Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Uninhibited

Don't you just love the Art of a Child... so fresh... so uninhibited... raw and pure expression... creative beyond words since they allow their imaginations to know no limits or boundaries. A Child will be unafraid to use color boldly and liberally... they often don't stay within the lines and think outside of the box naturally. Children make everything fun... including the creation of their Art... a pure Joy it is to them to partake of the creative process and lacking inhibitions they are confident in their process and proud of their outcome. It shows... in their work... and the passion is evident. I don't believe I've ever seen a work of Art created by a Child that I didn't like... that didn't make me smile and draw me into their World.

While taking a walk at the Park I saw an amazing Art Ball Sculpture by the Library... it appears to be the work and combined effort of many talented young Artists... it is wonderful... as a single piece of Sculpture and also in each individual contribution as you examine it and take it all in. What a great concept and idea it is, combining the many small works of fired clay Art by numerous Artists into one grand piece of Art... to Grace a beautiful Public place with... for all to enjoy and appreciate... Art Uninhibited... Dawn... The Bohemian

The Path

There are many paths in life to take... and we're all on one. The choices of which direction to go, which path to take, changing paths along the way is a vital one. We all must choose and the destination we arrive at is dependant upon which path we have taken or failed to take. Though Grace has given us the option of changing paths as often as we need to and a wise traveler will alter course if they discern that the path they are on leads to a destination that is all wrong... could lead to ruin or be ten miles or more of bad road.

Who we take along with us on the journey is another vital choice. Some choose to travel alone mostly and for them that could be a good thing... or a not so good thing... depending upon what they encounter traveling solo. Some choose good traveling companions and therefore the journey is a particularly pleasant one where they can share all of the Blessings along the path and have present help in times of trouble. While others have a troubled journey with difficult traveling companions and far too much baggage to carry and that can account for much unpleasantness and hinder arriving at any desired destination they are dreaming of.

I love taking long walks, particularly along paths... you never know what or who you might encounter along the way and that is part of the allure of it. You never quite know what the destination might be... or even if there is one or if you'll recognize it when you 'arrive'? There are times I journey alone on these paths... and times I have company... and I realize that these walking paths are not unlike Life Paths chosen. Sometimes I've found a good path to follow... and others times perhaps a not so good path to follow. Sometimes I've had a set destination... other times I'm just taking a walk. Sometimes I'm leading... sometimes I'm following... sometimes I just need to get out of the way so that others can proceed on their journey unobstructed. There are times I've traveled light... and there are times I've traveled burdened. There are times I've had to stop and rest while on a path, or slow down if the pace I've set is too brisk, or take the time to savor the actual journey and process of going somewhere so that many delights are not missed. But the most important thing I've learned about paths and traveling them, is to keep moving forward... either along a path you've decided is good... or through a journey and path that is unpleasant and not 'camp' there... or decide to change paths and not dwell upon having taken the wrong path for a while and instead look forward and gain momentum as you take the first step upon a new path.

My Hope for you this day is that you are presently on a pleasant journey of Life, with your feet set upon a good path filled with whatever makes your Heart, Soul and Spirit sing... with an amazing destination in mind... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Thing For Old Keys

I definitely have a thing for old Keys, I collect those that I find that look interesting, unusual or have lovely design elements. I like to string them on old ribbon and hang them around our Home and my Studio as decoration. I enjoy making altered Art Jewelry with them or hanging them from one of the Carpet Bags I design and make. They are still one of those collectibles that you can acquire quite reasonably, find abundantly, or discover discarded and forgotten and just looking for an appreciative eye, a new Purpose and a good Home.

I always imagine what they opened and allowed access to? Was it an ornate old door leading to a Victorian Mansion? A fabulous Wrought Iron Gate leading to a secret Garden? Did it wind up an old Clock... perhaps a majestic Grandfather Clock? Did it open an old Jewelry Box or perhaps a lovely Antique Cupboard? Was it an old Hotel or Motel key that many a weary Traveler had used at the end of a long journey or while on an exciting vacation? Was it an old Jailer's Key that locked up some of the Infamous in History? Was it designed with no such Purpose at all... not meant for opening or locking up anything... just meant to be a lovely wearable piece of Art in the disguise of something as functional and practical as a humble Key? I found such a Key while Thrifting... quite large with an oval Topaz and a little bit of Rhinestone bling... some now missing... and a pin on the back making it a Brooch... I had to have it of coarse! For now it shall remain as it is... but sometime in the future... well, it could very likely become something else... as my imagination takes me... and it will now unlock the imaginative wanderings of my mind and Spirit... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catlin Cash Day

