Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking At Things Through New Eyes... With A Lens

Now that I have this brand new obsession with photography fodder for my Blog I am looking at things through new eyes... with a lens.  It's not that I didn't see things before, but now I see them in a totally different light... illuminated by what they would look like shared in a photograph or what visual I want to preserve.  Lots of things appeal to me visually and preserving the image and sharing it gives me another outlet of Artistic expression and challenges me to become better at it.  I've also found that this new obsession with photographing items is saving me a lot of money... because it is cheaper to walk away with a photograph of everything you are attracted to than to feel the urge to purchase it all! *winks*  I also would fall in love with vignettes set up by those talented vendors and decorators with a way for display and it just seemed a shame if the beauty of that creativity and work was not preserved in at least one photograph... or seen and appreciated by more eyes than whoever happened to be there in person.  Seriously, have you ever seen a display so beautiful that it drew you in... or took your breath away... stimulated your imagination... or inspired you?  And you know it's only going to remain for a brief time... because items will sell, displays and vignettes must constantly evolve and change to stay fresh in the retail industry or even in a Home.  But those images of a perfect display or vignette... well, it just seems like a photograph preserves them in a way that will continue to delight the eye, make the Heart skip a beat, inspire and cause our imaginations to soar long after it ceases to exist!  There are images in books and magazines that I saved years ago that still to this day delight and inspire me or transport me via the imagination as much as the first time I ever laid eyes on them! Some memories stick with you but so many more don't and if there is no photographic evidence of it's existence then it is often lost and forgotten over time and can never be adequately shared or replicated.

Today's shared Blog fodder images either intrigued me... or made me smile or swoon as I decided to photograph and share them.  Religious items and Bohemian Bling are a 'given' for a swoonfest and coming away with images rather than purchases is a form of retail therapy that doesn't make me feel deprived or torn just walking away, because at least I got a picture! *smiles*  Vintage vehicles always make me smile, I used to want one, but I don't have the time, money or patience to restore, maintain and preserve one... so a fond memory flashback followed by a photo will do just fine now. Though the Vintage VW Beach Bum Mobile loaded up for surf... well... I'm ALL OVER THAT!!! *winks*  And with the current grain sack craze... well, the Pot sack and it's great graphics just tickled me to death... 10th generation huh... hysterical...  I'm STILL smiling about that one! *LOL* Now the blinged out Vintage evening dress... that one was tempting... because it's difficult to find good quality bling trim for my creations... and the price was right... but somehow it seemed wrong to hack this Vintage piece up like a Vintage Wardrobe Chop Shop.   Vintage Dress Forms... always love 'em... especially those with the metal hoop bottoms... but strangely, so many booths now display them without being dressed up with wares and yet have them marked NFS!?!?!??  What's that all about? If it is a display, at least display something on it so that it makes sense to even have it there!!!  Don't taunt prospective customers by leaving it undressed and undecorated AS IF it is an item for sale rather than a prop/display piece.  These two lovelies were sitting in their booths just like that, for no apparent reason, not part of an obvious prop... not showcasing items for sale... I just found it to be very strange and frustrating for whomever might be desperately looking for such an item and think they'd scored... only to discover, sorry NFS... just standing here hanging out! *winks*  Vintage tablecloths... my Kryptonite... but now that I have a Mission to capture splendid photos of 'em... well, not so difficult anymore to avoid succumbing to the urge to acquire every one I see that might possibly be different than the hundreds I already possess! *LOL*  The Vintage Doctor's Office goodies... well, how cool is that!!!!?!?!?!?  I'm thinking oddities for a fab Halloween display would be great in that genre!!!   And finally, a Vintage Carpetbag, loving it... but rather pricey for the condition issues it had... still, lovely enough for a photo op.  

So peeps, have you enjoyed joining me on a Blog fodder forray?  What is it that you find yourselves looking at through new eyes with a lens since entering the Land Of Blog?  Who knew this would grow and change us in so many unexpected ways... Dawn... The Bohemian

PS: Perhaps my lighthearted photos are an outward expression and reflection of how I feel today... The Man is finally Home from the Hospital... today is his Birthday... and we're definitely geared up in Party-Mode!!!  So... let the good times roll... *Smiles* 


  1. Happy Birthday to your other half hope you have a wonderful evening together! I love all your photos especially the carpet bag, i have been taking my camera out a lot too to record stuff for my blog but it weighs sooo much it makes my shoulder ache what with all the other junk i keep in my bag! so hopefully i will get a new camera for my birthday that isnt so heavy. xxxx

  2. YAYYYYYYYY!!! Happy Birthday to the MAN!!
    Lovin' all the bloggy eye candy Dawn. That carpet bag is so cool! I have the same dress form as the first one you featured. How strange to have them just sitting there NFS?? That IS annoying!! Somehow I seem to find (and want) the NFS piece everywhere I go.Grrrrrr! That Mary Jane sack is hysterical! I'd love to see a chair upholstered in that!!
    It's such an art form to capture a picture a picture as you see it, or as you want to see it kwim? I'll be looking at a shot and see it one way...take the picture and it's turned into something completely different. Sometimes this is a blessing but more often then not I discover something "off" about it *sighs* It's alchemy. Vanna

  3. I love seeing things through a new lens (literally and metaphorically!) and since having my blog have become so much more mindful of my world around me...wonderful, humourous post and do enjoy your man's birthday today x


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