Monday, December 30, 2013

As We Say Farewell To 2013

At the close of every Year and saying Farewell to it, I always like to sit back in a comfy armchair and browse thru the Photo Archives that made up the Year that is ending.   Its so easy to Forget some of the activities and everyday events that happened during the Year and this helps me to recall those things that perhaps didn't stand out so vividly in Memory until an Image prompts it. 

Though I'm certainly looking forward to the New Year, I do also like to look back upon this Year Month by Month via my Photo Archives, at least one last time, just to Remember.
Yes, we started the Year of 2013 trying to get Princess T into her own room and more importantly, to spend the Nights there.   It didn't work, but the room sure turned out nice and she likes it, during the Daytime... but as of yet won't actually sleep there... or sleep alone... so we'll keep working on that thru this New Year and maybe beyond.  *Smiles*

The Year also brought some Weddings, Births and Deaths... such is the Cycle of Life.

Some of the Grandkids moved from Childhood into Young Adulthood as they entered into their Teens this past Year, making them practically unrecognizable by Year's End they had changed and grown up so much right before our eyes!  Watching the Metamorphosis from Childhood into Puberty is such an Amazing thing isn't it?  Prince R still looked like a Boy at the beginning of the Year when this Image was taken... and by Year's End was quickly becoming a Young Man and finding his place in Life.
Sure, I always Imagine what this Gramma will do once I get the G-Kid Force Raised and out of the house eventually... and FINALLY have an Empty Nest well into my Golden Years.  But I suspect that there will also be much that I will miss about having a house full of Children and Young Adults too and the Energy that it brings to a Home.

As a completely Nostalgic Type I always Enjoy taking Trips back down Memory Lane... whether it's just going back thru the Present Year or further.   So in my Photo Archives I shall always find those Images of Treasures I had Forgotten about because I didn't Purchase them, but did Preserve them thru the Eye of my Lens.

And it's always Interesting to me to try to recall where I was at the time the Images were taken and what was I doing... who came along... or how very long it might have been since I was at a particular Place or Event... sometimes it just doesn't seem as long ago as it actually was!

And of coarse when you're a Pathological Picture Taker such as myself, you will always have a slew of Images you didn't use in a Blog Post and completely Forgot about until you revisit the Photo Archives once again and dredge them up!  *LOL*

And think to yourself, I really like that Image, why didn't I use it?  Or maybe even forgot about a block of Images you took and Intended to get around to using... but as Time marched on, it never happened.   As Time marches on a lot of things can fall into that category can't they, things that never happen and you Intended to get around to!?

And other things we didn't actually Intend or Plan whatsoever and yet did get around to!  *Smiles*  Like the Opening this Year of my Second Showroom, which happened by pure Serendipity when it Vacated and was offered to me!   And yes, as you can clearly see, Spirit showed up to Celebrate with us!  Some Special Events have that aspect of pure Serendipity to them.

And because I tend to Linger, I haven't even gone thru but half the Year of Archived Images of 2013 yet... taking my Time and just fondly Remembering.   Which is yet another reason why I also Love the Land of Blog so much... since it's a Virtual Journey we're taking Together and I can revisit Archived Posts of mine... or yours... or even Discover New Blogs and go back thru their Posts, which will all be New and Fresh to me regardless of when they were initially Posted. 

Things will Re-Inspire me every time I look at them again... or perhaps with Fresh Eyes as if for the first time... no matter how long ago I received the First Inspiration from them.

And there will be Future Good Times with Loved Ones to look forward to, while also fondly remembering Past Good Times with them.
And the Missing of those Loved Ones who have moved away and we can't spend Precious Time with anymore except Virtually... which is Nice, but just not quite the same.

But in just a few short days we'll be putting on our Party Hats and Ushering in a brand New Year...

Or our Tiaras or Crowns... *Winks*
And I Hope you're looking forward to 2014 as much as we are?
I'll see you down the road my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hey... That's Mine!

