Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections Of 2011


I learned to do Photo Mosaics and various other Photo Editing Techniques... which greatly enlarged my Blogging, Artistic Expression and Photography Horizons! *Winks*  I also did my 1st Photo Mosaic and used it on my 1st Mosaic Monday Post.  Thank You again to Mary of LITTLE RED HOUSE for the Tutorial, Links and encouragement to learn to do this... you changed my Blog World in a Beautiful way. 


This was a tough Month for the Bohemian Valhalla Clan as The Man was Hospitalized during Valentine's Day and on his Birthday.  But the Generosity of The Land Of Blog peeps moved and touched me and also made it like Christmas in February.


Sadly, March marked the Closing of my Friend Kendra's Shop, SAGE, which had been one of my favorite places to find Industrial Salvage Style and European Treasures for years and I still miss that place!  But be sure Kendra is on to bigger and better things as a Stylist extraordinaire... always LOVING your distinctive Style and sense of humor Girlfriend!!!

But there was the unveiling of a couple of my Friend's Dream Caravans... 'The Bliss Lounge' which belongs to my Friend Tricia and 'The Rust & Roses Mini Manse' which belongs to my Friend Shelly... one day I Hope to have an unveiling of my Gypsy Caravan that The Man is seeking for me... you Gals have certainly Inspired me and set the bar high!!!


But April marked the Grand Opening of my Friend Heidi's Shop, PARIS MONTANA ... Where you can find amazing couture Jewelry and Fashions ... be sure I now have some in my Wardrobe! *Winks*  Heidi and Tricia are amazing Artists and Designers and I'm always eager to see their new Lines... check out the Link for a Gypsy Style Holiday Fashion extravaganza and the new Victorian Ceiling Tin Jewelry which was featured at the Country Music Awards!!  You Gals ROCK!!!

And Blogland Generosity abounded this Month and it was like Christmas in April as Special Surprise Gifts arrived in the Mail!!!  And the best Gift of all was another Precious One added to the extended Family, fresh from the Father... Prince AX... Grand-Auntie Dawn LOVES having even more wee ones to spoil rotten! *Winks*


May was a very sad Month as we bid Goodbye to our Beloved Fur Baby of almost 20 years, Rat Boy.  She was quite a Character... yes, Rat Boy was actually a Girl... who never thought of herself as a Cat at all... and ate and did everything the Children and G-Kids did and was my constant Companion for almost two decades... I still miss her presence and her crazy antics to make me Smile every day.  She simply would not allow me to be down or sad and that was a Priceless Gift.


I learned to do Photo Textures during this Month... further expanding my Blogging possibilities, Creative expression and Photo Enhancements.  Yes, Blogging has stretched me to learn something new constantly and become more Tech savvy in the process and not be so timid with Technology and in sharing my Passions, Life and Story within the Blogging Community.  Being a Private person this was a new experience to me and I must say it switched from being a Personal Journal and Journey to being so much more than I ever imagined it could or would be... and what a Joy that has been.  I want to Thank each and every one of you who came for a visit... came back again and again... took the time out of your busy days to leave comments, e-mails and offer encouragement, support and most of all your Friendship... it is truly Priceless!


July left us facing another Personal Crisis as Mom got seriously ill directly after her Birthday and the long process began of Intensive Care, Hospitalizations, and Nursing Home placement until we could get her well enough to move to Cali with my Brother.  The Man had to rush Home early from Alaska to assist and we took some much needed time off as a Family to do a Tranquility Tour to a favorite place, Jerome.  I did however Celebrate my one year Blogaversary this Month and the support, Prayers and encouragement from the Blogland Community was uplifting during a particularly dark time for our Family.


This Month marked the Grand Opening of my Friends Kim & Katie's new Shop, SWEET SALVAGE, a once a Month Occassional Sale on the 3rd Thursday, it has fast become a Local Favorite Event each Month and we look forward to the Theme and the Special Guest Artist Featured and attending.
The 'Sweet Team' do an amazing job of putting together and Hosting a feast for the Senses and a Junquer's Paradise... and each Month I've bumped into Blog Friends at the Events and meeting in Person has been a Special Bonus Treat.


This Month marked another Beautiful addition to the extended Family... my Niece's little bundle of Joy... Princess AB... fresh from the Father.  I was present at the Birth and watching the Miracle of Life coming into this World is a Beautiful thing indeed and not much compares!!!  Another Precious One to spoil... Grand-Auntie Dawn LOVES it!!! *Winks*


This is a Month we always look forward to as we begin the Seasonal Celebrations that will extend through New Years.  Starting with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Celebrations.  For those of us who enjoy dressing up, decorating and reveling in the Holidays it is a Festive Time and the Sugar Skulls and Velvet Pumpkins abounded.


This Month marks a Time for us to reflect upon all that we have Thanksgiving about... expressions of Gratitude and being Thankful... nothing beats a Grateful Heart or keeps it down... and we here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence had much to be Thankful for once again as we reflected upon our Blessings and what the Lord had brought us through in 2011.


And though we had the scare and Crisis of The Man's Stroke & Hospitalization during the Holiday Season... and Mom having to go back into a Nursing Home in Cali... we still managed to have a Blessed and Memorable Christmas Season and we find ourselves ever Hopeful and looking forward to a New Year with endless possibilities and many more Blessings and adventures... I can hardly wait!!!
May 2012 be all that you Hoped for and Dream of...

Have a Safe & Happy New Year my Friends... Coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Friday, December 30, 2011

When There Are No Words

Yesterday and Today will be spent attending the Funeral, Mass and Memorial Service of the Husband of a very Dear long time Friend, he passed Christmas Eve and she called to tell me on Wednesday Night.

