Thursday, April 21, 2011

The One That Got Away...

I'm lamenting this evening... about the one that got away.  I love auctions, there are incredible deals to be had and they can be quite exciting and fun.  But sometimes I get my Hopes up and get them dashed at the last minutes of an Auction on something I really, really wanted and thought for sure would be mine, only to be outbid right at the buzzer!!! *sob*  

Such was the case on this magnificent Vintage Kerman Persian Rug that was offered at a ridiculously low price at Auction and nobody bid on it for DAYS... so even though my budget constraints were tight and perhaps I should have realized it would never Hold at such a low opening bid, I really thought perhaps I'd hit the Motherlode of an incredible Persian Rug purchase!?!?! This is a Rug that at retail I could never, ever have remotely considered procuring... so I was excited and waiting with bated breath to see if my opening bid would hold?!?  And this Seller had TWO amazing Rugs for Sale... but I didn't have enough to bid on both... so I chose the one I preferred best... and I don't know about the other one... so I can only assume it too Sold to some incredibly lucky Soul?  

Alas, in the final minutes the rug was yanked out from under me *sorry, couldn't resist the pun*... and though I will never know how much the other Bidder would have gone up to in order to outbid me had I been able to increase my bids and had deeper pockets... the fact remains they got this rug at a most amazing steal ... um, I mean deal... and I suppose I should be a good sport and be happy for them... but I'm so not.  *Me still petulantly pouting and lamenting... after having a wee bit of a tantrum and total pity party! LOL*  Sorry, I'm not a gracious loser in this case... I would have rather of been outbid days before the Auction ended instead of the last minutes... that's too cruel you see because you ALMOST think you have it... the illusion is there... and it was just too darn perfect in design, size and color... I'd already envisioned it gracing my Livingroom floor... and I'd gotten my Hopes up too high and now all I have are the E-Bay Photos to remind me of the one that got away... *le sigh*  C'est la vie...

Dawn... Feeling like the 'Rugless' Bohemian just now... *Winks*


  1. Oh Dawn that sucks!! I know exactly how that feels...and someone always tells me "a better one will come along"....Bah humbug!! You go ahead and pout...I'll take a margarita and join you at the pity party *winks* Vanna

  2. I don't blame you! That was a spectacular rug!! I'd be pouting too! Just tell yourself it smelled like cat pee anyway! Haha


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