Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Images Do You Find Captivating?

Is there something about certain images that almost certainly captivates you?  I am always drawn to the sultry Bohemian poses of the 1920-1940's era, the Women always look so beautifully Feminine and yet strong and bold. Their fashions, style and jewelry speak to my Soul.  What a Bohemian Beauty the Lady in this image is and how Artfully transformed by lovely Digital enhancements.

Old Ruins and abandoned buildings, especially those that once were oppulent and now have fallen into a state of decadent decay definitely draw me like a Moth to a flame.  I always wonder, who was the last person that walked away from living in such magnificence and allowed it to fall into a state of waste and neglect... and how could they?  Or I imagine that perhaps the last of the lineage of those who owned these palatial Estates passed from time into eternity and so there was just nobody left to inherit it or care to maintain it?  Old abandoned buildings always look so sorrowful to me and yet, even as they decay and fall into ruin their beauty remains, perhaps just a Ghost of what they once were, but still strangely attractive and drawing those of us who feel a connection to them. The image of this once palatial Estate now in ruin is hauntingly beautiful, especially captured in Black and White through the lens... and yet, so very sad to see such a Treasure neglected to a point of no return and perhaps on borrowed time to even remain standing.  I just cannot imagine that it was last occupied in 1913 and for all these years, almost 100 years now, it has remained abandoned and nobody had a vision to restore, transform and save this magnificent old Mansion that boasts 75 rooms!  What a shame... a National Treasure being lost to time and neglect.

Vintage Dress Forms have a very special place in my favored decorating style. I love to see them dressed up and used in beautiful vignettes... it makes them almost come alive and have a distinct personality. They can showcase favorite fashions, jewelry and designs in ways that enhance those objects and give us a vision of how it could look on a real person.  Or they can be decorated in over-the-top styles and decor that perhaps we wouldn't actually wear... or wouldn't fit us *winks*... and so we can live out those fantasy styles through them or receive inspiration from them.  I have often bought gently used fashions I simply adored, in sizes I shall never be again *le sigh*, just because my Dress Form Twins, Yazmine and Yashyme, would look magnificent in them and inspire me in creating other beautiful things.  This particular Dress Form image is decked out much as I would be and feel most comfortable in the styles of, so I felt an affinity to it... and the Mantle beside it is equally captivating to me, who doesn't adore old Fireplace Mantles?

 And beautiful old Architecture coupled with the beauty of Nature always captivates and inspires me... can there possibly be a more suitable pairing I wonder?  I have an absolute love affair with old Stone buildings covered in Vines... and interesting entryways are always the most inviting and welcoming don't you think?  In this image I just love the ornately shaped doorway and the fact that the old Vine was never cut away from the window and left to meander as Nature intended, rather than as Man had intended... and now, after many years, has become one with the building. Buildings such as this only seem to get more beautiful and charming with time... unlike more modern dwellings which the ravages of time tend to often make look worse. 

So... what certain images captivate you my Friends?  And why?  And if you've enjoyed this Mosaic with images shared by amazing Photographers, please visit the links below that will take you to their sites to view more of their fabulous imagery... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh yes...I love that one, and that one, and oh yes, that one too!
    Gee, every photo you show is one that captures me..sight and love of life always make it easy to be drawn to so many images..also water is another one that draws me in to the image..
    Love them all,
    Yours Sincerely,

  2. Oh I am loving your images....I have a romatic side to me too...I love love the Romatic Cowboy/Pairie/Farmgirl era. Hugs and love to you my sweet friend. xoxox

  3. I drool over all the same images as you, it seems...everything a little old and tattered, with a story to tell. Magical x

  4. Well of course I love all the same images as you....twins thing and all *winks*
    That one of the beatiful mansion just breaks (and captivates) my heart!
    Have you seen the movie Marie Antoinette Dawn? That whole movie is like a frothy French confection to me! I absolutely LOVE it! The 18th century of the nobility makes me giddy! So anything pertaining to that...probably is gonna make me drool *winks* Vanna

  5. You are right on girl, I could easily live in that old mansion...and the clothes to die for...we do have romantic souls don't we, guess we've been here before huh!

  6. Dear Dawn, i dont know what to say! you have said it all, you have taken my thoughts, my soul and written it down! Pictures i can do but words fail me. We have so many things, thoughts in common. Thankyou for putting into words all the visions i dream of! xxxx


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