Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Great White Pumpkins

I have been inspired by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist, who also lives in the Arizona Desert, to add a variety of Pumpkins and Sunflowers to our ever expanding Garden next Season.  Her Pumpkin Patch and Sunflower Gardens in Southern Arizona are off the hook fabulous and it was only her first year ever of pushing Pumpkin seeds into the ground from all her favorite varieties of store bought Pumpkins from last year's Season. The abundant Harvest was impressive and her lovely photography and enjoyable posts of it all have been inspiring and Magical, go take a look, I'm sure you'll agree and be transported into a dreamy World created on her property and in her Home.

So today, full of inspiration, I went in search of the Great White Pumpkins to join their Orange cousins in our Home.  I didn't have far to look, thankfully in the City you can always find a good variety of whatever it is you are on the Hunt for... and ahhhhhh, the Thrill Of The Hunt is of coarse what folks like us LIVE for, isn't it?! *wink*  Rusty the Kitten was nosing around seeing what new project Mama was up to in the Garden, apparently I'm an object of curiousity and fascination to all our Cats. *smiles*  White Pumpkins practically glow in the bright Arizona Morning sunlight, it's a sight to behold! I will also be in search of the Kabocha Pumpkins and any other interesting looking Pumpkins that catch my eye... to enjoy this Holiday Season... and then to plant the seeds of in early Summer when they begin to go soft.  And I'm stocking up on every variety of Sunflower Seed I come across as well... I already can hardly wait to have a fabulous Pumpkin Patch and Sunflower Garden of our own next Season at the ole' Homestead... in the midst of the Central Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Oh, i love the white pumpkins........and most of all your sweet little cat!!! Kisses to your cats and a wonderful week,

    Hugs Jade


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