Alas peeps, I didn't get THE Locket Necklace Saturday on 'Catlin Cash Day' that I'd been lusting over for weeks, someone beat me to it and I missed it by a matter of minutes. *le sigh* But, before you feel too sorry for me, it was my own fault... I certainly arrived early enough to score it... the first one on the block as a matter of fact, two full hours before anything opened, loads of Monopoly style Catlin Cash burning a hole in my bag. But the allure of a gorgeous Morning + Historic Neighborhood = me taking a long leisurely stroll + photo ops... which ultimately meant time slipped away from me and before I knew it, I was running a tad bit late! *gasp* I was also waiting on my camera-shy BFF to arrive, who has yet to be photographed for this Blog and thus thought she would remain faceless and mysterious... except she forgets this Friend has an archived image of the Posse at the Glendale Jazz And Blues Festival getting our groove on *wink* which I have now snuck in and shared so that you now know my usual Partner in the crime of being out of control Junquers and Treasure Hunters extraordinaire *LOL*. This was to be our Girls Day Out and I was in "no hurries-no worries mode"... nor was I particularly primed to size anyone up and take them out to ensure I'd score said Locket... though if I'm Jonesin' for coveted item I've been known to be a force to be reckoned with. *Smiles* No regrets, everything happens as it will for a reason... and I never would have even looked for the wonderful items I did score had I just beelined and found said Locket that day, so it's all good and I'm totally content with what did come home with me instead. In it's stead I came away with the amazing custom Pink Salvage Wood and Metal Floral Picture Frame and matching Box by amazing Artist "Laura Van" ... love her work and choosing was difficult as there were so many amazing pieces made by her at "Cottage Garden 2"... and for some mysterious reason I'm fixated and stuck on the word 'amazing'!? *LOL* I also got a fabulous Bohemian Bracelet with dark beads and blinged-out Filigree medallion. Note to self: I desperately need a hand double for modeling Bracelets and Rings. *wink* Note to Yourselves: If you're one to embarrass easily you would not want to go Junquing or Treasure Hunting with moi, as I tend to photograph items in the field where ever I think they might look good displayed... said score was photographed at the side of the road in a public flower garden... I'm shameless and don't embarrass easily. *LOL*

I also had an amazing Luncheon at "Little Saigon" with Hot Jasmine Tea... don't my Rice Flour Crepes just look divine!!!!??!?!?! *contented sigh* Since BFF does not do Vietnamese... except for sharing Tea... we appeased her appetite at a delightful little European Bistro style Restaurant where I had dessert... yeah I know, naughty girl... but that huge Macaroon Cookie was do die for!!! *smiles* And their fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Herb Sandwich on fresh Ciabbatta Bread that the BFF had looked and tasted amazing too... yes, I had a taste, of coarse! *wink* Had to critique it for the Blog didn't I? *wink* At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. *smiles* And I had walked for two hours that Morning taking in the scenery and reveling in the visual delights around me so it had worked up quite an appetite! All of the Shop Owners also had thoughtfully set up refreshments for the Shoppers... quite a nice spread in fact... so exercise was definitely in order for the day as I had no restraint whatsoever confronted with all that delightful food AND shopping eye candy!!! *me swooning*

That was only the beginning of a very satisfying Girl's Day Out my Friends... but I'll save the rest for later... Dawn ... The Bohemian

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Cute Lil Compact Started It

It was the cute Lil Compact that started it... yes... it was TOTALLY to blame! An unexpected 'Goodwill' find of the day that I foolishly even tried to walk away from... all the way to the parking lot in fact *gasp*... before turning back and deciding I had to have it. *smiles* Okay so I caved once again and it hooked me... like I'd be able to get away... I have no restraint in me... zilch... nada... not when it comes to vintage Bohemian Bling and the accessories that go with it. *sigh* Not at Thrift Store or Flea Market prices anyway... if I've got to walk away it would have to be because I couldn't afford it. *smiles*

