Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Floral Rain

Princess T and I set out for our walk very early this Morning to buy fresh Tortillas at the Tortilla Shop... before the 100+ degree heat set in.  It was a beautiful Morning and on the way we stopped by the Park to have a Picnic Breakfast.   We sat under a large shady Tree in the cool Clover and Grass to eat... and suddenly there was Floral Rain showering down upon us as the breeze gently blew!

Tiny exquisite little waxy Flowers were raining down from the Tree above us, in the shape of small Bells and in the boldest of hues!  Each was a tiny Masterpiece of the Great Creator... and had they not rained upon us we might never have noticed them and would have sadly missed their great Beauty and this unexpected experience and Gift from above.  It was Magical and Enchanting, to sit there with Floral Rain cascading upon our heads and falling around us.

As we examined the tiny Natural Treasures we decided that they would make great Floaters... those small simple Floral Arrangements where a bowl or cup of water graces a table or vignette, creating a Zen-like visual that we enjoy so much.  We often 'rescue' broken Flowers too damaged to create a formal display and use them as Floaters.  These tiny Blooms had no stems so they were perfect for creating a Floating Display when we got Home... to grace the Table where we would enjoy our Morning Tea Party. 

So we gathered some up and placed them in our cooler... these unexpected free Gifts bestowed upon us this Beautiful Morning... and after procuring our freshly made Tortillas we walked back Home and prepared our Tea Party setting... and we have decided to invite you to join us... so pull up a chair and delight in a soothing cup of Tea and some Fellowship.  We've made two brews... both are delicious and have delightful Names... "Have A Cup Of Aaah" and "Windows Of The Soul".

And maybe later we'll all go back to the Park and enjoy the Floral Rain so you can experience it too...

And I will be linking up with the Blog Party over at COASTAL CHARM for NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY... hey, what's Thriftier than today's Free Flowers for a floating display and secondhand China gleaned from the Thrifts for sixty-nine cents apiece? *Winks*  So after Tea come join us...

Dawn... The Bohemian... and Princess T 


  1. Stay Cool, that was my favorite line in Pretty Woman movie when Julia left the hotel and left Richard Geer. Worked out in the end, as she stayed cool and he couldn't do it. Loved it. Love you're blogs, of which this comment has nothing to do with them. OPPPSSS!!!!Richard at My Old Historic house.

  2. I love that rose china plate!

  3. OH!- floral rain sounds fantastic! Love your china plate!

  4. Love your china. a picnic in the park sounds like fun.


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