Friday, August 13, 2010

Vardo Visions

I really MUST get the collection of books by amazing Gypsy Style designer Jeanne-Bayol. I'd love to own one of her restored Vardos... but I'll have to settle for now with the eye candy of the magical photos. This would be the way I would want to travel, or have the ultimate Art Studio set up... my vision for a future tricked out Home away from Home aligns with this style... it resonates with me... it speaks to my Spirit and my Soul. I was having a lustfest tonight over these beautiful photographs of free Spirited living. *Swoon*

As a child I remember my Parents decorating our Homes with vivid color and Bohemian Style, rich details and lots and lots of Lovelies, a saturation in fact of beauty. We weren't wealthy by any means, in fact we were rather poor and just didn't know it or show it *smiles*, you certainly wouldn't know by our surroundings that my Parents had been ultimate Master creators of the illusions of grandeur on a shoestring budget. I've carried on that legacy... making a lot out of a little and being a savvy gatherer of beautiful objects and repurposed or Salvaged Treasures. I'm passing it along to future generations as well... the Art of living beautifully, creatively and opulently regardless of socioeconomic standing. It can be done, we're living proof of that. Create your visions and always dream big... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All Photos cribbed from Bing Images and Flickr and are images from Jeanne Bayol's Books*


  1. Hi Dawn, your right what a way to travel!! These are truly magical photos. Such gorgeous eye candy! The colors are sooooo rich and beautiful! I think the pinks and torqoise are my favorite! I just love those two colors together! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  2. honestly, those spaces are where one goes to daydream! how wonderful and magical they all seem~ as I tend to avoid a lot of color, those spaces are such fun to imagine~
    happy sunday,

  3. Oh Dawn,
    Your gypsy wagons photos you share are so enlightening! I think My Mood has elevated 10 degrees this AM with my coffee and browsing your blog! SO many posts are so inspiring and thoughtful!
    I am so thankful I found you this morning!
    I have a gypsy boho soul also!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  4. Since I was little I've wanted to live in a vardo. My bedroom at home looks like a vardo. It's very small with black moldings and beautiful victorian wallpaper with pink peony flowers with maroon and black and gold backgrounds. I have a chandelier and all sorts of beautiful trinkets and an old vanity painted black and gold... I love going home to visit my mother and being in my bedroom. It makes me feel so safe and cozy.

    I would totally live in a vardo. Or do readings in a vardo. I would love to take an old van and decorate it like this and travel the country and just be in it... maybe sell beautiful gypsy clothes!


  5. I really love your blog. My dream is also to live in a vardo. Thank you. Lots of love and light

  6. omg serioulsy Dawn you sure we arent twins?I have most of those pics saved on my laptop.The gyspy in me would love to travel in one of these No fuel just the horses and take our time.

  7. Alas... I don't know how they're made and would Love to Own a Vintage one myself!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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