Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exotic Beauty... Inspiring Images


Source: BollywoodWedding - Bing Images

Source: MehndiDesignForWedding - Bing Images

Source: Punjabi Wedding -

Source: Punjabi Wedding - YusraBlog


Source: Rora's Cake Flickr



Source: Icing Dreams By Maryam - Flickr

Source: Icing Dreams By Maryam - Flickr

Source: E-Bay Auction


Exotic Styles have always appealed to me and captivated me... the Beauty of the Styles of India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Morocco... I find them to be sexy and ultra Feminine... the workmanship exemplary and so full of details and rich bold Colors.  Saturation of Color and flambouyant Exotic Style is something that I can never quite draw myself away from completely... I might experiment with other Styles and Color Schemes... but I always seem to come back to it as the basic imprint on my preferred taste in Fashion, Decor and Color preferences.  The Beauty of Mendhi, lucious Confections, exquisitely detailed Romantic Fabrics, Vintage Persian Rugs and Bollywood Style Bling!!! *Swooning*

With the amazing Technology of the Internet I can visit an unlimited supply of such Images that are inspiring and mezmerize me... today I am sharing some of my saved favorites. 

Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn,thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment about our beloved Ginger. I am so grateful for my blogging friends right now.



  2. These pictures are beautiful. I especially like the ones of the cakes and the pretty glasses. Thanks for sharing...very nice!!

  3. Oh My... I am light headed... These pictures are so luscious and rich... Just beautiful. Like you as much as I love the all white cottage style I just swoon when I see these jewel colors and the layer upon layer of rich detail My heart simply explodes with delight. I think this will always be my spirit's choice. Thank you so much for posting them, they are wonderful! Also... I am so glad you are healthier than you thought. No amount of Indian saris or jewels compares with your good health. Yea for you!

  4. ooooooh, the colors, yes, they are rich and though I love the whites, I do love colors too! Thanks for this...the mendhi cakes are too pretty!


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