"Hey that's Mine!!!", those words ring out more often than I like lately... and half the time it's me saying it now!  *LOL*
You might recall me mentioning that with the Giving Spirit of the Holidays ramped up and Goodwill Towards All Men temporarily suspending their Nature to fuss and fight all the time and be disagreeable, the G-Kid Force had voluntarily entered into a good ole' mutually beneficial agreeable Gypsy Swap with Gramma.
A Swap I might add, that actually worked MORE in THEIR favor since I Traded a Brand New Laptop I'd received for my Birthday in August and never even turned on... for a Nook with a broken Screen that had previously belonged to one clumsy Princess who kept dropping it.  But it still played 'Pandora' just fine and that's all I ever wanted anyway way back in August, because I'm a Simple person like that. 'Til The Man insisted I needed MORE Technology than I actually wanted for my Birthday and was dead set on buying me a Laptop I knew I'd never use or figure out and we found out couldn't play 'Pandora' so it was essentially useless to me!  *LOL*  

He means well and always has the best of Intentions, but this is precisely why I prefer cold hard Cash and usually Shop for my own Gifts for Special Occasions!  *Winks*   The Trade went full circle when both of the G-Kids mutually Agreed to Share the remaining intact Nook that had belonged to Prince R so that they both could use and Share the New Laptop too.  Deal Sealed.  We're all Happy.

I could sit here listening to 'Pandora' while I Blogged, corresponded on FB or did my Bookkeeping tasks... with my crack-screen Nook propped up against my Dancing Gypsy Sculpture, they still had a pristine Nook and a new Laptop to play with, all was right with the World.

But then a strange thing began happening, MY Nook started disappearing!!!   Disappearing without permission to be borrowed, uh oh, whatssup with THAT?!?  I'm an Avid Hunter of Found AND Lost Treasures, so I'd eventually locate it... usually with a G-Kid attached to it!!!  "Hey, that's MINE!", would ring out... I felt like another one of the Kids!  *LOL*

And it's not that I'm Selfish and mind Sharing, it's just that so much of MY Stuff seems to end up a 'Help Yourself' without asking... and potentially getting Jacked Up scenario... and I DO have a problem with that!   I realize that Gramma's Stuff is Uber Cool and quite the Temptation to Prance around in... and Live The Dream while Strutting your Stuff in...

I can't begin to tell you how many times thruout any given Day I find Princess T AND her Posse of Future Divas of America all Pimped out in Gramma's Boots, Wardrobe and Bangles... and it's Cute, so as long as none of it heads out the door or gets Jacked Up, and gets returned to it's rightful place, I'm typically Cool with that.

But the Nook is another Story and here's why... IF and when it is ever brought back, it's completely drained of energy and deader than roadkill.   And this is usually when I've decided to come here and Work and Listen to Pandora on it!   Now... it HAS a Charger, but do you think anyone remembers to put it on the Charger and Charge it back up... since Gramma ALWAYS keeps it Charged up when it's in MY possession!?!   No... no they don't... and there's that busted screen issue, I don't want it dragged around 'til the severely cracked screen falls out or it quits functioning altogether!!! 

And besides, don't you guys have a Nook AND a Laptop now?!  "Uh, yeah, but ours is dead too...", is the typical Deer Caught In The Headlights response I get!   So... why dontcha put YOURS on the Chargers and keep 'em Charged Up so that you'll leave MINE alone?!???!???  It's as if they never thought of that option... and won't remember it by Tomorrow either by the way... no wonder these Kids are deemed 'Special'... it's like teaching a clueless Puppy to pee on the paper!!!   Which BTW is why we've NEVER had a Puppy in my Household... grew up with Dogs and have no delusions... Cats are so much easier, cleaner and more Independant!   And please, no Hate Mail from Dog Lovers... I like Dogs just fine, just don't wanna own and raise one, I've got my hands full enough with this here Crew!  *Winks*

And I know... I know... most of them usually turn out just fine as The Son reminds me every time he comes for a visit.  *LOL*  He reminds me of what a huge handful he was and what a Hopeless Cause some thought he'd be as a Youngster, yet he turned out just fine.  And he says that some of his Sister's Kids might just turn out fine too... we just don't know which ones yet!?  *Bwahahah!*  Because after all, look at his Sister... {It's an Inside Joke we've all learned to laugh about rather than cry in a Dark Humor way we have, even his Sister, who freely admits that she didn't turn out just fine.}

