Saturday, September 11, 2010

Addams Family Influences



As I begin decorating for what can be a Season of allowing your imagination, inner child and quirkiness to run wild, I realize how heavily influenced I was by an old favorite TV Series "The Addams Family". *Addams Family and Abandoned House Images cribbed from Bing Images* Not only did I adore the classic TV show and all of it's characters and never miss an episode, but I soaked in ALL of the interior decor and exterior scenes of that creepy and quirky old Mansion they lived in. I wanted to have a House like that, I thought it would be amazing to have that quirky Bohemian oppulence surrounding you and all those cool over-the-top things they collected! A stuffed Polar Bear in the Livingroom surrounded by Gothic Antiques, lush Victorian Velvet Draperies, Persian Rugs, scads of Chandeliers, Crystal encrusted Candelabras and huge Fireplaces with elaborate Mantels, I was mezmerized!
As a Teen I even had a Morticia Addams PapaSan Chair that was an exact replica of hers and I felt absolutely Queenly sitting on it like a throne in my room! *wink* I was in my "Black Period" at the time... you know that dark period all Teens seem to move through *smiles*... and I was probably as flambouyant as Morticia in my style sensibility of the time... I've never be accused of being inhibited about my fashion sensibilities. *LOL*  And we've always had the Delightfully Eccentric Family anyway... so we suited Our Style!    Yep, that's Me as Morticia... that's my Younger Bro' with his Sunglasses on the back of his head impersonating Cousin It... and Mom hiding behind the Wine Bucket impersonating Thing!!!*Smiles*

Well, I may have slightly moved past my infatuation with the Macabre... but not by much... and the Next Generations of our Clan Rolls much the same way that I do, so it must be in our DNA!?  *Winks*  I still can't see an old abandoned building, especially of the Victorian era, and not WANT it and feel that it needs me! I'd save them all if I could... or at the very least have them put on Historic Registers so no more could be razed! *Gasp* OMG, the razing of a Historic old Home, especially a Victorian, can reduce me to tears and I'm truly grieved every time one is lost. Even though our Historic Home was a wreck and condemned when we purchased it over a decade ago it was still a 'dream Home' to me. I feel Blessed to have finally acquired MY old House... since I've dreamed of owning one from as far back as I can remember... as I sat there watching that classic old series as a child. Now, this ole House can't hold a candle to Morticia and Gomez's fab and quirky abode... but I'm not done living yet *wink*
 Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can hear the theme song now, snap, snap! LOL! Love your images, and for sure this time of year we can all go a little macabre. So glad you linked in to VIF, hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Hi Dawn, How are you? I love the picture of the old house you cribbed from Bing Images. The second one is right up my alley and I could easily just move in. I can't even imagine how it could be abandoned. It's my dream home. Great to hear from you!

    BTW, don't tell me where the French rosary is. I can't afford it either but I might try to put it on my credit card!!

    Au Revoir,
    Au Revoir

  3. Such lovely the atmosphere....
    Nice sunday

  4. Oh my goodness...I am in LOVE with your blog! I'm in the process of writing a blog post about building a doll house that resembles The Addams Family house and came across your blog and just fell in love with it. You definitely have an eye for texture and style. I love what you are doing! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to include your blog in my list of inspirations. :o)

  5. I know this post is an oldie but have to tell you how mch I loved the Adamas Family as a kid back in the good black and white days I used to sit glued to it clicking my fingers along with the music.
    I also hate to see empty old houses or ones getting knocked down I think give it to me give it to me I will love it.
    Lucky you having an old place now I am still waiting for my turn'Next house suburbia (yuck) and new (double yuck) Hubby isnt like me otherwise Id have what I wanted lol

  6. I completely agree. I always wanted to be Morticia Addams and have an Edward Gorey themed
    life. Someday I am going to move from Southern California and find my old Victorian home! I have been house hunting in Virginia.

  7. Dawn, I'm so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours.

    I currently live in a small Townhome because I thought I was going to be a party of 1 forever but now my fella (aka husband) and my step-cat moved in and we've been looking for some old Ashland, VA homes. The inside of my home is very much a nod to my goth roots but I think I need an old home to complete the package. :)


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