Friday, September 17, 2010

Every Self-Proclaimed Princess Needs A Crown

I'm of the opinion that every self-proclaimed Princess needs a Crown... and I got mine today. I hadn't intended to exercise my Royal privilege of attaining one just yet... I'd simply gone to 'Rust And Roses' to "browse"... yeah, right!!!!! *wink* Like that was ever gonna happen... strolling around in the midst of abundant temptation and not succumb! *LOL* Even Rat Boy is laughing at that one *smiles*... yes, that's right, I have an old laughing Cat too, perhaps she's related to the Cheshire Cat from 'Alice In Wonderland'?... wonder if I can cash in on that novelty to fund my Jewelry fixation... or is it an addiction... or both??? I'm not sure I wanna be cured though... Bohemian Bling is an 'investment' of sorts, right? Gals will ALWAYS want fab Jewelry, we've apparently been wanting it since the beginning of civilization... just about every archeological excavation of a culture has turned up some kind of Bling from that era. It is a nice inheritance to pass down through the generations too don't you think? How many of you has ever despised or been disappointed in receiving fab Jewelry from a Loved One's Estate? Not me... and I'm fairly certain my Daughters and Grand-Daughters won't either... simply because they're already eye-balling all of my Bling and I'm not even dead yet! *wink*
It's a very nice Crown don't you agree? Fitting of Bohemian Royalty and my self-proclaimed 'Princess' status. Well... my Grand-Daughter reminded me that SHE'S the 'Princess' now so that apparently moves my status up to 'Queen'... and who in their right mind would deny a Queen a Crown... resplendant with a Key to her Castle... yes, it's just perfect... Dawn ... The Bohemian
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  1. I'm lovin' all your jewels here, really wonderful, and I agree, we ALL need a crown! Love your laughing kitty, she's a real cutie. Thanks so much for linking in today for VIF. hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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