"And besides, they only take your Nook Mom." he says... "It's not like they took your Vehicle... and took the Cops on a high speed pursuit thru the City..." {Another Inside Dark Joke involving the Prodigal Older Sister in her Youth.}   Okay, so maybe he didn't even add that part out of Respect since I ain't done Living yet and this duo of his Sister's Kids are not yet Grown... maybe it was just me remembering and weighing the merits of only having a Nook 'borrowed' without permission, which ain't so bad after all in the grand scheme of things!?!  *Smiles*

Sometimes you just have to keep things in Perspective and realize how Lucky you are at this Moment in Time... especially when Kiddos are involved!  *Smiles*

"Just have a Glass of Wine me Love", my Dear Wise Aunty June Advised... "And wait for the bloody Nook to Re-Charge..."  {We both break out into Hysterical Laughter during the course of our Phone Call about things that aren't really Funny-Ha-Ha!}  Yeah, as you probably already Guessed, my Aunty June, now in her Eighties, is my 'Go To Gal' when I need Sage Advise, a Good Laugh and Years of Wisdom in Raising a half dozen Kids AND G-Kids... she's already been there, done that... and come out the other side with an Amazing sense of Humor intact!   Thanks Aunty June, you totally always ROCK!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, December 28, 2013

End Of Year Reflections

After the whirlwind of various Holiday Festivities of the past three Months, this is the Time of Year where things slow down and return more to the normal pace of Life for us.  A Time of Quieter End of Year Reflections and Contemplation of what Goals and Vision to set for the upcoming New Year.

I've always been a Goal Oriented Individual and so I look forward to the end of the current Year and Fresh Possibilities for the New One.  I've always made January 1st my jumping off point for any New Goals and Vision... a New Year seems a Perfect starting point for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts don't you think?

I suppose you could choose any Date to begin, but I'd be inclined to Forget other Dates more easily when gauging how well I'm progressing towards newly established Goals and Vision.  I can always remember starting something on the first day of a New year, so it happens to work well for me to just choose that Date every Year and keep it consistent.

I may not accomplish everything I've set out to do... but having Plans and  Goals tends to make me more committed and accountable towards the end results so that at least some things do come together as I'd Hoped they would.   And lets face it, reaching some Goals and Milestones Creates Momentum and gives me a sense of Accomplishment that propels me further forward.

Though 2013 was a particularly difficult Year for our Family and unforseen circumstances derailed me considerably, so a lot of things had to be sidelined or put on the back burner for an unspecified period of Time, I was still saturated with Inspiration throughout the Year.

Being a very Visually Inspired person, I like to Archive as many Inspirational Visuals as I can to come back to when the Time is Right and ripe to Act upon whatever they Inspired me to Do.  Some things have been Archived longer than others, but I've found that if it ever Inspired me it will never cease to Inspire me regardless of how much Time has lapsed and passed.

It's always Exciting when the Time comes to actually put the wheels in Motion to begin a Project or become absolutely Determined to reach a Goal of Manifesting a Vision into Reality.   I'm Tenacious once I've made up my Mind to Invest my Time, Talents and Treasures into something I consider worthwhile, I'm not easily deterred.  Even if it's something I Attempted once, or even more than once, and perhaps wasn't as successful at those times around for whatever reason. 

Sometimes the Time just isn't Right to Attain a certain level of Success... but that doesn't mean it won't always be so.  So there are some Goals, some Visions, that have been revisited at the beginning of various New Years.

If I ever DID reach a level of Success at something, I always Feel that I could go further the next time... or Maintain better now that I've had more Experience and know what might have caused certain Failures, Obstacles or Setbacks in the Past.

One such Goal that has been revisited off and on for several Years now for me has been Weight Loss.  After having had a Hysterectomy around my Fifties suddenly I had a Problem that I'd never experienced before... being overweight and gaining lots of weight without Lifestyle changes.  So, with this new Metamorphosis brought on by Menopause I now had to make some Changes after a Lifetime of never having had to.  Some things worked with perseverance and diligence, for a time anyway and Thankfully I Documented each Victory while it lasted as Future Encouragement and Inspiration that I could do this.  But the struggle became a Constant... and still is my most frustrating of Battles.

