Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Violet Of Moon To Moon

I absolutely love it when I discover a Blog and Blogger who is a Kindred Spirit and adores all of the same images that I do.  Because though it may seem as though I spend an inordinate amount of time online, I really have to ration the time I spend looking at or for beautiful images to behold.  Therefore I LIVE to find Bloggers who do most of the work for me and surf the Net capturing beautiful Bohemian images to share on their sites.  Tonight I discovered such a site called MOON TO MOON by Bohemian Spirit Violet.  After seeing this first image... well, I seriously want to reupholster one of my chairs like this one now!

Violet discovers chilled out, lazy Bohemian interiors to share via her Blog through Internet Search Engines... and though I don't know the actual Sources of these beautiful photos to give proper credit to the Photographers... I was captivated by the images and wanted to share her link and some of my favs that I beheld there!

I want one of these Moon Doors in our Garden... just like this!  So... Moon Door Architects... contact me and we'll see if we can't work something out in trade?!? *winks*

I'm absolutely adoring this Art Nouveau style entrance!

This image captivated me because it looks as though it could have been taken in my Bedroom when I was a young Hippie inspired Youth!  Talk about flashbacks from your Past!!! *winks*

I am fairly certain the G-Kids would want us to build one of these in the back Gardens!

Wow... what an entrance!!!

What's not to love about any beautiful Bohemian image that also sports a Peacock!? *Smiles*

I've seen this image before and fell in love with it, this was a larger more-in-focus version that Violet discovered so I HAD to share it now!  The interior of my Vardo, when The Man finds it for me, will look eerily similar to THIS, I have all the Lace... and I'm such a pyro that I'm certain I shall also have candles ablazing that will rival this scene as well! *LOL* Difference being mine shall also have lots of Persian carpets, Victorian Ceiling Tin and Belgian Velvets.

I seriously fell in LOVE with this room... totally my Style of living!!!

And last but certainly not least, this image also reminded me of my Youth... I had a Peacock Chair EXACTLY like this one... I bought it in the 60's and kept it through the 90's when a young neighbor begged me to sell it to her.  Difficult to part with a cherished Vintage piece of Boheme', I always felt like Morticia Addams in that chair *winks* and during my Teen "Black Period" I must have looked and acted like dear Morticia! *LOL*  But it was time to pass the torch to up and coming Bohemian Youth from the generation of our Daughters... I'm SO glad this Style seems to be timeless and each successive generation has a few Gypsy Souls that 'get it' and appreciate it.

Ah, now to relax on the canvas of my imagination on a bed scene like this! *contented sigh*

Thank you Violet for finding all of these lovely Bohemian images I enjoyed tonight... it was a delight to discover your Blog...  Be Well... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That is so funny.....we were probably having a look at moon doors at the same time. I am smiling tho, you like all the "pretties" and I was taken with the decaying old houses....but somehow I think you and I like a lot of the same things, and I... like that... about you!!!

  2. Gorgeous post Dawn...each and every pic a delight for the senses! I discovered Violet some time ago and have been a die-hard fan ever since...can't believe you sold that chair!

  3. These pictures take my breath away. I feel like I have lived in these rooms long ago. I love it when a photo makes my heart skip a beat. Thanks for posting and if you ever get that circle door to the garden, post a pic :-)

  4. woaaah...Gorgeous and fabulous...decadent eye-candy...yes such amazing decor and spaces..and beautiful doors! Quite a magical post! Shine on!

  5. OMG!!! That art nouveau doorway is TDF!!! It's a plethora of all my favorite things! Beautiful bust....nudes... *slather drip drip* Seriously I couldn't even appreciate the beauty of all the other shots because that one was soooo darn stunning!! *sighs blissfully* Vanna

  6. Ohhhhh....your blog is wonderful! I LOVE everything about it. I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in you. The photos here are absolutely gorgeous and I just want to crawl right into them. I strive to make my apartment look like these photos.

  7. Great pics and I agree about Moon to Moon..she finds the most gorgeous pics!!! I never get tired of that garden moon door...I want one!!!!

    Linda XO


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