Sunday, August 15, 2010

For The Love Of Vines and Ivy

I most definitely have a love affair with Vines and Ivy, I adore them growing up or over just about anything because it gives that lush, magical quality... often in a short period of time since they grow so fast and abundantly that they easily take over and engulf things as if they have been there an eternity. It gives an aged feel to a Garden or Home to have mature landscaping, Vines and Ivy can accomplish that feat in record breaking time and mature plants can be truly majestical! I love the way the Vines drape, cling and intertwine with whatever they're growing against. The Vines that have flowers or fruit are often even more magnificent... Trumpet Vines, Passion Flower Vines, Bougainvillea, Wisteria, Grape Vines and Coralvine are among some of my favorites. The overgrowth of Vines and Ivy make me think of a Secret Garden waiting to be explored and claimed. The shade from Vines and Ivy, especially in a fiercely hot climate are priceless and give a welcome retreat from the hot sun. A Vine covered Gazebo can become like a natural formed Bedoin Tent... and how I love tents and shaded outdoor living areas to relax in, dine alfresco and entertain from!!!

Is there anything quite as enchanting as an Ivy covered Cottage... really? It's the stuff of fantasies... at least my fantasies. I'm always grieved when a beautiful Ivy covered building is not appreciated and the plants are hacked down, leaving exposed, barren surfaces without character. Quite often the Vine or Ivy will make a remarkable comeback in spite of the harsh pruning or attempt to erradicate them, I cheer for victory and tenacity of those plants!

I want to be similar to the Vine and the Ivy, thriving where I'm planted, covering what supports me and becoming one with the surfaces and relationships of my life, living in beautiful harmony, being quick to grow and come back when cut down or any attempts to stifle my progress, hanging on with delicate strength, twisting and turning to find a way to thrive and connect, having the appearance of enchantment and giving life to fantasy for others to enjoy... Dawn ... The Bohemian

*Fabulous Ivy/Vine covered images cribbed from Bing Images... the other Ivy is being nurtured and loved on our property*

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  1. Love all the gorgeous photos here. I too am enamored by ivy. :)



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