Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thieves Market... Part IV... Fiesta Style

One of the benefits of living in a State that borders on another Country is that the influences of the rich culture, food, music, architecture, fashion, Art and decoration style of that Country are visibly evident, readily available and can be enjoyed without having to wait to go on Vacation or get a passport! *winks*  Our State, Arizona, borders with Mexico and Mexican Style abounds here. I am particularly drawn to Fiesta Style with the bright, bold colors and party-like atmosphere.  Many of the local Cantinas that serve Mexican cuisine have that delightful atmosphere and beautiful, happy decorating Style... which is often mixed with Religious Theme... another hot favorite of mine.  While at Thieves Market I dined with The Man at a local Cantina called El Encanto... surrounded by the architectural Style and Fiesta party atmosphere I have come to love while living in the Southwest... and particularly enjoying the delicious food! *contented sigh*  This restaurant has a large Lagoon in the Mexican Style Courtyard, full of ducks and waterfalls. There are Stone, Brick and Adobe Beehive Fireplaces inside and out... beautiful ornate Ironwork... and lovely Archways with beautiful Talavera tilework, I especially loved the scenic tiles, the one of the Virgin Of Guadalupe being my favorite. The Floors were a variety of Stone, Flagstone, Brick and Saltillo Tile... and the love of the attention to details that I have make it so that I notice every little thing that has been skillfully and beautifully done, it won't be missed or gone unappreciated by moi.  So whether you chose your seating inside or out to enjoy your meal, the scenery is enjoyable and reminiscent of many of the Cantinas we have dined at in various parts of Mexico while visiting our youngest Daughter and her Family.  And wrapping up the day in Fiesta Style was just the perfect ending... thank you for joining us on our Cave Creek Adventure... Hasta Luego Amigos...  Dawn... The Bohemian

Source: El Encanto Website


  1. that is so pretty!
    love the azulejos!

  2. That does look like the PERFECT end to a lovely day! What wonderful details. Could you pass me a margarita and some chips please? *winks* LOVE that door!!! Vanna

  3. P.S. I'm back up now yay! Just need to add my blog list. For some reason it's missing.


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