Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Holiday Score Part II

You've probably already guessed by now I adore and love everything old... old buildings, old things, old Souls. And when left to my own devices, I'll spend most of my free time, what precious little there is, surrounding myself with objects I adore and love. While the Grandkids have been spending the Holiday weekend with relatives having a big time at Bar-B-Ques and Parties, Gramma has been spending her time hanging out in Historic Neighborhoods, browsing the shops that specialize in the objects that I adore and love, and eating out... preferably at restaurants that have not only good food, but an ambiance with that vintage vibe going on so that I can feel right at Home and in my element. One such place in downtown Phoenix I've been frequenting for over thirty years... 'The Old Spaghetti Factory' where the food is very good, the value is still exceptional *think fresh Bread, Salad or Soup, Iced Tea, full meal and Dessert at one low price all in*, the building is Historic - a converted pair of old Victorian Mansions, and you're surrounded by the most fabulous antiques and decor ever... huge Crystal Chandeliers, Antique Furniture, old Lamps with fab Victorian style shades, AMAZING array of Stained and Beveled Glass Windows... and a Vintage Trolley right in the midst of the Restaurant... really, does it get any better than that!?! I could decorate my entire house with the decor of this place... it's definitely got my eclectic Victorian Bohemian vibe going on! *wink* The Manicotti and Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese is to die for... and Spumoni for Dessert... I'm all over that! *smiles* I've given you some eye candy from the Restaurant to drool over, just the items near my table and the lobby... so you can only imagine the vast array throughout the rest of the cavernous Restaurant... I could be locked in overnight and delight in just wandering around soaking in all the decor and pretending it was mine... all mine, truly I could! *wink*

But what WAS mine by the end of today peeps was my 2nd score for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend... a vintage West German Brooch with beautiful filigree on the back that rivals the beauty on the front... a Belgian cut Velvet vintage Doily... and a small vintage cut Velvet Coin Purse... I adore European vintage fabrics... it's really the 'good stuff' that I enjoy making my fabric Art out of. Yes, fabulous Treasures abound, just waiting to be discovered by us peeps... so keep your eyes peeled... and continue being a 'keeper of the past' and all that is beautiful and lovely... Dawn... The Bohemian

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