Friday, September 24, 2010

Exotic Inspirations


I have been heavily influenced by Exotic styles most of my life and so it is not surprising that most of my inspiration has often come from the Exotic styles I'm naturally drawn to and have a strong preference for.   Sumptuous settings heavily laden with lush fabrics, colors, Exotic Art and flair make me feel right at Home and more comfortable than most other styles... I feel as though I'm in my element and it represents my personality and point of view more accurately than other styles.  Not that I don't appreciate or experiment with other styles, but I do find myself coming back to the Bohemian time and time again.  The adornments of Body Art like Mendhi and the draping of a Woman's form with Exotic fabrics exhudes Femininity and a sensual Mystique. Accessories like Bohemian Bling heighten the illusion of oppulence and abundance... even if it's a mass of inexpensive arm bangles, it just looks rich and flashy... so you needn't spend a fortune if you haven't yet invested in Antique and Vintage Bohemian Jewelry and accessories to make a visual impact and feel indulgent.  I have always been attracted to the East Indian Sari styles and fabrics used to make them as well, it is ultimate Femininity and the accents on the delicate fabrics is over-the-top amazing... even a plain Woman can feel exquisite and Exotic draped in such luxurious fabrics and I've never seen a Woman wearing a beautiful Sari that didn't look lovely, it just enhances every attribute a Woman possesses... and beautifully hides some of those she doesn't. *wink*   I will be designing a new outside space this Autumn and Winter and my inspiration has been with Exotic influences and styles. So I have been enjoying the Thrill Of The Hunt in search of the fabrics and elements that evoke similar reactions in my Spirit to what the above photos do... images that definitely have inspired my vision for the space I intend to create for relaxation and an outdoor retreat to escape to and create Art from on those beautiful days when you can't stand to be indoors and want to commune with Nature on a level that is almost Spiritual and indulges all of the senses...  what inspires you most my Friends?  And what are you in the process of developing and creating to bring those visions to life?  Imagination, inspiration and a creative, resourceful touch are all you need you know, to make your Fantasy a Reality... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All images cribbed from Bing Images, Hotel in Marrakech Morocco, Magnolia Pearl and Henna Art UK sites.*  


  1. Love it it....
    Love the bohemian style.
    Fine weekend my friend

  2. I love the first two picture the best and then the next and the next...can you imagine living in a space like that?

  3. If I could live in any of these I don't know which I would choose!Each one seems like the perfect environment.
    That henna work is amazing.


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