Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part III

Today's Post will cover more 'Color Stories' from SWEET SALVAGE.   The Color Stories of Romance... Shades of Red, Pink, Lilac, Pale Mint Green, Teal, Powder Blue, Gold and Silver.

Even if you don't Decorate with them regularly, Romantic Hues are always Enjoyable for Special Occassions and that is when I typically use them, to Evoke a Mood or to feel particularly Feminine.

Though my preference and leaning is towards the Exotic... during certain Holidays and for brief periods of time I will Style with Pastels and the Deeper Romantic Colors.

And besides... who wouldn't Enjoy and Appreciate an Unusual Minty Green Vintage Dress Form, regardless of what Color Stories you normally Decorate with?

I don't believe I've ever seen one before and if this were your Statement piece, you could Style an entire Room around it... with Lovely Shades of Greens and Whites... and Zinc... for a Romantic Garden Vibe and Style.

These really are Springtime Favorite Color Stories as well... each Spring I'm always more drawn to predominant Colors of Nature that have a Spring Feel to them... Sunshine Yellows and all Shades of Green.

Princess T liked all of the Springtime Color Stories in the Vignettes... this was one of her Favorite spots with the Minty Green Table and Robin Egg Blue Chair... and an Old Cabinet that had many Drawers with Wonderful Windows showcasing what was inside!
Yes, this would certainly be a Statement Piece I would Enjoy tremendously, how about you?

In fact, at the Event there are always Magnificent Statement Pieces... and many go Home with their New Owners... including this Spectacular Chandie!

I am a Sucker for Chandeliers and so I don't have room for anymore really, but I can still Admire Fabulous Specimens.  *Smiles*

And I have also been Collecting Treasures from the Sea for many Years as well.

So I really had an Appreciation for this Display and Collection.

I've found that Groupings of any Collection make it a Statement and Visually Appealing, no matter what type of Collection it happens to be.

And if you Love Jewelry and all types of Bling... why not Display that en masse as well?

And one of the nicest things about Nature's Collectibles are that you can often obtain them directly from Nature and at no Cost... to build an instant Collection and Visual Impact regardless of Budget.

And if you've had Pretty Outfits from a Special Time, even if they don't fit now, why not Display them and Enjoy them?

Personally I've even bought Secondhand Outfits I just Love the look of even if they aren't my size just for that Purpose of Displaying them on my Antique Dress Forms.  It's also a Beautiful Backdrop for your Favorite Jewelry and keeps the pieces in sight to Enjoy and Remember you have, rather than stored away in Jewelry Boxes or Drawers.

I loved the stack of similar Vintage Quilted Jewelry Boxes in different but complimentary Hues.

And keeping those especially Pretty Valentine's Day Candy Box Hearts or Collecting the Vintage ones is another way to have Lovely Storage of your tinier Treasures.

There have also been many times when I've dried some of the Roses that The Man has bought me bouquets of... or used other dried Florals like Lavender and Baby's Breath for Display Purposes.  They can last quite a long time if properly cared for... and I often Scent them with Essential Oils.

Even the Bathrooms at the Event are laden with Found Treasures and Delightful Vignettes to Inspire you and have you Styling even your smallest Rooms and Hallways.
Or Creating your own Guest and Gift Baskets... which always make anyone Feel Special and Pampered because it's such a Thoughtful way to Express your Sentiments towards them during a Visit or Special Occassion!  I just LOVE Gift Baskets!!!

And Collections of Antique Mirrors scattered about reflect some of your Favorite Vignettes opposite them, so I like to utilize that Visual, especially in smaller rooms.

Small Fragments of Beautifully Ornate Architectural Salvage always look Romantic to me... the Victorian Era in particular paid such Attention to Detail and making things Pretty and Ornate rather than just Functional or Ordinary.

Yes, Color Stories of every Shade you could Imagine were Showcased in the Vignettes during this Event and I really Enjoyed the Variety.

And all the Sweet Details... even of the Display Pieces that weren't for Sale.

Such as this Adorable Miniature Hand-Made Bureau Style Jewelry Box!!!  LOVE IT!!!

And this nod to Mercury Glass... where the interior of Old Bottles was coated with Silver Paint and then Embellished with Vintage Lovelies Upcycled as Stoppers. 

And to me there's nothing more Romantic than every tiny Detail being Ultra Ornate... down to Doorknobs and Door Plates!   Which just HAPPEN to be yet another Weakness of mine to Collect!  *Winks*

Along with Ornate Old Frames because there are so many different uses for them...

