Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

My Brother-In-Law called from Alaska, to remind us that it was colder in Phoenix last night than it was in ALASKA!!!  Like I hadn't noticed *LOL*... there is a reason I've spent my entire adult life in the Arizona Desert... I can take the heat.   I have a point of reference you see, in my childhood I lived in such places as Maine and Upper Michigan... beautiful country to be sure and it looks positively enchanting on a scenic postcard, but I don't like cold... period.  I like to spend the majority of my time outdoors communing with Nature, I'm a sunworshipper and the warmth of the Sun on my face and being able to spend extended time in Nature is Bohemian Valhalla to me.  I rarely come inside... even in the fierce heat of Summer... I'm tough as old boots when it comes to taking the heat, I've had decades of practice living in the Sonoran Desert... where it can seem hotter than the surface of the Sun in Summer, but as we like to joke, it's a dry heat. *wink*  There was plenty of Nature in Maine and Upper Michigan... and magnificent scenery that rivaled any Art Gallery landscapes by even the Artistic Masters... because the Creator has shown out in ALL of creation.   I've actually never seen a natural landscape I didn't find beauty and the Hand of God evident in.  But there are some natural elements that I prefer to just see at the right time of year, when its warm or even hot... and merely in photographic magnificence when its cold.   And baby, it's cold outside in Arizona these past few days... apparently colder than Alaska... and that's not usual.  I like the unusual when it comes to Names or Found Treasures... not so much in the weather and climates, I like predicatable weather... usual weather for a particular place... I like Arizona to be warm or hot... like it should be! *winks*  It's the Desert for Heaven's sakes... our Fountains weren't meant to show up on the News with the cascading water frozen solid and icicles hanging off of our Saguaro Cacti! 

 And so in protest... I'm hunkered down inside... refusing to participate in the cold spell... warming myself with hot Tea and fruit flavored Oatmeal with plump fresh berries on top... and lots of florals... pictures of Roses and faux Silk Roses and Tole painted Roses... and imagine I'm sitting in a beautiful, fragrant Garden... surrounded by the most magnificent Flowers... and feeling the warmth of the Sun on my face.  Because the beauty of this particular fanstasy is... within days it is very likely going to be my reality... because after all... it's the Arizona Desert and the climate is sure to go back to normal after this brief abnormal cold spell... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. I hope it does:) I think we will have snow on the ground until April this year. We have another storm coming on Saturday! That is all people are talking about. Roofs are collapsing there is so much of it. We were supposed to do a show on Sunday and just heard that the building was evacuated because the roof wasn't safe. It is crazy. I am looking through seed catalogs to rethink my garden for whenever I can see it again;) Have a great weekend!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. It was 27 lat night in my neck of the country. Brrrr!!! At least we don't have the snow that so much of the country has. I feel so bad for those without power...I wish I could take them all in.
    Wow colder in Arizona than Alaska? Never thought I'd hear that one! Hopefully you'll be right Dawn and it'll warm in a few days. I'm sooo with ya and ready for sunshine!! You just keep enjoying that oatmeal (looks delish BTW) and stay warm! Vanna

  3. I spent about an hour yesterday digging little tunnels in the snowdrifts so the bunnies in my yard could get out. Is that normal?


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