I felt more like ME when the weight came off since most of my Life I've been a decent smaller size, and of coarse I was a much Healthier and Happier Version of me at the weight I should be for optimum Health and Function.   Sure, that Ideal figure on the Scale has become re-calculated with Advanced Seasons of Life, I couldn't carry off the diminutive size I was in my Youth anymore and I wouldn't want to, I look better heavier as a Senior, just not as heavy as I am now.  Besides, finding Fab Wardrobe for a size One was as difficult as finding a Fab Wardrobe for being Plus Sized.   So as the G-Kids described my Victory Weight at the time, I'm ascribing to be a 'Size Medium' now.  *LOL*  Me at 'Size Medium' at Age Fifty Plus just looked and felt Right, don't you think?  I decided 2014 is the Year I want and NEED to look and Feel Good like this again and Maintain it longer this time around if possible and Ideally Indefinitely?!

This hit Home especially in recent days with the back and joint pain increasing exponentially, as well as the lack of Stamina... much of which is excess weight and not just Age related.  I NEED to be in better Shape than this, being sidelined or bedridden due to poor Condition is just not an Option that will work at all.

It will be a Gift to myself to get Healthier and spend more Time doing what I'm also Passionate about and have set other Goals and Vision for in 2014.  And I know that I'm Worth it.

May you Attain your Goals, Dreams and Vision for the New Year too my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Holidays Blues ~ Crash Landing Back To Reality

We had an absolutely Awesome Christmas and Holiday Season this Year... there was so much to be Thankful for and The Family and my Dear Friends exceeded my Gift Expectations and went above and beyond in Spoiling me rotten!   Check out for instance the Taxidermy Pheasant I bought with some of the Gift $$$ from The Son.  It will soon be Pimped Out in Gypsy Finery.  You wouldn't Believe how much of a Bargain I got it for, it was practically Free I tell ya!

But you know, sometimes when things are so Perfect during the Holidays or a Vacation, it's so easy to fall into the Post Holiday or Vacation Blues as you have a Crash Landing back to Reality when it's all over.   I suppose that's what happened to me Yesterday... I had my Crash Landing Day!?  Or perhaps I came down from the Sugar Blaze I'd been on, since I rarely eat Sweets and Sugar, but during the Holidays the Sugar Devil can be particularly Tempting... and bottoming out from a Sugar High can be brutal too!

Sure... I was still totally Jazzing on my Fab Christmas Gifts... many of which I'd also had the Joy of Shopping for with my Christmas Gift $$$... and having extra Cash to go on an Egocentric Shopping Spree is always quite the Rush isn't it?  *Winks*  Indulging in Retail Therapy can help keep Spirits High and Soaring in fact... so inevitably you have to Land sometime!

Especially when you Discover something really Awesome to add to your Favorite Collections... like this Carnival Kitsch Puppy from 1930 that is Signed and Dated with the Carnival it came from.  This too was procured with some of the Christmas Cash that The Son gave me... and for a mere Seven Bucks I was giddy with Excitement since now these Kitschy Collectible Treasures can be pricey. 

So... what the hell was wrong with me Yesterday when I had the worst ever case of the Post Holidays Blues in recent Memory?   Well, the Crash Landing back to Reality started in the Front Kitchen... you know, that Room that I had Tirelessly slogged away at Transforming into Functional Retro Splendor.  Only now it looked like Ground Zero after a Nuclear Attack!   Sure, the Sweet Retro Candy Canisters I'd 'Scored' for Christmas to put The G-Force's Cereals in looked Awesome... IF you could GET TO them across the Wasteland that had become the Kitchen's Floor?!? 
Seriously, you could take your Life into your hands navigating the obstacle course of Food Boxes generously supplied by Local Churches and Schools that I hadn't had the stamina to put away yet into the Pantry at the back of the house.  And I felt so Guilty and Ashamed about not just being Grateful and Appreciative of the Generosity, because it IS a Huge Blessing to have such a bounty of non-perishables given to feed this brood for the New Year.  We'd received so much, with everyone knowing about The Man's Catastrophic Event this Summer and long road to Recovery. 

