Sunday, February 13, 2011

She 9 ... Fabulous Exotic Fashions

Well, it's not like I plan on getting Married again, The Man is a 'keeper'... but when Chamara over at Gypsy Purple posted about a fabulous exotic fashion find of East Indian Bridal Wear over at She 9, well, these are just too Bohemian Glam to pass up posting about too my Friends!  I've always had a passion for East Indian fabrics and fashions, they just look so ultra feminine and drape the female form so beautifully, flattering all figures and hiding a multitude of flaws that you might want to camoflauge and conceal while still looking like a vision. *winks*  Would any Woman not look exquisite and an absolute Romantic vision in these Gowns!!!  Yeah, their Model is a beautiful Gal to be sure, but just wearing clothing like this would make any Woman feel beautiful and turn heads.  Too bad it's Bridal Wear, I'm the sort of Gal that would want to just wear beautiful threads like this anywhere special. *winks*  I wouldn't feel as awkward as say, wearing a traditional Western style Bridal Gown around town if it wasn't my Wedding Day *LOL*... but these Gowns are just so Red-Carpet-Like special that I could envision them being worn to special events outside of a Wedding, couldn't you?  If you haven't yet checked out Chamara's delightful Blog Gypsy Purple you really should because she finds the most amazing eye candy to share and if, like me, you're into Bohemian, Gypsy, French and Exotic styles... well, you're in for a real treat... and the fashions and other exotic fabulousness over at She 9 will also WOW you and transport you to all levels of Bohemian Valhalla... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Those are cool Dawn! I'm heading over to check out your friends blog...bye! Vanna


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