Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Having A Picnik

As you can see I'm having a Picnik! *smiles*  So much fun to work with digital enhancements to my pictures and be as creative as I want to be with my photography... as an Artist, almost any Art form intrigues me and I delight in learning how to do it and get better at it over time.   There are so many types of Art Classes I'd like to take and plan on taking 'some day', time permitting and budget providing.  But with these freebie forms of Art that you can learn on your own or with the help of online tutorials, you can fit it in when ever you are ready and able... from the comfort of Home and without prohibitive expenses... which is WONDERFUL!  It is deeply satisfying to see results you can be proud of even if your skill set is at a beginner level... and the way it enhances our little developing virtual planets on our Land Of Blog Page makes you want to keep learning even more skills to make this blank canvas come alive!!!  If you haven't already come for the Picnik, you really should... don't be intimidated... if I can do it... anyone can *winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh no! Kitty looks sick? A cold?
    You are really, really good! Those images remind me of some I have seen in National Geographic!

  2. Awwww just look at princess T! She's so adorable! And who is the little prince with the kitten?
    Did you make the necklace you're wearing Dawn? I love it!!
    Also I'm so glad you loved that site. Wasn't the quilt beyond amazing?!! The second one with the bug took my breath away! That kind of talent is awe inspiring! I had to go back over it about 4 times just to soak up all the details. I knew as a textile artist you'd appreciate it too *winks* Vanna

  3. Note to the peeps... the hot little mess of a kitten is Rusty... that is the day he came to us as a feral and my Grandson *holding him* begged me to take in yet another forsaken precious one. That was their double team doe-eyed pleading look that sealed the deal and I'm so glad I captured it through the eyes of the lens. Rusty now is a big, fat, healthy sassy fur baby boy that you see in more recent photos... he made a complete recovery with TLC and having a Home to call his own.

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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