Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I felt somewhat like an Agent on a "Mission Impossible" episode... my Grandson has a project for his 5th Grade Gifted Program at School where he has to become an 'expert' at something he's passionate about. His chosen project is Crystals since he loves Geology and he has a Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit at the ready to grow nine different Crystals and Geodes and become an expert on each. Now Gramma's Mission was to procure nine Glass Jars with lids for the growing mixtures. And since this Gramma is very OCD about insisting on vintage items so that after the project I wouldn't be stuck with nine ordinary Jars that I wouldn't like or use, I decide that I'd go on a Junquing forray this weekend to procure vintage Canning Jars with the Zinc and Milk Glass Lids... nine of them.
So I hit the Thrifts and Antique Malls on my Mission Impossible, you see, I only had today to procure all of said Jars since it is the only day I had the freedom to do so solo as each Grandchild was spending the day with relatives and will be back tomorrow after Church. Neither has the stamina or patience to be on one of Gramma's Missions with the tenacity that I have once I've set my mind to a specific search-mode for something. *wink* After coming up dry for most of the day I finally stumbled upon three Clear larger vintage Ball and Atlas Canning Jars sans their lids. *le sigh* But they were a bargain so I snap them up, just in case... because I do have a stash of old Zinc/Milk Glass Canning Lids back at the ole' Homestead that I can match up with these lidless Jars. On I go... and at the very last stop I hit the Mother Lode... at an Antique Mall one of the elderly Dealers had discovered some of her Grandmother's vintage 1930's era Aqua Glass Canning Jars with the Zinc/Milk Glass Lids STILL IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOX AND UNUSED... IN MINT LIKE NEW CONDITION!!! She had them in three sizes... Jumbo, Large and Medium... she had SIX of the Medium... just what I needed to complete my Mission... and for only FOUR BUCKS apiece! *tiny squeal of delight* And to put the icing on the cake... I also discover one of my favorite Fabric collectibles, very old Fabric from Belgium... in the form of a vintage Belgian Table Runner in rich buttery soft Deep Red Velvet with amazing Metallic Trim and Metallic Fringe and Silk Floral Center for only FOUR BUCKS too!!! And the final amazing score of perfect seredipity, another Dealer JUST HAPPENED to have four Zinc/Milk Glass Canning Jar Lids for, you guessed it, only FOUR BUCKS... AND three of them fit my lidless Thrift Jars perfectly!!! *This was abviously the Magical number four score as everything seemed to be $4.00!* Mission Accomplished... could it have been a better day... I don't think so... Dawn... The Bohemian

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