Monday, September 27, 2010

The Oldest Collection

I started to think about which is my oldest Collection, the one that has stood the test of time from childhood through adulthood and I've been adding to for well over 45 years now.  It would have to be my Rosary Collection, which began in early childhood after my Grandma Piazza presented me with my first one. It has now grown into a Collection of hundreds of Antique, Vintage and Collectible Limited Addition Rosaries... as well as the Rosaries I've designed and made using semi-precious stone beads, Cloisonne beads, European Crystal beads, or Millefiore beads and Sterling or Antique Crucifix and Centers. 

Rosaries were the first Jewelry creations I began making as I saw that most modern day made Rosaries were lacking in quality and those that were well made were far out of the price range of the average person.  Catholic and non-Catholic Friends and Family alike began asking me to make them my Rosaries and it brought me great Joy that my Spiritual Art was appreciated and so well received by so many who were dear to me. 

Choosing a favorite style of Rosary out of my Collection is nearly impossible for me as each has it's own merit and beauty.   There are the simple ones made of seeds, bone, wood, clay, Bakelite and even dough or rolled Rose petals.   There are the Rock Crystal, Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Jade, Agate, Garnet, Sapphire, Tiger Eye, Pearl and opalescent Moon Bead ones.   There are the unique Figural beaded ones that have tiny images within each bead and others made in Murano, Italy that have the amazing Murano glass beads.  Some beads are elaborate, surrounded by small pave' set stones around each individual bead or with charming filigree centers and extenders.   I have Rosaries of all sizes, from the Miniature to the enormous wall hanging sized.  I probably have Rosaries made of every imaginable type of bead and metal that you can think of.   I have probably received Rosaries as gifts from Friends and Family more than any other object, because all who knew me were certain that I'd adore each one and so it would always make the perfect gift. The Man used to pick up a Rosary from every Country and Assignment he traveled to during his long Military career and bring it Home to me to add to my Collection... so many of them come with a History and a Story that is full of sentiment and great Love. 

My Rosaries are displayed in cases and around the Home in various ways, sometimes I wear them or use them in vignettes.  This Collection has stood the test of time I believe because to me the Rosary is one of many beautiful Artistic representations of Faith and Devotion to the Lord... and for the Faithful you can never tire of that which reminds you of the most special and precious Relationship of all... with God... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. I love to collect Rosaries too. I have a very special one that was worn by a priest or nun. Since I went to Catholic school and saw these every day, it always brings back memories. I love yours:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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