Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Slices Of Paradise

I try to make all the little touches of beauty evident all over our Home... my slices of Paradise in the ordinary day to day living. Often simple touches, finding the prettiest version of everyday items, like a vintage clothespin holder of quilted plastic embellished with Lilacs print. Draping my Rosary collection and Bohemian Jewelry around objects in every room. Scattering Antique Religious inspired Statuaries around the house even in rooms where you usually might not expect to see such serene and beautiful Art. Using vintage Lace, Velvets and Stained Glass where ever I can find a space to utilize their unique beauty and ability to give a sense of opulence to any place they Grace. You don't have to be rich to live richly and surround yourself with beauty and what you Love and enjoy most. You shouldn't wait to break out the 'good' China for only special occassions... for isn't every day special and a Gift!? Why only wear your most expensive or best perfumes, Jewelry and wardrobe for those elusive moments in time that are so rare and extraordinary? Why not pamper yourself and do it more often... or every day for that matter if it pleases you and makes you feel and look good? Yes, I'm the one that wears my Pearls, Bohemian Jewels and Magnolia Pearl wardrobe everywhere, even when I'm doing volunteer work at a Food Ministry, taking a walk, shopping for groceries or any number of activities where you don't HAVE TO, but I CHOOSE TO anyway, because that's just such an integral part of who I am and how I enjoy being. And do you know what, it apparently often delights other people and they tell me so, so perhaps it's more important than we may think and we're not just doing it for ourselves! Because why shouldn't a homeless person seeking help from a Food Ministry be served by me or see me not looking and feeling at my best any more than when I'm going out somewhere nice or for a special occassion? Why would I only use my nicest things just a couple of times a year and not enjoy them more often and host anyone, anytime, with them each day so that they can enjoy them and feel pampered, luxurious and special too? It does matter you know... you can't imagine how many times the Friends of my adult Children and playmates of my Grandchildren have mentioned that they enjoy coming over to our Home for a meal or just a refreshment because I serve it in or on special vintage bowls, plates, cups, glasses and interesting items they may never have used before... like a boiled egg in a vintage Eggcup! Or set the table with fresh Flowers or pretty silk Floral arrangements, candles and colorful vintage Linens... or even paper napkins but with Seasonal graphics. I believe everyone likes to feel good, feel special and have a tiny slice of Paradise in their day to day living... so that we don't have to wait to escape to Paradise on a once-in-a-lifetime Vacation or wait until we pass from time into eternity to experience a little bit of Heaven... but we can live it each day, in small ways and share it with others... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Dear Dawn,

    Thank you so much for your nice words that you left on my blog! Your name is already on my drawing list! I am glad you found me via "meine Rosarote Seite" because the blog owner Vanessa is a dear friend of mine. We met on an arts & crafts market last year where we both had a little stand an sold our little creations. She lives not far away from me and we often meet to exchange new inspirations.

    Best wishes from Germany


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