Yet having several heavy boxes laden with food at the front of the house, which needed to be navigated thru the narrow transom doors and through the maze of rooms to the back of the house is no small feat, especially with a sore back.  Which had become sore after doing hours of Pre-Holiday Laundry, which was still sitting around in baskets waiting to be put away.  And then there was the usual After Christmas Mess that is the Dark Side to every Holiday with Hosting Family and Friends.  So it was all quite overwhelming to me all of a sudden because it had to be done and I was an Army of One. 

 The Man is still a 'Fall Risk' so I can't afford to keep things cluttered and messy until I feel like getting around to it... and I wasn't feeling like getting around to anything Truth be told.  The G-Kid Force are driving me Crazy being Fussy and already claiming Boredom only days into Winter Break and receiving their Christmas Bounty!!!  *WHAT!!!*   When they crash for the Night I'm so relieved... and no matter how difficult they were, in slumber they always look so Precious... especially The Beast Princess, who slumbers in all kinds of Interesting places during the Holidays making me laugh out loud!   This particular Night she had fallen asleep under the Coffee Table so she could be as close to the Christmas Tree as possible!  *Smiles*

Not to mention that the G-Kid Force are still at that Age where running constant damage control behind them and their Friends can be a full time job on a regular day... and during the Holidays, Forget About It!  Their Attention Span is miniscule and New Toys have them and their Posse playing with everything and nothing all at once and they're still on a heady Holiday High.  New Toys and Experiencing them are like Kiddie Crack, they can't get enough and the overstimulation short-circuits them and they soon go haywire!  *LOL* 

Sometimes they do their part to clean up after themselves, in their fashion, and for a minute they get along and play well with others.  Other times the battle to get them to do their part is even more exhausting than just doing it myself and just banishing them all from the house to Torment some of the other Kid's in the Posse's Families for a while, especially when they all begin to not get along and play well with others! *Smiles*  Hey, Sharing is Caring I hear!  I can only wear my Referee Shirt and Whistle for small portions of each day keeping the Peace before I'm not having Fun anymore either!  *LOL*  When there's so many Kiddos in the house it's beginning to look like a Day Care, Gramma's had enough now!  *Winks*

Thankfully my Case of the Post Holidays Blues only lasted a single day.  *Whew*   And Today I got busy doing what had to be done and began tackling it all... and actually it didn't kill me and I still had time to do some Pleasurable things and just Relax after a Whirlwind Holiday Season concluded.  I had Time to sit back and Enjoy some of my New Christmas Gifts of Enchantment.  This is yet another Found Treasure I bought with The Son's Christmas Cash... an Awesome Burlwood Vase Signed by the Artist.  Just look at that Natural Patina to the Wood... Divine!!!  And it was "Picked" for less than THREE BUCKS!  *Gasp!*

And this is the other side, which has the most Fabulous Natural Bluish Hue to the Wood... I'm no Wood Expert so I'd be Interested to know what kind of Wood this was Created from?  And it's cut from a single chunk, so both Hues are part of the same Tree, which is mind boggling the diversity of Coloration in one piece of Wood!!!

And if anyone is Familiar with this Artist or can decipher the Signature, please Help a Sista out, since I'd like to know more about their body of Work.

I had been Admiring a Pom-Pom Scarf Wrap at Target for Winter wear... but didn't want to pay the Retail Price.  So Imagine my Delight when I'm "Pickin" and come across the Identical Scarf for less than a Buck... Booyah!!!   As well as the Victorian Style Fringed Lampshade for a Buck, which will be Dyed Black and Embellished Gypsy Style as a New Year's Project.

I think that the New Year's Projects will keep the Blues at bay, since when I'm Creating and Transforming Spaces, I'm in my own Bubble of Bliss... it tempers Reality and the harshness it can bring to even the best of Families.  And I must say that I'm Optomistic that 2014 will bring forth Blessings so Abundant they will be difficult to contain and so will have to be Shared and spread around!

And really, Blue isn't such a bad Color if you look at it in the right Perspective rather than as a Mood... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl