Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happily Breaking The Rules... My Defiant Post! *Wink*

Since I'm enjoying The Land Of Blog so much The Man found me a Library Book that is a guide for crafting your own online Journal.  He knows I enjoy growing and learning in whatever endeavor I undertake, this being no exception.  It's a very nice book with informative, useful Tech content... but apparently I discovered that I'm happily breaking numerous rules and suggestions of "successful" Blogging! *Smiles*

1: Overly long Posts that are not short, sweet or to the point...
2-3: Too many photos... and too many photos of beloved kids and pets...
4: Random photos that may or may not have anything to do with my actual Post topic...
5: Occassional cribbed photos shared that I forgot the Sources of because they've been in my      Favorites or Inspiration Journals forever-and-a-day... though I really wish I could remember who to Credit for such fabulous inspiration...  
6: Not enough breaks in my paragraphs... 
7-8: Bad grammar and I'm sure a few typos I missed... 
9-Infinite Opinions: Not every photo will look amazing or even be in focus or be worthy of praise *smiles*... etc. etc. etc. 

Heaven's to Mergatroid... *LOL* But then I began to wonder... if this is our personal online Journal, do we really want anybody else's rules to apply here!?  I personally don't believe there is a "right" or "wrong" way to do this... there may be preferred ways... but even that is subjective... as is it being "successful" or a "failure"!?!  Blogs will be and should be as varied and unique as those who create them... and I enjoy the variety in Blogs and getting to know the real person behind the Journaling of text and photographs. How boring would it be if every Blog were a mirror image or carbon copy of the others! I'd rather the content be authentic, not deferring to popular opinions, be contrived or stifle the Spirit, Style and personality of each Author and creator.  Being true to yourself will ultimately attract and connect you with those in this wonderful community that are more likely to be kindred Spirits and enjoy what you have to say and share in your unique way... appreciating your aesthetic and personality... and that is how special relationships are formed.  There's a vast Blogasphere out there so there's certainly something to suit everyone and the freedom to discover those places they feel most at Home connecting with.  My Hope is that each of us just ENJOY the experience without being critical of ourselves or of others. For those of us with limited Tech skills... with perseverance, encouragement and patient mentoring... knowledge will increase and that's part of the grand adventure.  May we continue to develop and grow our little Space in a way and pace that is natural, positive and comfortable for each of us. Posting blissfully with reckless abandon about those images, pursuits and topics that interest you and you're most passionate about. Telling your Story, as YOU want to tell it. That is how I plan to continue doing it... and changing only what suits me as this evolves as yet another Art form I'm thoroughly enjoying... and warmly welcoming each one of you who takes the time to visit or introduce yourselves... So yep, you're still gonna get long winded ramblings *winks*... me often forgetting to use spellcheck and me being 'real'... tons of random  images taken by this amateur photographer that catch my eye and may not have an actual Story behind them *LOL*... and many proud photos showing off Family, Friends and Fur Babies... because besides loving beautiful stuff, decorating and Art... Family and Friends are a huge part of my Life... Dawn... The Bohemian  

*Lovely photos of Garland Of Roses Enamelware and Peacock Doorstop cribbed from E-Bay... I want them, I want them!!! Smiles* 

I'm linking up with FADED CHARM for White Wednesday and my White inspiration entry is the French Garland Of Roses Enamelware Bidet... come take a peek at even more White Fabulousness over there...


  1. Rules? Who knew? Not here, not EVER!
    Fight the MAN!

  2. Well having just posted a long and rambling post on my blog with tons of pictures and frequently posting pics of my kitties I am right there with you. Who maid the rules anyway? I love your blog BECAUSE you do those things. And you're not the only one either. All the blogs I love (and apparently others too as their followers are many) do the same thing. Puey on the rules, just do what makes your heart sing and good things will follow!

  3. Dawn, I LOVE this post! Rules, shmules, I say...I have connected with some awesome people through my experience here, and feel a deep connection with them. I love that you are authentic and 'real' - I love to get to 'know' the person behind the blog, and I especially love to see them and their homes and loved ones. Honestly, you have ariculated everything I have been feeling lately. I love visiting you here (we are all important and on our own journey with our own stories to share) x

  4. Don't you change a thing Dawn! I love you and your blog just the way you are *winks* Can you imagine if Davinci read a manual on how he should paint to be popular?? Or how about Picasso? I'm sure to some extent originally they had to be concerned with making enough to eat, but the best artists are always originals. So know that we appreciate original YOU! Vanna


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