Friday, April 22, 2011

Girl's Day Out & Photo Feature Friday

Sweet Minnie sporting an adorable ensemble over at RUST & ROSES... which was our 1st stop when Princess T and I began our Girl's Day Out.  Minnie has a delightful Blog MINNIE'S MONDAY MUSINGS... you really should go take a peek...

Yes, anytime Princess T and I find ourselves alone we can't wait to dress up and go have a Girl's Day Out!!!  Princess T insisted on wearing her Easter Dress and dolling her favorite Baby Doll up in an Easter Ensemble that she had actually worn herself as an Infant many years ago... look how well they match... guess we've always had a thing for the Mint Green with tiny Pink Floral accents... 

This fabulous Huge Metal Crucifix is my entry for today's Photo Feature Friday's Easter Theme at
 A ROSY NOTE Photography Blog Party.

Yep, this is one of the slightly out of focus shots I'll talk about later in this Post... but I loved the vignette of the old Typewriter beside the Jar full of Pool Table and Croquet Balls so decided to share it anyway...

I've been working on photographing "The Close Up" more effectively with my point and shoot digital camera.  I always enjoy close-ups on other peeps Blogs, there is just something about a close-up shot that appeals to me so I'd like to perfect the Art of Close-Up Photography even though I don't have an expensive professional grade camera yet. So I did some Close-Up Photos for Photo Feature Friday over at A ROSY NOTE where Tricia is Hosting another Photography Blog Party, so be sure to come on over and join us. My Entry was the beautiful Huge Crucifix Shelly has at the Shop since the suggested Theme was Easter and to us the Resurrection and meaning of Christ's incredible Sacrifice for Mankind is our primary Easter Celebration Focus.  

I also adore Vintage Doorknobs and this Crystal one in my Friend Pauline's Booth was quite lovely and begging for a Close-Up Shot too. *Winks*

Alas, today for some reason a portion of my shots seemed out of focus even though my "Idiot Proof Green Light Feature" on my camera told me that it was a 'good shot' *le sigh*... so my apologies for those shots that are a bit fuzzy today.  I couldn't tell until I downloaded them online! *Don't you just HATE when that happens!?!* These old eyes can't tell by the miniscule camera screen so I really rely on my Green-Yellow-Red Lights that are supposed to tell me which Shots turned out okay or not...

And of coarse there's no going to RUST & ROSES without also stopping by the Sister Store next door SIRENS & SAINTS...

And hey, if you're gonna have your Easter Dress on you might as well pose in front of a fabulous Statuary of our Lord Jesus...

And even though Princess T and Baby Doll are not in focus... I liked this shot, perfect for Pre-Easter Memories...
And then... because it's the Trifecta of favorite Shops within close proximity to each other... we can't miss FRILLY FROCKS and stopping in to say Hi to our good Friend Angela... who is sporting one of her fabulous RARE EARTH DESIGNS Vintage Crocheted Tops Creations... I want one... I want one... *Winks*  Angela and Leslie are two of my favorite Clothing Designers and I adore their RARE EARTH line and get loads of compliments anytime I'm wearing their creations...

Princess T says she loves coming to the FRILLY FROCKS Shop... because after all... she's a Fashionista Diva in Training!!! *Winks*  And being around such fabulous Designer Clothing from RARE EARTH DESIGNS, MARRIKA NAKK, SEEDS and MAGNOLIA PEARL will definitely put a Gal who loves Fashion into a trance I tell ya...

And Leslie came Home from the Big Texas Show with armloads of fabulousness for the Shop...

Yeah I know... another out of focus shot that the Camera gave me a Green Light on *le sigh*... I sure Hope my trusty Camera isn't going on the fritz?!? *Gasp... there would be much wringing of hands and knashing of teeth... LOL*  I was gifted with a more expensive one from Prince R's Auntie and Paternal Gramma, which was so sweet of them, but I haven't learned to use it yet... guess it's time to practice, huh? *Winks*

And after we'd had our fill of eye candy and Fashion... we had lunch at PEI WEI and sat outside to have a delightful Thai Wonton Soup and Spicy Chicken Salad in the Arizona Sunshine...

Yes... Girl's Day Out is always such fun... I Hope you had a good time joining us...

Dawn... The Bohemian... and Gramma's Sidekick Princess T 


  1. Hey!! I want to come have girls day out with you guys!! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. I love girl's day out. I haven't had one in a bit so this was good inspiration for me. I understand your frustration with your camera. I use a point and shoot too. My tip is always shoot in natural light. It's hard to get darker shots in focus.

    Also, if you have a manual mode on your camera, set it to manual and open the aperture a bit by finding the aperture setting on your camera. Look in your camera manual if you have this setting. You can then take those darker shots without a flash.

    Happy Easter!

  3. What a clever way to use up those old dresser and table dollies. I see them all the time and wonder what people do with them. I am going to start looking and play around and try and make some tops to sell on Etsy. Thanks for the idea. Happy easter my Friend. Richard at My old Historic House

  4. What a wonderful girls' day out!! If you're using a digital camera, setting it to the picture of the little flower (macro) makes a big difference in the clarity of a close up!

  5. What a perfect girls day out!...Just the "sunshine" part would do it for me!LOL! You've got Nancy giving you camera lessons??! Oh girl I would folloow those to the letter! She is the QUEEN of the fabulous photo! Hope you guys have a wonderful Easter! Vanna

  6. Your princess T is adorable!!! May you and family have a wonderful Easter time.

  7. Oh my, it looks like that shop has so much to see! I understand your frustration with your camera, I've been there! My advice is to try and take photos near a window so that you are getting some natural light...I never use the flash. For close up shots set your camera to the macro mode, you might have to look in your manual if you don't know where this is.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful Easter :)


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