There really are no words to offer sufficient comfort at a time like this.  The timing of the Passing is particularly difficult for everyone who suffered this loss... Christmas Eve...

This is an elderly couple with a very large extended Family, all of which had traveled to Arizona from all over the Country and State this year to spend time Celebrating the Joy of the Holidays together... instead they had to prepare for a Funeral and Memorial of their Loved One and experience Grief together.

Granted, when you reach a certain old age death is inevitable... and this Man had lived a very long and full Life, which will be Celebrated by his Friends and Family.

And yet my Heart goes out to my Friend, his Widow, our Families have known each other and been close since we first moved to Arizona in the early 1970's.  This is a Woman I greatly admire the Strength and Faith of because she has gone through and overcome so much, even before this.

This is a Strong, Independant Woman who raised her six Children as a Divorced Single Parent without any help, and without even knowing how to drive.

Whose youngest Adult Child was the victim of a vicious assault that left her near dead and in a vegetative state... and even after the Doctors gave up... our Friend didn't.  She nursed her Daughter back to health and helped her regain relatively high function and the ability to live independantly again... while also raising her Daughter's young Child to Adulthood.

Always Strong in Faith and with a cheerful, positive attitude... always willing to help others and uplift those who were going through the issues of Life, she really has been an Inspiration to me and a loyal Friend to our Family for almost 40 years now.

Yet even though she has been through and overcome so much in a Lifetime, that would have surely wrecked a less resilient and strong Soul, she told me that this was particularly difficult, because it was so final, she'd never had to do something like this before, bury a Husband... and during the Holidays no less!!! 

The pain, loss and Grief was evident and tangible... and what do you say when there are no words?

Well... you don't have to say anything really... just Be There and Care with Sincerity and Love... and we will.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Every Day Holds Promise

I confess that as each New Year approaches I get excited at the Promise it holds.

Each New Year seems like a Fresh Start and that's how I always view it.

And it causes me to forget the reality that EVERY DAY holds equal Promise!!!

And is an opportunity for a Fresh Start!!!

We don't have to wait until a whole New Year rolls around... and yet, sometimes we do, don't we?

Instead of recognizing that each Morning holds Promise and Possibilities every day of the year... be it this year or the New one rolling in on January 1st.

I always forget and neglect to make my Resolutions Daily... and so very often I wait until the beginning of a New Year to get busy with those things that I resolve I'll attempt to accomplish... 

I very often wait to set new Goals, Visions and Plans in motion at the start of every New Year rather than every New Day!

And as I pause and reflect upon that... well, I wonder WHY???!!!!!!

Why do the majority of us tend to do that?  Because I know I'm not the only one.

Many people I know are talking about the Hope of the New Year bringing brighter and better things and intend in setting their New Year's Plans and Resolutions in motion after January 1st.

At Midnight on New Year's Eve we'll all Celebrate and get excited at the Promise the New Year might hold and that we Hope it will.

And though there's absolutely nothing wrong with that... it is a shame that we don't tend to feel and behave that way DAILY... at the dawning of each new day we're given!

That each Morning we don't wake up with the same enthusiasm, happiness, celebratory attitude and Hope that we do at the stroke of Midnight on New Year's Eve.

That quite often we wait to get together with those we most cherish only during the 'Special' occassions and Holidays rather than making it a daily occurrance or at the very least a lot more often.

Life is in fact something to Celebrate... to be Thankful for and enthusiastic about each DAY... and not just at the occassional times of year we mark as Holidays or Holy Days.

Yes I'm as guilty as most about waiting... and forgetting... and not being as intentional as I could be about the Promise that each New Day holds.

And since none of us knows how many Days we have on this side of Time and Eternity we really should, shouldn't we?

I was recently talking to an Old Friend about some of those we knew who are no longer with us... and how in some cases their passing had been so sudden, so unexpected, such a shock... 

We had spent time with them only days or perhaps even hours or minutes before their Time came to cross the Veil onto the other side.

And very often neither they nor we knew that Time was so short for them... that those would be their last days, hours, minutes left to be here.

And I often wonder... what would or could they have done differently had they known?

What might they have done differently THAT day before they were taken?

What priorities would have come sharply into focus... who would they have chosen to spend that precious time with... or what would they have chosen to do... what place would they have chosen to be... if they knew Time was running out so quickly?

Sometimes I do reflect upon Living each Day as if it could be the last... because it surely changes perspective, attitude, appreciation, habits & relationship to everyone and everything. 

 It makes you pay more attention... which is why today's Post Images focused on the Close-Up, the Details & intricacies of that which surrounds us... and which we so very often overlook, fail to fully appreciate, neglect and miss.

And just how many things do we daily just breeze by and miss... neglect... take for granted... ignore... fail to appreciate... forget to be Thankful for... don't take the Time for... don't realize the value of... the Beauty and Wonder of in all of Creation... don't see as part of the Promise and Gift that is Life? 

What are we, as Adults, no longer seeing through Fresh Eyes like a Child would?  What Fantasies and Dreams aren't we bringing to Life like a Child would in their daily imaginings that they act out and therefore thoroughly enjoy because it becomes their Reality and everything is Possible?

What Relationships do we need to Invest more of ourselves in and cultivate, so that those Dear Souls know how much they really mean to us and how precious they truly are?

It's not too late you know...  you can start TODAY... and so can I... 

And so, even though I certainly do wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year... I also want to wish you a Happy New Day... this Day and every Day thereafter.

Because Time does not stand still... and is promised to no-one... so make the very most of it each New Day.

Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl