Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Mosaic Monday

I've always admired those beautiful photo Mosaics that other Bloggers have created on their sites and I SO wanted to learn to create some of my own... but how?  Thankfully this wonderful community is a generous one and with the tutorials and links others provide, those of us just getting our feet wet in Blogland can now learn all the marvelous tools and tricks of the trade to bring you even more beauty and creativity in our Posts!  I want to thank Mary of LITTLE RED HOUSE  for sharing her knowledge through a tutorial and website of BIG HUGE LABS for making Mosaics, be sure I had a lot of fun there playing and experimenting with favorite Flickr images that I love and have saved to my favorites that other talented photographers have so generously shared.  The largest photo in the Mosaic is a particular favorite... I could imagine myself living in an Artist's Studio that had an entrance like this... dilapidated elegance is something I'm strongly attracted to... I could easily live in a Ruin, or something close to it because somehow the layers of decay have a haunting beauty to them, especially when Nature begins to take over and meld with the building, as if they're becoming one.

And I'm playing with the sizing and format of my Page, so bear with me as I experiment... I like BIG Beauty and now the sizing of my photos can be enlarged so that the details can more easily be seen and we don't need a magnifying glass *wink* I know I'm gonna have a LOT of fun with this, creativity of any kind is an Artist's Dream... ENJOY!!!... Dawn... The Bohemian

Need A Beautiful Bohemian Images Fix?

Tobias Harvey Image

Tobias Harvey Image

Tobias Harvey Image

Source: Gypsy Purple Blog

Magnolia Pearl Bag

Rachel Ashwell & Robin Brown

Marrika Nakk Designs

Source: An Indian Summer Blog

Marrika Nakk Designs

Marrika Nakk Designs

Marrika Nakk Designs

Marrika Nakk Designs

My Friend Leslie modeling at Frilly Frocks

Bohemian Bag on E-Bay

Gypsy Beauty via Graphics Fairy Images

If  you are anything like me from time to time you NEED a beautiful Bohemian Images Fix!  These are those images I wish to share with you this day, so come along and lets experience them together.  The Internet is a fabulous Source... where you can travel without leaving the comforts of Home via images shared virtually to just about any destination in the World and delight your senses with the images and creations of your favorite Designers, Decorators and Artists... and then share them with kindred Spirits who might also be as captivated by them as you were, while they also share theirs with you!  Discovering new destinations, new Artists, new Designers, new Blogger Friends as you travel through this virtual feast for the eyes!!!  Each day it seems I stumble upon something, some place and someone new that I never before knew about and it opens up a whole new expanded world in the realm of what I love! To be able to daily receive inspiration and delight from the images, destinations, Art and stories shared!   And also keep up with those long time favorites or look back upon past images that charmed me then and still charm me now!  I try to fill my Posts with beautiful images of all sorts that I am drawn to... whether in person where I can photograph and experience them myself firsthand and share... or those I've been captivated by and only dream of experiencing firsthand one day.  Those fabulous images that someone else has shared in this virtual World of ours and we thank you for taking us there through your eyes and lens!  I will always attempt to give credit where it is due if I'm aware of an actual source or a site I experienced an image from... and apologize if it is an unknown source to me.  The most captivating of images and creations are sure to make the rounds in this vast community of sharing beauty and interests... and it is good... good to be able to experience those places, people and things that we might not otherwise see through other mediums or in our lifetime in person.  It is good to be able to reveal those parts of ourselves that will connect us with like minded Souls across the globe and make new Friends who we realize enjoy many of the things that we do and delight in time sharing it together... because something or some place beautiful and magical to us is best when shared, don't you think?   Dawn... The Bohemian 

Today's great finds were the Photography of Tobias Harvey (sorry, could not find a Blog, just beautiful photos others have shared of his work) and the Blogs of Gypsy Purple (where she will take you to a Gypsy Pirate Wedding and other amazing exotic destinations) and An Indian Summer... (where you will be transported to some Bohemian gorgeousness of epic proportions).  I recommend taking a virtual tour of their Worlds for yourselves... and introduce yourselves.

Just Another Manic Monday

Gotta lotta junk in my trunk... and in more ways than one! *wink*  So this has been a real emotional rollercoaster ride for me lately and today is just another Manic Monday! *LOL* Mom took a bad fall late last week, right after getting off the phone with me ... she's okay and tried to distract my continued concern by gushing over how many blooms the Mother's Day Orchids I bought for her have on them still, yeah she's an Orchid Gal, no surprise there right, a most exotic Flower for an exotic Bohemian Lady... she's feeding them her own vitamins... guess Nanna's B12 is Orchid Crack 'cause I have to admit, they're going berserk on it! *smiles*  Tough as old boots my Mom and the original Bohemian Diva... even housebound she's got the Bling on and keeps a beautiful Home full of her Bohemian Treasures surrounding her... and delighting her visitors as she transports them into her World as they enter the threshhold of the Welsh Gypsy.  This is why the Assisted Living conversation never goes well... she'd miss too much of her Boheme' opulence... and I suppose I would too and also strongly resist... I doubt either of us would thrive surrounded by anything else... this is how we roll.  For a Great-Great-Nanna she's got a lotta spunk and spark left in her still and so we weren't going to talk about limitations and her most recent gymnastics in the kitchen... no, we were going to talk about those things near and dear to our Hearts... encouraging things... she's always been my biggest cheerleader in the creative process and thus why her beautiful image graces my labels.  She's very proud of that... knowing that supporters of my Art are carrying Bohemian Treasures with her image on each creation. *smiles*  That's me she'll tell them... it's my immigration photo... most people's immigration photo looks like a DMV mug shot... but not Mom... oh no, that would never do... she had to look amazing... and she did... like a Bohemian Gypsy Princess from a far away land... and she'll ride off into the Sunset looking exactly that way forever... Dawn... The Bohemian 

PS: These Boudoir Beauties remind me of  Nanna and I... she's the Silver Haired Fox and I envision myself looking like that darker haired Boheme' Beauty *hey it's MY Fantasy... and besides, I always wanted the flashing exotic Dark eyes and Blue Black hair of most of my relatives... LOL*   ... wish they weren't so pricey, I'd like to own them both even though Dolls usually aren't my thing... I'm really digging these Boudoir Twins... perhaps my Friend Vanna can clue me in on what is a good deal on such a score?  I thought of you when I see them Vanna... well, that and stuffed Peacocks... *wink*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing You So Much My Child...

I contemplated whether to write this Post and then not post it?  After all... it's not about decorating, shopping for Found Treasures or about my stuff, nor is it particularly upbeat.  It is in fact laying my Heart bare, exposed, transparent and vulnerable, for all to see... but my Blog Journey is about what I Love and is close to my Heart... and this certainly qualifies... so I decided I will.  But only after reading a heartfelt Post over at my Friend's Blog DIVINE THEATER , and having things put in perspective... and Pray for her and the others who were affected by a true tragedy that time has not healed.  My untidy Home matters not you see and my focus on it was merely a deflected mood... so that I didn't have to think upon what really bothers me and deal with my emotions over something I have no control over... things I cannot change and make right... and remember to turn it back over to the Lord again and just trust that in the words of Bob Marley... Everything's gonna be alright...

When a Mother is separated from her Child for any length of time, her Heart aches... I don't care how old the Child is... when apart, a part of you is simply missing.  They grow up but the Love and connectiveness remains as intense as ever.  Family is everything to me... with the exception of God, Family is the primary motivation and priority above all else... above career, above money, above things, above self.  Sure I say I "Love" pretty things and my Art... but compared to the Love for God and Family, it pales by comparison... there is no comparison actually because it would be like comparing a Diamond to a piece of Glass... the value of one supercedes the other by such a wide margin.  I could lose all my stuff or a career and get over it.  Careers and things come and go and that's okay, they are replaceable... Loved ones are not.  Our youngest Daughter lives in a different Country and is the Mother of five of our precious Grandchildren... we haven't been able to see her in over three years... and at times that seems like an eternity, a void I cannot fill with enough pleasures or experiences and I am often missing her so much... my Child.  My prodigal Child in fact as she has been our Wild Child and her Native American name in my Dad's language I understood meant Wild Flower... and she is... and therefore she reminds me so very much of myself! I know, it's probably difficult for you to believe I was once a Rebel without a cause! *wink - Okay maybe it's not such a stretch for you to believe it!?* Yeah, the apple didn't fall far from the tree and though that has brought much heartache at times and a whole lotta time on bended knee Praying fervently, her virtues outweigh any of the flaws... she is a beautiful Woman and a beautiful Spirit... a part of me... and so it is difficult to have this much distance between us and be separated.  Knowing I cannot be there to spend time together and be there for her.  That precious Mother and Daughter time, where the Seasons of Life have progressed to a point where you have now also become Friends and connect as Women... because she turns 30 this year and matured.  And yet she hasn't visibly aged very much at all and so it's still easy to see the Girl she once was in the Black and White photos I've shared... annually taken at the Fair in one of those cheap cheesy photo booths... but oh so precious because they are so candidly her, as she looked every day.  Then there are my favorite ones of us together, ones we had so much fun taking... when she was only a mere 12 years old, but already such a Diva that she wanted to do glamour shots together and had dreams of becoming a professional Model... and she could have been, the offers came... but she chose a different path.  It's as difficult for her as it is for me, perhaps even more so and you'll understand why shortly.   For me it's also not getting to know and hold the three Grandchildren who live so far away and see them growing up in person or speaking a common primary language.  All five are so much like their Mama that it's as if she cloned each one... just with different eye coloring.  Two of them live with us you see and have since infancy... the one with the Green-Hazel eyes and the one with the eyes Black as Coal.  They often miss Mama as much as I do and I know she misses them terribly too, but she has always loved them enough to do what is best for them, even when it hurt.   Then there are the trio that live there in that foreign land... the one with the Velvet Brown eyes... the one with my pale Gray-Blue eyes... and the one with the vibrant Green eyes.  I know everyone is where they should be in the complexity of our lives... but that doesn't always make it easier... and the missing... well, the missing is a constant... and sometimes I just feel the need to share that fact and get it from the inside... out... a release of sorts of a feeling that I've somewhat gotten used to... but I don't like very much... and need to set free from time to time apart from myself... just like a distant prodigal Child... and trust that she's always been in the Lord's Hands... and that is the very best place she could be...  Dawn... The Bohemian

PS: Thanks again my dear Friends who responded to my last Post, for putting things in perspective and helping me to move past the fixation on housekeeping so that I could acknowledge truer feelings and release them into the universe... rather than stuffing them so deeply inside... I could feel the Love... and it really does help and provide comfort more than words can convey!

Spiritual Art... And My Lack Of Domestic Skills...

This is going to be one of those strange Posts that covers two totally unrelated topics that don't even seem go together... Spiritual Art and my lack of Domestic Skills!!! *wink*  I really love and enjoy Spiritual Art, I'm a very Spiritual person and so I connect with it in a very personal and relational way.  Relationship with the Lord is definitely a priority in our lives. I've always been surrounded by beautiful Spiritually inspired Religious Art and Artifacts all of my life and it is by far my largest and most beloved of collections.  I've acquired magnificent pieces from around the World, simple primitive pieces and everything inbetween. Some items I have many, many forms of... such as Crucifixes, Icons, Rosaries and Religious Statuaries.  Because I have found that since Spirituality is deeply personal for each individual, when an Artist is inspired to create something that represents their Spirituality, though it may be an identical Subject, it will never, ever be the same and so each is distinctive and extremely unique.  Part of the Spirit of the Artist is evident and their interpretation will be as varied as the patterns of a snowflake and I really, really like that.  I also like the little bejeweled Crowns and intricate Halos on many of my pieces... I like that some have been dressed up in garments lovingly made by the hands of the Faithful.  I often dress mine up too... draped with beautiful strands of Pearls and Bohemian Jewelry or my favorite Rosaries.  Of coarse I drape my Rosaries EVERYWHERE, I like to look at them and display them... and rotate the ones that haven't been displayed in a while, so that they all get their chance to be showcased.  And here comes the 2nd topic of this Post... I'm not much of a housekeeper, our Home has always been clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy *wink*, perhaps that's the old Hippie in me, I don't know? *LOL*  But I am one dedicated vignette-keeper! I spend a lot of time arranging and re-arranging my vignettes and displays and decorating, it's like big girl play to me.  While housework bores me half to death and interests me not one iota... and I can never seem to quite keep up with it, which is rather a downer... decorating inspires and uplifts my Spirit and is a total Joy no matter how many hours have to be spent at it!    You should see me just prior to a photo shoot of anything I'm preparing to share with you all... typically I want or need to photograph it twice... because even if the 1st attempt turns out perfectly... I discover that... well... it's also showcasing my lack of Domestic Skills!!! *Gasp! Smiles and a big sigh*  It is perhaps an oxymoron that in my Home you will often see beauty side by side with dust and even some clutter.  I'm not proud of that mind you and I always try to do better and not fall short, but I'm definitely a work in progress, even after all these years. And I don't quite understand it because I'm not a lazy person, I always work very hard and have all of my life. I have had quite a measure of success in the Corporate World, but not so much success at keeping a house clean and as organized as I think it should be or could be.  I've always been a person who works at a career with excellence and great organizational skills, but housework... I really seem to suck at that!!!!!!  And it's somewhat embarrassing to admit and confess to you.  You see, I'm utterly amazed and impressed at how absolutely pristine the majority of the Homes are in Blogland!  And part of the reason why I hesitated to join the ranks of Bloggers was that I knew most of the time my Home would not be photo op ready! *LOL*  That's actually an understatement... sure, we're pretty good at doing a marathon tidy-up if company is coming so that the place is presentable... but we are a laid back bunch.   And if you're tight with us, well, we know you'll accept us 'As Is' and so you could walk in without prior notice and it will not bother us.  And since you'd be like Family, well... we might even ask you to help get the place in shape a bit... please... 'cause I could certainly use all the help I can get! *Smiles*  And though I would love to enjoy a pristine, always tidy, immaculately clean Home... so long as I have all this stuff... and the Crew... it isn't likely to happen anytime soon.  Sure, I make the heroic attempts, almost daily, to have "that" Home like you see in the magazine spreads... and in many of the Posts I swoon over... but then Life happens in here and well... I gotta go with the flow of my reality instead of the dream. *wink*   And perhaps that's why I need an extra dose of Faith and Spiritual strength dear ones... to take care of all that I have been entrusted with... and go about it in the best way that I'm able, while still making the Journey an enjoyable and memorable one for us all.   Because I suspect at the end of my Life it isn't likely that my Friends and Family may remember how tidy and clean a Home I kept... but that it was filled with memories, much Love, good times and good people... and so I'm content with that and Hope the Lord will welcome me when I pass from time into eternity with those words the Faithful long to hear... "Well done My good and faithful servant!"... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Bohemian Bling