And I'll be finding use of the other Images I took during the Event for a few more Posts.  *Winks*  So be sure to come back to see even more!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part II

We're back at SWEET SALVAGE to continue with the 'Color Stories' Event.  Princess T had wanted our own Girl's Day Out and so I took her on Saturday to the Event, when things had Calmed down to a more Family Friendly level rather than the Opening Day Shopping Frenzy Pace. 

This was a Leisurely Zen Shopping Experience and to Enjoy the Workshop on Chalk Painting that was being Hosted.  I could also take the time to do Justice to what I captured thru the Eye of my Lens and line up shots without random folks darting in and out of frame!  *Smiles* 

This will begin with the Colorless and Neutral Color Stories... of Aged Sepia, Soothing Greys and all Shades of White.   I have always been personally drawn to Sepia and have Decorated with it for Years as a preferred Palette that I Connect to strongly.  But I must say that when I'm beholding Beautiful Vignettes telling the Story of a Colorless Palette, they do speak to my Soul in a Comforting , Restful way, filled with the Essence of Serenity, even though I may never actually fully Embrace that Style in our own Home and my World will always have Color.

I have on occassion tried to banish Color during one of my Styling Experiments incorporating a Neutral or Colorless Palette of perhaps one room for a short time... it just didn't Work for us.  But I always Admire it in the Homes or Work Spaces of others who Live in Harmony with a Muted World devoid of most Colors.  It is indeed very Pleasing to the Eye because it isn't so Stimulating and therefore, evokes an Environment for Rest and to Calm Thoughts.  My Mind doesn't Race so much when I'm in a Room with a Colorless Story and the Senses are more Relaxed.

Grey is a perfect example of a Color Story that I have always thought is Simply Stated and yet Elegant and ever so Tasteful and Refined.   Everything Appears more Expensive in this Hue and I don't quite know why, it just does to me.   I would need less if I Decorated with the Grey Story because each piece would have more of a Statement and an Impact Independantly rather than as a Whole.   I notice the Details more of any Treasure that sports Grey paint.

And the Grey Color Story lends itself well to being combined with Crystal, Silver, Glass and Organics better than most other Colors in my Opinion.  As a Backdrop Grey doesn't Compete so much to get the Eye's Attention and so you can better Focus upon what else is being Showcased with it. 

And if you're a Fan of Vintage Industrial too... the mixing up of Zinc Elements, Stone and Steel or other Metals in your Grey Story can be quite the Visual Impact and also very Functional and Sturdy.

And all Shades of White... combining with all Shades of Grey, also go Well with other Neutrals and Organics.   Since most Architectural Salvage tend to be in those Hues... you can allow the Patina of Age to bring the Textures in and Liven Up the Colorless Story and bring depth and layers to it.

I really Enjoyed Photographing the Colorless Stories because most of the Images just tend to turn out so Well.

And you almost can't do Colorless without some Bling in the way of Rhinestones, Diamonds, Pearls, Frozen Charlottes, Crystals and Silver!  *Winks*    The Copper Oxidation is also a nice touch to give just a Hint of Color.

And yes, that's where we always tend to be drawn first... The Princess and I... towards Da Bling!  I do Believe it's in our DNA and has been passed down from Generation to Generation!!! *Winks*

Princess T virtually Camped Out in the Bling Sections of the Event... Mezmerized by the Jewelry Creations, Vials of German Glass Glitter and all that Sparkles and Shines!!!   We're really just a couple of Human Magpies and take Great Delight in Showing Off which ones we each Like or Love Best!!!

In fact, walking away from this Section empty handed takes an Amazing amount of Restraint for us lemme tell ya!!!  If ever I was to go down in flames it would be because of Da Bling and it's Irresistable Allure to us!  *Winks*  Luckily for me, everything that I'd really been Jonesin' for on Opening Day had Sold and gone Home with others... *Whew*... and so I was Content to come away with Inspiration and Images once again.  *Patting Self Proudly on her back!*   Though this particular Upcycled Spoon Necklace Created by my Friend Lilia of Corona Couture was just a Perfect Saying for Moi dontcha think? *LOL*

Yes, I Admit it was Mildly Disappointing that The Peacock Vase was gone, because in Truth that is what I'd come back for when I knew I'd have sufficient time to get thru checkout and no Time Constraints this Day.  But I was Okay with it... and I know that there will be more Beautiful Bohemian Bling Creations that I can Save up for too.  Not that my Jewelry Boxes aren't already overflowing and my Dress Form Gals Adorned with Mister T Starter Kits slung around their necks... but can one ever have too much Bling?  I think not!!!

