Monday, September 20, 2010

Between Edit And Holiday Decorating Modes

It can be quite exhausting splitting your time between two major projects... right now I'm between Edit and Holiday Decorating Modes and both are in full swing. I like to enjoy Holiday Decor for an extended period so I've given that a slightly higher priority each Morning and drag out a few more pieces to place after I get the Grandkids off to School. Then I take my early Power Walk before the heat of the day sets in... our temps jacked back up in the 100+ degree range again so I have a brief window of opportunity for strenuous projects and exercise regimens lest I spontaneously combust! Then it's in to Edit Mode for a couple of hours before I have to pick the little one up from Head Start Preschool.

Unlike Decorating Mode, which is a pure Joy for me, Edit Mode can be very difficult at times and somewhat anxiety ridden as I ponder and make a firm decision on what must go and what can stay. I am finding that I am a Sentimental Hoarder of beautiful and meaningful objects so the "letting go" isn't so easy for me because it all has value. I just have too much and from time to time there is a need for some to go out after it's been used and enjoyed for it's Season in our lives. A Home can only hold so much stuff regardless of how lovely any of it is... and taking care of a lot is quite a bit of work and takes time away from other pleasures. I do so enjoy the acquisition of beautiful objects and I am always able to let go of quite a lot frequently when I feel I'm at saturation point. But the decision making part of it is rather emotionally daunting and physically draining and to not make a decision is in itself a decision with consequences. And after a full Morning of decorating, walking, editing and picking up Grandchild #1... I reward myself with the comfort of curling up amongst my squishy Down filled pillows with a good Book... before it's time to pick up Grandchild #2. Right now I'm reading "Creole Thrift" by Ange'le Parlange... a beautiful Name don't you think, and a delightful read as she grew up in the fabulous old Louisiana Parlange Plantation which has been in their Family for eight generations and her style is a type of French Creole inspired Bohemian Chic. *me swooning*
I'd like to tell you that I resolve not to find another Treasure and drag it Home, that I have enough *which I do in all actuality-wink*, but the possibility of that actually happening, that I will NEVER discover another Treasure and acquire it, not very likely. I'm sure there's a certain amount of Therapy in the Thrill Of The Hunt that I receive that helps me cope with the daily grind and gives me immense pleasure. And so the reality is that each Season I will have to prompt myself into Edit Mode and cull the Treasures and let some go... to sell, give away, donate or consign... so that some other Treasure Hunter and Gatherer will have the Rush of discovering and owning it... just like I initially did... and so the circle is complete and not broken... and I can have a sleepy gratifying Afternoon surrounded by my current most beloved Treasures that remain and our Seasonal Halloweenly atmosphere ... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I am so laughing.... and nodding my head up and down!!
    I swear you are opening up my head and peaking in!!
    ... : I will never buy ( Accumulate) another treasure again!! ... and then there goes the WINK!! LOL I am SO SO SO trying to edit... and then all of a sudden another season comes...along with the inspiration to make a new_______ (fill in the Blank) art studio is calling out my name.... but my gardens need to be put to bed... my floors need to be washed... my truck needs new flowers painted on it!... Whew!! whats a bohem like us supposed to do!! I guess the most important thing is to Smile,Laugh... and just enjoy life!!
    ~ Your new fan


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