Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exploring And Satisfying Artistic Desires

I started to contemplate what brought me to the place where I wanted to start my own Blog. I had been enjoying the Blogs of others for a while and got my feet wet in Blogland on a weight loss journey and site. I did it to Journal my progress and put my thoughts into words during the journey of losing weight and getting back in shape... I really never expected anyone else to care or read my words, I certainly didn't expect loyal followers and the network of love, support and encouragement it ultimately provided. I was asked many times if I was a Writer... I had never considered myself one, though I love to write and my letters to dear Friends and Family often bordered on short novels. *smiles* Okay, maybe not so short novels. *wink* Okay, long novels... that probably helped any of them that suffered from insomnia to be exhausted enough after reading one of them to put them straight to sleep like a Baby! *LOL* I couldn't believe the amount of followers of my weight loss Blog who kept encouraging me to Blog outside of the site and consider Writing as more than just a hobby! They truly seemed to enjoy my posts and look forward to them... it was so sweet and very flattering... having anyone regularly read my random ramblings, thoughts and feelings... to share parts of my life with complete strangers... who quite often then became Friends through the connection established on the site and particularly my Blog. They felt they had come to know me through my words and occassional pictures. I felt that I had come to know them through their comments, contact and loyalty to following me through Blogovia's journey together.

But truly, losing weight was not my "life"... it was only a very small aspect of a goal I had set before myself at this Season of life. And I got tired of writing about trying to lose weight, or even talking about food and pounds, because honestly, it wasn't anything that touches my Heart, Soul or Spirit. I love good food, but my relationship with food wasn't always a healthy one and so it was not near and dear to me like the topics I now can write about and share... my Art, what I love and what takes my breath away, decorating, creating lovelies out of Salvage, collecting, Junquing, Fashion, Flea Markets, Thrift Store forrays, Antique Stores, Historic Districts, Family, our old Home, old Architecture, Gardening, Faith, Photography, Writing, seeking out found Treasures, leading a Bohemian Gypsy lifestyle and loving every aspect of this free Spirited Journey I call my real Life, Purpose and Passion. This was going to be far more transparent, introspective and a Journal of my Heart, Soul and Spirit... what really goes on inside me and my head... and connecting with like-minded Souls who would indeed be kindred Spirits and perhaps 'get' me because they're not too unlike me in some ways. Connecting with others who share similar passions and past-times, other Artists, other free Spirited individuals... well, I knew that would be part of the Joy of this Journey and an important reason to partake in it as more than a spectator... to participate and see what happens. How would I evolve through this endeavor? What contribution could I or would I make? What new experiences and talents would I uncover in myself and explore that I may never have revealed and perfected? This would be a way of getting to know myself even better... and uncovering the layers of what has been put into me by the Great Creator Himself.

I wasn't sure I had a point or particular niche for a topic when I began this Blog... I knew it would be eclectic, like me, but with my own particular point of view. It would be interesting to me to see who would be drawn to it and connect... and I was most certain I would enjoy each and every person who visited... because somehow it wouldn't be as random as it appeared on the surface... what connects us in Life is often much more specific and orderly IMO... meant to be in fact... for whatever Purpose and reason... and I'm enjoying every minute of it... thanks for joining me on this Journey... Dawn... The Bohemian

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