Bohemian Bling... it really is a weakness of mine.. another Siren's Song that often calls to me.  I not only love collecting it, wearing it and incorporating it into my Art... but I also enjoy window shopping for it.  Pieces I know I will probably never own, but I can still enjoy gazing at the splendor of and sharing with others who love it by photographing pieces that have caught my eye or I've lusted after. Some pieces I have found at spectacular bargains and I'll eagerly snap them up at Flea Markets, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales and rejoice at my good fortune... and perhaps brag about ... show off, I mean share. *Smiles* But the vast majority of really quality pieces, well, they are fairly obvious in value and thus command the price that they're more accurately worth.  I don't begrudge anyone selling a lovely piece at accurate value if they know what they have, that's a no-brainer for those in business... and it is what it is after all.  But it will usually mean that either I don't have the budget to acquire it... or it would take time and tenacity to get a coveted piece and it would surely be more sacrificial, so it is more likely I will pass on it unless I cannot get it off my Heart or mind and make it a Wish List Goal.    There are the occassional pieces I wrestle with... should I or shouldn't I?  Those guilty indulgences that we sometimes cave in and acquire, throwing all caution to the wind and justifying it in our best distorted reasoning possible *LOL*... but those are more the exceptions than the rule... at least for me.  I don't like regret purchases and so I usually will not make them, when I get an expensive piece it is very likely not going to be an impulsive buy if I can help it. The thrill of the hunt and finding those elusive bargains is what I live for when it comes to Bohemian Bling... whether it be an Antique, Vintage or Artist created piece.  Some types I adore more than others... I have a penchant for Antique Victorian Sash Pins, though I don't own too many.   And there are certain Artists which I would ideally like to acquire almost every piece they make... Becky Edwards being at the forefront... never seen a piece of Becky's Jewelry that I didn't swoon over, I just totally connect to her Artistic style!  That Bluebird Bracelet has been calling to me for months... but it would take most of this year for me to save for it... so I dunno... it very likely could get snapped up by someone else before I could swing it?  Almost anything that sparkles speaks to my Bohemian Soul... a subdued Spirit I am definitely not! *wink*   And though it's not Bohemian nor Bling... I just HAD to share that Five-0 Badge... The Man accompanied me on this window shopping trip and he assured me it was the real deal and how cool is that peeps?!?  Book 'em Dan-O... I've always wanted an excuse to use that line! *LOL*  I asked him if it was even legal to own such a thing... or sell it... apparently it is as long as you don't use it as if you were in Law Enforcement?  I could just see this attached to the flap of one of my Bohemian Treasure Bags done in a Hawaiian theme Vintage Barkcloth Fabric and perhaps some tiny Seashells attached to the Silk Fringe?!?  I'd probably keep that one for myself!!! *wink*  Would using it like that constitute impersonating a Police Officer I wonder???  Well... at the very least I wonder how much fun we could have sporting it before we went to Jail? *wink* ... Well, I Hope you have had fun window shopping with me for the Boho Bling this day... *Theme song from Hawaii Five-0 fading out in the background as Dawn catches that big pipeline wave to shore-LOL... and back to reality* ... Dawn... The Bohemian 


I'm linking up with Beverly of HOW SWEET THE SOUND for Pink Saturday, come over and behold all the Pink Shabulousness my Friends! My entry is the lovely Bling Bracelet with the Pink Stones.
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