Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rosary Sunday

Well, it's "Rosary Sunday" and as I promised I will share images of some of my Rosary collection and some of my Rosary creations with you.  The two Cloisonne' bead Rosaries are my creations as is the Black Shamrock Bead Rosary.  The others were Found Treasures to add to my Vintage and unusual Rosary collection.  I initially started out just collecting Rosaries because I have always been drawn to Spiritual pieces and the Rosary in particular.  No, I am not a Catholic, but the symbolism of these beautiful items of Faith have always drawn me and Catholic Religious Art, Antiquities and Artifacts are some of the most lovely I have ever seen so I've been collecting them for years. I began repairing and then designing and making Rosaries at the request of my Catholic Friends since finding quality affordable Rosaries was becoming challenging for them.  Mass produced Modern Rosaries just did not have the same workmanship and quality of materials as the Vintage Rosary... and those that were still well made had entered the stratosphere of  pricing, making it out of reach for many of the Faithful. The majority of my creations have been Blessed and therefore not Sold, but given as Gifts... it always brings me Joy to give the Gift of a Rosary to someone who cherishes them.  This branch of my Art was never meant for monetary gain, but meant as the Spirit led, to put a quality Rosary into the hands of the Faithful. I am thankful to my Dad and his side of the Family for teaching me and exposing me to Native American beadwork and Bead Art because it paved the way to be able to create Rosaries that I could be proud of and would bring Joy to the recipients who received them.  Alas, due to the rise in popularity of beading, Altered Art and Rosaries in particular, the cost of supplies has now made it prohibitive to continue making them and many of my dear Rosary supply Sources have long since retired and closed up Shop so I rarely make them anymore.  But I certainly enjoyed the years that I spent creating some for myself, my Friends and my Family... and I Hope you will enjoy the images I will share each Sunday of the Rosaries I still own... God's Love and Peace be with you... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your work is gorgeous! Do you do any beading now?

    I would like to invite you join my blog party "Being Creative" starting today. I hope you join in!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Your Rosaries are absolutely gorgeous!!! It is sad that the prices have gone up so much on Rosaries. I love using anything with Mother Mary on it in my jewelry designs.
    Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet comment you left me about my room, you truly made my day!!
    You are such a sweet heart!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Alabaster Rose Designs

  3. wow!!!!!!!!!!
    what a collection!
    those religious images are gorgeous!
    i only have one!!!!!!!!!!!!, and in my family there are 1 priest and 3 nurses! no luck with heritages here!!!!
    the one i have is a madonna and i bought it at a fleamarket!
    i do however have several rosaries! yours' are so pretty!
    happy sunday!

  4. The rosaries are just beautiful, I have been drawn to them for a while. I just bought a musice box yesterday that plays "Ave Maria" . The statues are beautiful also. Thanks for sharing . Judy

  5. Oh Dawn they are fabulous!! You DO have the most amazing collection....and artfully draped I might add *winks* I'm still working on that one! Lol! But you got me hooked on them girlfriend!...I'm an addict looking for a mainline infusion. *winks* Vanna

  6. Hi Dawn Sweetie...
    Oh how beautiful the bead work is that you have added to these rosaries. I can see myself rubbing the beads as I pray. They are SO beautiful. Your detail is so exquisite.

    I also love the prayer statutes. I so enjoy seeing the older ones that really have the beautiful painting on them. You have many treasures sweetie. Many treasures.

    Have a glorious Sunday. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  7. Oh My... I am so happy to have found your blog! It is beautiful. I can look at your pictures all day (in fact that is what I have been doing). I just love Bohemian style. You might get a kick out of my rather eclectic/bohemian life. My blog is Somewhat similar tastes! I have listed myself as a followers and will check in frequently. I also send you lots of love and light for your dear man. I hope he gets well fast!
    Hugs, tricia

  8. Dawn I was out bloggy hopping around and found this...thought of you right away!...sooooo fab! Vanna


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