Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gift Of More Time

School has begun... which means that now Gramma has the Gift of more TIME! *contented sigh and celebrations* Though I adore the Grandchildren, having the mornings free affords me time to do the things I need to and even more importantly, the things I want to, with a lot more freedom and less hassles! They are excited to learn and be amongst their peers, I'm excited to be able to have more time to create, to take long walks, have quiet reflective time, meet with my Friends for Breakfast or Lunch, go Junquing and trolling for Treasures!!! *wink and much hand clapping* Re-arrange, clean and get things in order at Home and know that it will actually stay that way for more than a minute and a half! *Smiles*
This is the first year the littlest one will be going to Class... so it will be the first time in almost five years that Gramma hasn't had a wee one at Home all day. I enjoy time spent with the Grandchildren and it keeps one young at Heart to be around young people, which truly is a Blessing... but as the body ages we need some quiet "down" times too, some reflective and restorative times, time to pursue those pleasures and Spiritual moments that the more Seasoned appreciate as time marches on... so here's to those times, may you also find the time to restore yourselves, quiet yourselves, spend time with the Lord and enjoy those simple pleasures in your day... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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