So, it was my only purchase and 'score' on my Junquing forray of the Morning and that is more restraint than I usually have. *wink* I adored the painted enamel scene, so colorful, so Bohemian, so passionate... look at their embrace, how she's being swept off her feet... in a beautiful Garden... with Cherubs and Waterfalls! Yeah, I could definitely roll with that, how about you? *wink* I know nothing however about Compacts and have never worn face powder or foundation, but I can always use a good portable Mirror... yes, it was the Mirror and graphics that got me on this one, because surely I have no clue about such pieces or their value. It says 'Stratton Made In England'... I'll have to look that up and find their story... I love a good story. I enjoy educating myself about the companies and Artists that make my Lovelies, the inspiration and History, any provenance and trivia, era and locale. I can be a wealth of mostly useless information... but I must say, those things I am passionate about and love, I know something about... and it has often served me well and I can spot the 'Good Stuff' and differentiate from the mediocre in most cases. Sometimes something completely random and not of my usual taste, knowledge and ilk will catch my eye and I'll think to myself... that looks like "Good Stuff"... and lo and behold most of the time it turns out to be just that and is a nice little surprise to discover that my innate radar had gone off without any real head knowledge of a piece. I believe when you surround yourself with "Good Stuff" it becomes so familiar it calls out to you and connects in a mysterious way. Obviously I connected with this cute Lil Compact... it drew me in.
After arriving Home with the new piece it started... the playing with some of my Bohemian Bling... arranging, re-arranging, fondling, reveling in the eye candy that it is, photographing... and allowing my imagination to take me away. The imagination and imagining is a wonderful tool and gift... I've gone so many places with it... been so many things with it... done so much with it... transported myself where ever I desired and been whoever I wanted to be for that moment... and my Lovelies... well, they're often my props and what triggers the imagination to begin imagining! You're only limited by your imagination you know... and mine is quite fertile so it knows no bounds... no boundaries... just endless possibilities. I can get lost there for quite some time if there are no distractions to reel me back into reality. *wink* And today it was the cute Lil Compact that started it... yes... it was TOTALLY to blame! ... Dawn ... The Bohemian
So... share with me your Found Treasures of Bohemian Bling and Accessories that you like to play with, imagine with and inspires you to take yourself away...

Seeing More

Have you ever noticed that the longer you look at something, the more of it you see? If you truly focus on something you begin to see the layers that comprise it, the infinite details and nuances. The textures, patterns, the various hues and shades in the coloring, things about it that you never quite noticed before when you glanced or weren't really paying close attention.

Quite often I just examine something closely... a Flower... a Butterfly... a piece of vintage fabric or wearable Art... a favorite picture, print or painting... patterns on China... favorite pieces of Jewelry... the color in my Grandchildren's eyes. It's all quite beautiful and amazing in the complexity of it all when you gaze and stare deeply at something, into something, taking it all in, losing yourself in what your eyes are absorbing... seeing more. Realizing that the longer we look at anything, the more of it we truly see. Go ahead, take a look... a close look... a long look... linger a while and spend time observing and appreciating... seeing more... Dawn... The Bohemian

Looking At The World Through New Eyes

Focusing on photographing my World for my posts has made me look at the World around me through new eyes. The Sun rises every Morning, it has for over half a century that I've been alive and yet, how many times did I actually take the time to notice a Sunrise and sit and watch it unfold in all it's Glory and magnificence? Not as often as I should have... but I did this Morning, just outside my front door... and it was captivating. I went outside to water my Garden and feed the Cats and as I glanced at the Sun rising in the East I thought to myself, that would be a good photo op for a post. So I ran inside to get my camera before it rose too quickly to capture... Sunrises do that... they happen so fast... so really, does it take much of our time to watch the show? I always can squeeze a couple of minutes into my day, no matter how hectic, to pause and stand still a few minutes to truly LOOK at something with my full attention... and something like this... well, it was definitely worth the short wait... the time it took to notice, stand still, watch and be in awe of the creation of a new day... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exploring And Satisfying Artistic Desires

