Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Crossroads Of Sorts

I have reached a most unusual Season of Life where those decisions that I didn't used to have to think about, I'm suddenly reassessing and wrestling with...

           Should I take a long luxurious bath???... Or...

Should I clean house, fold & put away the clean laundry & dust all the dusty chachkes??... Or 

Should I play with the Cat, listen to Music, play with my lovelies arranging them into vignettes... Or go hunting for Found Treasures and risk straining the exhausted budget???  Like I need one more pretty thing!!! *winks*

You see my Friends... I've reached a most unusual Season of Life where this once ultra responsible, very hard working, sacrificial, strong Woman has reached a crossroads of sorts.

I'm growing older and thus reassessing things... things that used to matter really don't matter much at all anymore... like keeping a clean, tidy and organized house... working long hours to make the ends meet... having a successful career... and putting everything and everybody before my own needs.  I'm growing tired, my strength is waning in so many areas that I often feel weary or teary and it can be for no apparent reason at all and so I can feel rather perplexed and foolish for this sudden shift in attitude and priorities... or lack thereof.  I can now look at things that need to be done and should be done and just decide to do something enjoyable instead... or just rest... because Lord knows I never seem to feel very rested much lately!  

 So, though I'd like to tell you that I make the right decisions that in my head I know I should...  lately I find that I don't always anymore.  Sometimes I have been irresponsible on purpose... almost in an older Woman's rebellion of sorts! *LOL*  Sometimes its even a bit shameful as I know I could have and should have done better but I chose not to or found that I almost couldn't anymore.

And because I know confession is good for the Soul... I'm coming clean about it this day.  Because at this Crossroads of sorts I  know I must choose a direction and a path... one that will not have regrets or leave collateral damage even though I'm doing my very best most of the time... and the rest of the time... well... perhaps I'm not... on purpose... and really, I couldn't even tell you why!?

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hmmmm could be the "lazyism" in me but I think you should take that bath, go shopping and photograph your little heart out.. and pet that cat... Whatever makes you feel happy and inspired. Maybe that's doing nothing at all? and that's OK too. and don't sweat the small stuff like the totally tidy house. There's not a one of us who couldn't be doing better now because of some not so hot choices we've made in the past. JMHO Vanna

  2. Well, let's I sit here on the sofa drinking a glass of wine, I think, I really should vacuum the stairs...but then I have another glass of wine till the urge see, I'm cured!


  3. OMG your responses to this post almost made me spill my drink all over the keyboard! LMAO!!!!!!! I now know the "cure"... *winks as she changes what she was drinking... LOL*

    Thanks Gals... I knew I could count on ya'll to put things in perspective *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Do NOT pet the cat while in the bath! It will only serve to piss him off. One thing at a time...


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