Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Score At The Dollar Store

I know, here it is White Wednesday and I've already moved back over to the Dark Side! *wink* Well, I told you I can't stay all White for long... it's a lovely serene color and atmosphere, but my World is saturated with Color and at this time of year, the Dark Side comes out in profusion... Black, Orange, Deep Red, Rust, Gold, Gray, Brown and Green. The Colors of Autumn are now present in abundance and I enjoy the transformation of Seasonal Colors in our living space and in Nature.
I scored big at the Dollar Store in Halloween Decor today. Whoever invented the concept of the Dollar Stores was a genius, I LOVE the Dollar Store and the overstock they receive from various retailers, Farmers and warehouses is often worth far more than a buck. I got Pumpkins... they had them in all sizes and colors... my Grand-Daughter picked out a bright Orange one and another with a blush of Green. They had Glittered Signs and Melamac Dinnerware with matching Napkins in fabulous Gothic styled Graphics and lettering that I adore!!! Ravens, Skulls, Roses and Scrollwork galore... I'm loving it!!! I got fabric Trick-Or-Treat Bags with similar motifs, large enough to use for Green Bags for shopping... each with an inset of colorful Llame' fabric Ghost, Pumpkin and Spider! And faux squeaky Mice, one Black and one Gray. I photographed the bounty and then set about placing them around the House as we move now from Harvest Theme into somewhat Creepy Halloween Theme. I'll soon be going back into my Halloween Closet and bringing out the Darker elements of the Holiday Decor... filling my collection of Apocathary Glass Decanters with faux colored Potions and popping in the classic Horror films at the end of each evening to enjoy with some of Orville's pour-over-butter Popcorn... and the Whites this time of year that you'll be seeing at this ole' House... well, they're likely to be Ghostly visions now... but the Cobwebs, they're likely to be real *wink*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love the dollar store too!! It is just the BEST place. I always seem to find a ton of things I just need to have when I go there. Love all of your spooky things!! xoxo

  2. Love all your spooky signs, and the pumpkins are so cute!!! I too love the Dollar Store.

  3. Wow...thats a lot of Halloween stuff, so cool! :)I wish I somethimes could celebrate Haloween in the USA, I guess it would have been awesome! :) Thank you so mutch for visiting my blog, I wish you the best! :)


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