Styling.   Often Form and Fashion take presidence in my World and Function flies out the window... so I was pleased that for once I thought about Function equally for a change.  It's a habit I want to get better at.

Practice makes Perfect so as this Make-Over progresses throughout the rest of our Property I should get better at things that previously were not strengths.   Decluttering is something I do regularly... but Maintaining a Clutter-Free existance has been a particular Challenge... when I get busy or distracted by the Issues of Life, things just pile up and don't get done.

Though I J'Adore layers and layers of Beautiful Objects, I prefer an Orderly Home that is Styled in a way that I Enjoy being in every Room of it.   But over the years I've found that unless you live alone, if you have a lot, and have to run damage control behind other people who you Share space with... lots that you want to do and intend to do... just don't get done because you're so busy doing everything else but that.  *Le Sigh*

I don't want to have to get rid of all my Pretties... but since we will have a houseful for probably a decade or more, I seriously need to Curate and downsize just for Convenience and Sanity's Sake!  *LOL*

If I have less then that's not so much to take Care of... and yet my Idea of Less and most peeps Idea of Less are probably Worlds apart.  Even in this Small Room Make-Over this is MY Version of Less.  *Smiles*   I know you're probably hysterical because clearly it's still the Maximalist Version of Less... but believe me, I got rid of a lot of other stuff to get down to just this!  *Winks*

I know this because I now have piles of it littering the back Kitchen rendering it almost non-functional for now!  *Smiles*  Well, until I can donate or Inventory what will go to the Showrooms out of the piles... and find a new Space for anything that I'm loathe to part with just yet.

It's a Process for me to Let Go of things... because I happen to Like or Love ALL of my stuff for the most part.   I can Let Go of a lot, but I also tend to accumulate replacements over Time for stuff that left and made room for... well... you get it.   So many Found Treasures I have not paid very much for at all or even gotten Free so it's very difficult to NOT pick them up when they're Discovered.
The Thrill Of The Hunt coupled with the Investment of getting something for far less than I can Turn it for at a healthy Profit Later is just too irresistable to me.   Not to mention Enjoying it for whatever Time I decide to hold onto it.   Some things will be 'Keepers', and some things will be 'Sentimentals', but the majority of my Stuff has been rotated in and out frequently. 

And of coarse there's always the Creative Factor... because I also Enjoy Creating, Upcycling, Restoring and Repurposing many items that end up here.   As well as those Created by Favorite Artists, Family Members and Friends.   We are an Artsy bunch and not every Creation is Sold or Re-Sold.   I do have my Favored Collections that I tend to hang onto for a very long time, if not forever.

But I am reaching that Season of Life where I see a Shift in my outlook about 'Things'... I don't really NEED so many of them anymore and therefore I'm Minimizing even tho' it is almost Certain I shall probably never be a True Minimalist.

Most Seniors tend to reach that Plateau of acquiring about as much as you'll ever Want or Need and considering the necessity of downsizing considerably as we Age and no longer have the Stamina, Inclination, Desire or Ability to Care for so much as we used to be able to with ease.

And not only for our own sake... but also for the sake of our Loved Ones who we don't want to have to wade thru a Hoard of possessions after we Cross Over and dispose of it or try to find a place for it in their Homes.   Sure... some of it is a part of their Inheritance and they're Okay with Inheriting SOME of it... but ALL of it... that would give them a nervous breakdown I'm sure!  *LOL*

Even with a large Family of Adult Children, Grandchildren ranging from Adulthood to Elementary Age and now Great-Grandchildren we still don't have enough peeps to Inherit and want to Keep all this Stuff we've accumulated over a Lifetime.   I say we... but it's mostly me... The Man isn't much of a Collector and would probably be just as Okay with just his Recliner and a TV now.  *Smiles*

And I realize that not every member of the Fam is that Impressed with me Lovingly accumulating so many Pretties to Style the Home with... so I do it mostly for myself.   Princess T, when I called her in this Evening for the Big Reveal of the Make-Over of her Playroom and told her it was now Move-In Ready for her Toys... sighed and said... {wait for it...}