I started to contemplate what brought me to the place where I wanted to start my own Blog. I had been enjoying the Blogs of others for a while and got my feet wet in Blogland on a weight loss journey and site. I did it to Journal my progress and put my thoughts into words during the journey of losing weight and getting back in shape... I really never expected anyone else to care or read my words, I certainly didn't expect loyal followers and the network of love, support and encouragement it ultimately provided. I was asked many times if I was a Writer... I had never considered myself one, though I love to write and my letters to dear Friends and Family often bordered on short novels. *smiles* Okay, maybe not so short novels. *wink* Okay, long novels... that probably helped any of them that suffered from insomnia to be exhausted enough after reading one of them to put them straight to sleep like a Baby! *LOL* I couldn't believe the amount of followers of my weight loss Blog who kept encouraging me to Blog outside of the site and consider Writing as more than just a hobby! They truly seemed to enjoy my posts and look forward to them... it was so sweet and very flattering... having anyone regularly read my random ramblings, thoughts and feelings... to share parts of my life with complete strangers... who quite often then became Friends through the connection established on the site and particularly my Blog. They felt they had come to know me through my words and occassional pictures. I felt that I had come to know them through their comments, contact and loyalty to following me through Blogovia's journey together.

But truly, losing weight was not my "life"... it was only a very small aspect of a goal I had set before myself at this Season of life. And I got tired of writing about trying to lose weight, or even talking about food and pounds, because honestly, it wasn't anything that touches my Heart, Soul or Spirit. I love good food, but my relationship with food wasn't always a healthy one and so it was not near and dear to me like the topics I now can write about and share... my Art, what I love and what takes my breath away, decorating, creating lovelies out of Salvage, collecting, Junquing, Fashion, Flea Markets, Thrift Store forrays, Antique Stores, Historic Districts, Family, our old Home, old Architecture, Gardening, Faith, Photography, Writing, seeking out found Treasures, leading a Bohemian Gypsy lifestyle and loving every aspect of this free Spirited Journey I call my real Life, Purpose and Passion. This was going to be far more transparent, introspective and a Journal of my Heart, Soul and Spirit... what really goes on inside me and my head... and connecting with like-minded Souls who would indeed be kindred Spirits and perhaps 'get' me because they're not too unlike me in some ways. Connecting with others who share similar passions and past-times, other Artists, other free Spirited individuals... well, I knew that would be part of the Joy of this Journey and an important reason to partake in it as more than a spectator... to participate and see what happens. How would I evolve through this endeavor? What contribution could I or would I make? What new experiences and talents would I uncover in myself and explore that I may never have revealed and perfected? This would be a way of getting to know myself even better... and uncovering the layers of what has been put into me by the Great Creator Himself.

I wasn't sure I had a point or particular niche for a topic when I began this Blog... I knew it would be eclectic, like me, but with my own particular point of view. It would be interesting to me to see who would be drawn to it and connect... and I was most certain I would enjoy each and every person who visited... because somehow it wouldn't be as random as it appeared on the surface... what connects us in Life is often much more specific and orderly IMO... meant to be in fact... for whatever Purpose and reason... and I'm enjoying every minute of it... thanks for joining me on this Journey... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In A Vintage Groove

Usually I like to use authentic vintage items in my creations and I do so whenever possible... however... I'm not beyond using vintage inspired pieces to make fun and interesting pieces either... or a mishmash of both... especially if the price is right! *wink* Today was such a 'score'... I had previously noted that 'Target' was carrying a sweet line of Altered Art Jewelry findings called "Vintage Groove" by Jill Schwartz. The line was adorable and had a good selection and I really liked them, so I made a mental note to self... if these ever go on Clearance, I'm all over it! *LOL*
Well, the time had come... I'm in 'Target' today, not at all intending to buy Jewelry findings... when I stroll past the crafts aisle and lo and behold... the collection was on Clearance! So I scooped up a nice variety, including the little booklet with 15 project ideas, and decided this would be a fun project for the Grandkids and I to get involved in together... designing pieces of Altered Art Vintage Inspired Jewelry for Gramma to wear! They always want to help and get involved when I'm making my Jewelry, but with the authentic vintage and antique pieces, its a bit risky to get a four year old and a ten year old involved in the process. So this is perfect, inexpensive vintage inspired supplies where they can get their creative juices flowing, design and practice the craft of Jewelry making while honing their skills and making Gramma some lovely pieces that I'll be proud to wear and enjoy doing a group project in the creative process of making them.
Now usually I have a fun time photographing pieces for my posts, but I must say, cheap cameras + very diminutive objects = many blurry shots and frustrations! *smiles* So out of the 30 or so frames I shot... you're getting various edited versions of about 3 of the close-ups that were even in focus and have it that you could make out a visual on my little pile of supplies! *le sigh* So... the next few weeks will find the Grandkids and I in a Vintage Groove and I hope to be able to show you the fruits of our labor in a future post... stay creative my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl