Monday, February 14, 2011

Traveling The World Virtually

I'm so thankful for the beautiful photography others share through this virtual World... so that those of us who aren't able to travel much at the moment can still travel the World virtually, through the shared images of those who are inviting us along through their beautiful inspiring photographs.  When I am struggling or feeling wanderlust tugging at me, but unable to escape on a much needed vacation, I can go on vacation on the canvas of my imagination through the images I adore and have saved to my Favorites.  Now to be able to organize them in creative ways in photographic Mosaics and share them with you is as much a Joy as beholding them myself.  I feel as though we're all coming along on this invited journey hosted by the generous people who have so thoughtfully shared their Art in the form of these amazing photographs.  Doesn't it just make you feel as though we were there?  I can only aspire to become as gifted at photography as these talented Photographers.  How wonderful to travel to these beautiful destinations and capture the essence of each place through your lens!  I Hope this journey has been as refreshing for you as it has been for me... until we travel the World virtually sure to visit the Source links below to enjoy even more of the photography by each Photographer profiled in today's Mosaic... Dawn... The Bohemian

1. Paxos, 2. Cactus Against the Wall, 3. Flowered Montichiello Door 2, 4. Jesus in Burano, 5. nola04b221 New Orleans, French Quarter 2004, 6. Uneven Tuscan Doorway, 7. Unattended Roses, 8. Reflection, 9. Old Santa Fe Pink Adobe 1

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  1. Beautiful images Dawn! And if you can't actually get away to those far off destinations taking a virtual trip certainly is the next best thing! Vanna


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