Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brass Armadillo Sale Event Sneak Preview...

As Promised I'm going to take you around THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST before the Big Sale Event {August 2nd through 5th} for a Sneak Preview of what the Dealers are bringing into Inventory!!!

We have a brand new Dealer that has a Case filled with Rare and Antique Books and German Collectibles.  A List of our new Dealers and their Locations in the Mall are right behind the 57 Chevy Greeter Station for your convenience.

I was mezmerized by the Awesome Selection in this Case... many of the Books date back to the 1800's and the Prices are Budget Friendly... so Book Lovers will be in 7th Heaven!

There were also Vintage Tins with Great Graphics...

And Beautiful Chainmail Antique Bags...

And this Moreau Cherub Urn was to die for!!!

LOVE IT!!!  If only Money were no object huh?!  *Winks* 

But, I did "Score" this tiny Antique German Prayer Book for a mere Ten Bucks!!!  It matches our 300 year Old European Family Bible perfectly so I was Jazzed to obtain it so reasonably!

And for it's Age it is in remarkable Condition and so Beautiful.

In fact, I don't think you can beat the Beauty of Old Books, they Display so well...

I would have liked to have bought them ALL!  I wouldn't be ME if I didn't have that Urge to have it All now would I?!  *LOL*

The Gilded and Tooled Covers were just Stunning!!!

And check out these Vintage Atomizer Perfume Bottles for only Four Bucks each!!!

And this Lovely set of Roseville Dutchware... the complete Set for only $75!!!

And Hummels starting as low as $10 each!!!

And if you're Styling your Man Cave... how about some Gators?!  This looks like a whole Family of 'em!?  *LOL*

Yes, there are lots of just brought into Inventory Mantiques around the Mall as well...

And for Lovers of Spiritually Inspired Pieces you're going to be in 7th Heaven too because an entire new Showroom is filled with them!


Check out that German Pipe... how Cool is that?!?

And my Friend Antonio has re-stocked his Booths and a brand new Showroom with some Awesome Treasures and Antiquities!!!

I've noticed lots of Vintage Trunks, Steamers and Suitcases coming into Inventory around the Mall...

Here's a peek into my Friend Antonio's new Showroom... that 1800's piece is Fabulous!!!

And the Antiques Last Rites Shadowbox Pieta is Gorgeous.

Here is the Plaque from 1883 Presenting this Amazing Piece to a Reverend.

And the Lovely Retablo showcases Religious Art Beautifully.

There's also some Lovely Crystal and Silverplate Pieces... I liked that Piece on the Left.

And this Sepia Photograph cracked me up!  Maybe that should be Inspiration for my next Halloween Ensemble, waddya think?  *Winks*

The Globe set completely with Semi-Precious and Precious Stones is unbelievably Detailed and Beautiful!!!

There is just so much to fall in Love with in Antonio's Booths and new Showroom.

Like this Ornate Floor Urn... I could just envision that loaded up with Peacock Feathers. *Winks*

And while we're on the Topic of Exotic... there's another new Booth loaded up with Bellydancing Wardrobe in every Hue and other Exotic Fabrics...

So if you've been seeking out your Bellydancing Ensemble...

This is the place to go!!!  *Winks*

I "Heart" Exotic Fabrics!!!

And remember Emmett Kelly the Iconic Weary Willie Hobo Clown Circus Performer {1898-1979}?

This is a Great Collectible of the Iconic Character!

And these Huge Antique Apothecary Jars are Swoon Worthy!!!

And there is an entire Collection of 1940's LIFE Magazines...

I had so much Fun just enjoying the Cover Images!

And this Vintage Green Luggage Set with Velvet Lining caught my Eye.

As do Vintage Dress Forms... *Winks*

Are you having Fun as we get Sneak Peeks at all the new Inventory?  Is there anything yet that you have on your 'Wish List'?  Remember that during the Event EVERYTHING will be 15% off!!!

I'm still Lusting after that English Cottage Oil Painting in my Friends Myko & Brett's new Showroom.

And Myko has a Bassinett full of Vintage Bears, many wearing Tiaras and Bohemian Bling!

And I spied some Mother Of Pearl Opera Glasses for less than Eight Bucks!

And a Fab Collection of Vintage Perfume Atomizers... I'm particularly Adoring the Blue one!

And more Architectural Salvage has been brought in for the Event...

If you're a Woman after my own Heart you Adore Architectural Salvage!!!

And if Prince R ever wants to start playing the Trumpet I'd Love to get him this Gorgeous Vintage Instrument in a Killer Case...

Just look at the Label!!!  How Cool is that?!?!???!

It's just an added Bonus that it holds a Beautiful Vintage Instrument... because I fell in Love with the Case alone!  *LOL*

I could fill up Trunks full of Lovelies in fact... there is such an Awesome Selection of Found Treasures just waiting for your Discovery!

So be sure to stop by and get yours during the Big Sales Event August 2nd through 5th!  And Dealers, don't forget our next Dealer's Breakfast will be held August 4th at 8:00 a.m.... see you there!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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