"It looks really Pretty Gramma and I like it... but if it's MY Playroom... then WHY do we have to have ANY of YOUR Stuff in here?!"    To which I respond without missing a beat, "Well, Darlin', for much the same reason as this being MY House and yet at MY AGE still Wondering WHY do we still have to have Toys and make a Playroom to make space for things Old People NEVER use?!?"   Yeah, she 'Got It'... this is and will continue to be a delicate Compromise due to particular Circumstances that aren't all that Usual of the blending of Generations under one roof that normally wouldn't be co-existing and Sharing space.
I did my Time of having a Home that always put Family first when I was Raising our Children... and Dreamed of the day when everyone would be grown, move out and I'd have a Home all to myself to do as I pleased!  Well, almost to myself... The Man doesn't count quite like Kids because he doesn't really Care how I Style our Home. 

 If it were just he and I it wouldn't be as messy, things would pretty much stay 'As Is' once done and I wouldn't have nearly so much to do... and re-do... again... and again... and again in a vicious Cycle.  In day to day Living we Share our ENTIRE Home with the Children so there's no Space in Bohemian Valhalla that doesn't also have THEIR influence evident.

And No... it's NOT Fair for the G-Kids or for us... but then Life ain't Fair or bras wouldn't come in sizes Kid.  So I ask her Candidly... is it gonna REALLY be a Big Deal if you set up your Playroom in here around some of Gramma's Stuff?   She looks around and nods her head No, it wouldn't be a Big Deal at all... because she does Like the way it looks now and it's Prettier than just a Playroom full of Kid Toys and devoid of any Culture or Styling.  *Winks*

Not to mention she's Eyeballing all the Vignettes that will be Enchanting places for her Dolls and Littlest Pet Shops to Play and Explore...

Lots of places for them to be tucked into... hide and dangle from or be perched upon...

Secret Places only she will know they're there or Challenge me to Discover...

So it will all be Good... and besides... when either of us wants to get Away from the Guys... now we have our Girl Room Exclusively FOR US to retreat to and sequester ourselves!!!

A Girly Room with absolutely NO Guy Stuff in it!   *Yippee Kai Yay!!!*

And if the Guys want their Man Cave then let them do all the Work to Claim that Space on the Property!  It Exists... they've just been too Lazy to spend the Time Developing it as their Personal Testosterone laden Retreat.   They have an entire Cottage Workshop they could fix up for them to hang out in if they wanted to.

I once Helped The Man Clean it out and Organize it... along with the Adobe Shed most of his Storage is in... and both are in Shambles again.  *Le Sigh*   So I'm not wasting my Time or Energies if they're not equally committed and enthused about carving out their own Niche and Maintaining it...  I don't have the Time nor the Desire.

But our Girl Spaces... and the Mutual Living Spaces we all Share... well, I'm Down for that... and willing to take the Risk that I'll do it all and just remain Hopeful the rest of them will Respect it and help to Maintain it all?
This Room I Feel I can Maintain without much Help and especially if Princess T is on board to keep it Functional for her Purposes we Intended it for?   It will be a place she and her Friends can begin Moving Into starting Tomorrow Morning... when Phase III will begin... making it Playroom Friendly and Ready for Fun...

And where her Stuff won't be strewn EVERYWHERE else in every other Room of the house Hopefully?!?    She is still in her Toy Phase of Childhood... but I don't want the entire house looking like Playland... and neither do the Guys so they're constantly lamenting about it!

And Honestly, the Drama that ensues between everyone about her Stuff being left out after she's done Playing with it has come to a point where something had to be done.   I'm Hoping that this will be part of the Solution so that there won't be more Trouble in Paradise?   Only Time will tell...

And we'll give you the Finale' Reveal of her Completed Playroom resplendant will all her Stuff added to it in the next Post... I know you won't wanna miss THAT!?!   *Winks* ... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The now very Tired and Sore Bohemian   

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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