Friday, February 4, 2011

Tastes & Images Of Spring... 7 More Things About Me

Hi, won't you join me for some fresh berries and Pizzelle... and we'll curl up on some comfy overstuffed armchairs and chat for a while...

Even though most of the Country seems to be experiencing fierce weather that has everyone talking, the tastes and images of Spring are still present and evident, with the Promise of the change of Seasons and that delightful time of year when everything renews.  I'm already seeing buds on the trees, bulbs starting to awaken from their dormant slumber and ready to burst forth into floral displays of Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips and Hyacinths.  Tiny Grape Hyacinths are among my favorites.  My Lavender Seed which I sowed last year are pushing through the soil... oh how I Hope they will thrive having grown from seed since I haven't had as much luck with grown plants enduring our Desert heat. I'm Hopeful since last year my Basils grown from seed flourished magnificently even though grown Basil plants had previously not transplanted well nor endured.  I have a vision of my own tiny Lavender Field here on our acreage, reminiscent of the images of the French Countryside, with beautiful aromatic scents that smells fresh from Heaven. 

Fresh berries and fruits are abundant in the stores and if there's anything I love as much as decorating and Found Treasures... it's good food! *winks* The vibrant colors of fresh produce compliment so many of the Vintage Tablecloths and Vintage table settings I have collected over the years... beauty always goes well together with other beautiful things. I'm once again on my kick of photographing beautiful foods that I love... I have often thought that those who do this for a living are some of the luckiest people on the planet! *Smiles*  The only thing better than photographing and beholding beautiful foods is eating them! *winks*   I'm visiting our local small Family owned Bakeries and savoring the tasty creations... today it was three different flavors of a delicate and tasty childhood favorite, Pizzelle... in Anise, Maple and Dulce de Leche Caramel... yummy!  They go well together with fresh fruits, light as Snowflakes and just as beautiful!  Yes, Spring is in the air my Friends and though it might not quite reflect it in the recent inclement weather fronts hammering the Countrysides... be sure that it is coming... and with it the Promise of renewal, rebirth and fresh starts... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Spring is Nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!" - Robin Williams

My thanks to Tanya over at BEAD AND NEEDLE for honoring me with yet another Stylish Blogger award, I'm so flattered! *blushing*  She has an amazing giveaway over at her delightful Blog so hurry on over and get in on it, you could win a fab Jewelry creation!!!  As you know I could never narrow down just a few of you to pass this Award along to since all my favs deserve one... so... on to the 2nd requirement now... 7 more things about me huh... lemme think:

1:  I talk a lot... by the length of my Posts that's probably surprising no-one! *winks*

2:  I love to hear other people's stories... so if you have a good one I'm all ears!

3:  I believe the best gifts you can give someone are your full attention, unconditional Love, Friendship and your time. 

4:  It really bothers me if someone mistreats someone who is serving them or acts as if they are invisible or inferior.  Cudos to all who have ever been or are working in Service related industries and have to endure such indignities from those types of customers and clients.

5:  Nothing gave me more anxiety than trying to fill in for a Switchboard Operator! I have held extremely high pressure careers, could run several departments and supervise several employees... but I couldn't manage not to screw up and drop calls or get totally flustered when the switchboard began to light up like a Christmas Tree *LOL*... I'm quite sure if this were expected of me as a job I'd surely have a Heart Attack or Stroke!  As a matter of fact I told the Employer that if I ever had to fill in again, expect to have to call 911 and have me carried out on a gurney... *Smiles*  Cudos to all Switchboard Operators, you're a better Gal/Guy than I!!!

6:  I have a very old Tattoo from my rebellious youth days, NOTE: old Tattoos don't age any better than we do *wink*... and yet, have recently thought about getting another!

7:  My Native American Paternal Grandmother was the 1st Lady I ever saw with Tattoos, she had numerous Native American Tribal Tattoos covering much of her body and I was fascinated by her body Art... I remember thinking that made her appear quite fierce and tough! *Smiles... well, that and the fact she WAS quite fierce and tough! Ha ha*


  1. Last year I dug two six foot diameter circles two feet deep. I filled them with rocks, gravel and sand and, finally, a layer of soil. My lavender seem very happy there!

  2. Looks yummy, I now want some strawberries! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dawn I adore your site and the pleasant reminder that spring is soon to come.

    Blizzard conditons right now!!

    Come and join my amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh my your fresh fruit looks so yummy and I love pizelles. I have a pizelle maker but have yet to try my hand making them.

    See your from Az. My DH/s folks live around Phoenix. They called to tell us it was SO COLD there- we were sitting by the fire when they called as it was -14 below at the time here. Cold is so relative isn't it! I sure was enjoying the warm weather there in AZ when we were there a few weeks ago!

    bee blessed

  5. Dawn that looks luscious! May I have a bowl please? And do you by any chance happen to have any greek yogurt and brown sugar? That's the bestest way to eat strawberries I tell ya! *winks*
    I have my fingers crossed for your lavender. I only planted two of them this year to see how they'd do. So far so good. My soil is pretty much pure clay. Funny story....When my husband and I first moved into our house my uncle who'd lived here all his life said.."Oh you're moving into the frog farm" Now I thought he was kidding us because we DO live in a marshy area, only one block from the ocean....Nooo he meant we were moving into what had actually BEEN a frog farm in the 1940's Lol! So that's me, Vanna from the frog farm! Hope lavender likes marsh. Vanna
    PS did you happen to see that I'd opened my enabler boutique? I only ask because I posted a vintage pink satin bedspread with an embroidered peacock...I thought it might make a great purse? It also has all kinds of embroidered birds that could be worked into projects. No pressure intendeed girlfriend!

  6. OK, so this is TOO funny. I just spent the morning making 14 dozen pizzelles for a Super Bowl Party this weekend...the anise ones. And my daughter has just become a full-fledged tattoo artist. Sorry to have hit you with the Stylish Blogger thing so soon after you just did it, but obviously others think you deserve it as well! Happy Friday - enjoy the cookies - Tanya


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