Certainly Princess T and I spent the majority of our time Lusting over and Fondling just about every Creation in the Bling Sections and she was definitely on Fire for Vials of German Glass Glitter... but I had Visions of Elmer's Glue Meets German Glass Glitter and it NOT being a Good Thing depending upon what she decided to Glitterize around Bohemian Valhalla??!?!??  *Shudder*

Especially since she was Sharing such Sentiments as... "See, I could make your Antique Trophies Prettier, just like Miss Myko's Gramma!"  *Insert me clutching chest reminiscent of Redd Foxx and staggering to the side!  LOL*   "Miss Myko's Glitterized Trophies ARE Gorgeous... but Gramma wants her very Old Antique Brass and Bronze Trophy Collection just as they are Sweetheart!!!  And if I want a Glitterized one, we'll just buy one of hers one day shall we and Save you the toil and trouble!"  *Winks*

I try to distract her in Vain by showing her some more Amazing Bling nearby...

"PUL-EEEE-AAAASSSS-EEEEE Gramma??!??!", she Attempts to wear me down and Stalk me holding a Vial of the Coveted Glitter for almost the rest of the time we're there!!!  *Le Sigh*  But I didn't Cave... and I kept trying to ditch her, because Lord knows, when in the hands of she and the Young Prince, just how far one small Vial of German Glass Glitter would go?  *Gasp and a Shudder!!!!!!!!!??!??!??!??!??*   I'm already having Flashbacks by then of the time they got into my Tim Holtz Distress Stains... and my weren't we Distressed in more ways than one!  *Arghhhh!!!!*

So I'm pointing out random things to her, anything to throw her off her Game and not thinking Glitterized Thoughts!!!  The Ole' Bait and Switch Technique.

Or thinking upon Projects Gramma can Handle them doing... and totally stand behind!?  I'm Desperately looking around for anything that could be a Potential Project that won't give me a Heart Attack or Stroke?!?

And Mercifully this was IT!!!!!   Ta-Da, Miss Cynthia and Mister Ron's Vignette of Vintage Lace Embellished Rocks Created by an Artist Relative of theirs and absolutely Breath-taking!  Now this is something I could stand behind the Kiddos Creating for Bohemian Valhalla!!!  We have Rocks... we have Vintage Lace, Beaded and Embroidered Appliques Galore!!!  Yeah... and if they REALLY get Into It I could have a Production Line going in the Studio and piles of Lovely Lacy Rocks festooning everything and anything without Mess and Mayhem!

Well... unless they start using them as Weapons against each other that is... a thing of Loveliness upside the head could still do some serious damage... so maybe I should Ponder this a bit longer...

Just to be on the Safe Side... given which Kids we're talkin' bout here!!!  *LOL*

They are Stunning though... and I do think the Kiddos would have a blast Creating something like this out of my Vintage and Antique Lace Scraps and Embellishments... and it's not something I'd have to find room for on the Refrigerator Door!  *Winks*

And the Perfect Distraction happened by, just in time before I lost my Mind about Incessant Glitter Requests... Princess T spied one of her Favorite People at The Sweet... Mister Ron... who she had missed seeing last Month even though she looked and looked for him, almost at the exclusion of all else... and so was Delighted to be able to spend time with him this Month!!!   She forgot all about Glitter... Thanks Ron, I owe ya one my Friend!  *Winks*

And it's always such a Joy to run into so many of our Friends at these Monthly Pilgrimages to the Event.

I can get so mired down in Social Isolation here in Caregiving Mode that I really do look forward to time spent meeting up with and Socializing with Special People in our Lives who are always a Source of Inspiration, Encouragement, Laughter, Good Times and a boost to the Spirit.

It is so very True that Birds of a Feather DO Flock Together and we have a really Super Flock around here!  *Winks*

And even though our Time spent together is brief and not nearly long enough... we do so Enjoy every Moment of it.

Because the Quality of Time spent with people is always more Important than the Quantity.

And we do Hope that you here in the Land of Blog will Join us Virtually again for even more Color Stories at SWEET SALVAGE in Posts to come?  Because there's still so much Color that has a Story to tell and we haven't yet Covered... but we will!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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